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Top 10 Best Rappers in Nigeria 2021

The Nigerian rap industry has proven to be one of the best and lively sectors in the entertainment industry, especially in Nigeria. This has however been confirmed through via the number of best rap acts produced in the whole of Africa in which Nigeria has been found among the top countries with hardworking rappers. However, this post dwells basically on the top 10 best rappers in Nigeria and some of their details.  

It is no news that In 2021 alone, a lot of trending rap songs have been released by these Nigerian musicians which leave us with the question of who is the best rapper in Nigeria.  

10. Erigga

Erigga is a Warri born Nigerian rapper and songwriter. He became well-known after the release of his debut album which was titled “A Trip to The South in 2017.”

Erhiga Agarivbie a.k.a Eriga is also widely known for talking about the hustle and suffering of the inhabitants of South-Southern Nigeria via his rap songs in Nigeria. He has also released a number of collabos and singles with several Nigerian artistes like Victor AD, Ducan Mighty, Skales, Orezi and other popular musicians.


9. Ill Bliss

Ill Bliss, also known as Oga boss is a Nigerian rapper, hip-hop recording artist, businessman, stage performer, and C.E.O of the talent managing company – The Goretti Company. This company was responsible for launching the careers of some successful Nigerian musicians like Phyno and Chidinma, amongst others.

He is a veteran rapper and has been into entertainment for quite some years in the Nigerian music industry. He has also won several awards and has various hit songs all around the globe.

Ill Bliss

8. Vector

Talking about rap in Nigeria without Olanrewaju Ogunmefun also known as Vector Tha Viper is incomplete. He is one of Nigeria’s fastest rapper. Some call him “Nigerian Eminem”. He is a rapper, song artist and a producer. 

He launched his first official single with the title “Kilode” in the year 2009 and released his debut studio album which he titled “State of Surprise” in the year 2010. This album, however, featured a whole lot of notable artists such as General pype, Emmsong, Chuddy K, 2face etc. 

Vector as of today has so many awards and hit songs to his name and has been releasing some new hits on a “low-key” this year.

Vector is among the best rappers in nigeria


7. Ycee

Oludemilade Martin Alejo popularly known as Ycee is a Nigerian songwriter and rapper who resides in Nigeria. He became very popular after the release of his hit rap single titled “Jagaban”. This song is one of the most popular songs in the history of hip-hop in Nigeria. This song (Jagaban) also caught the attention of one of the best rappers in Nigeria “Olamide” and they made a remix of the hit rap. 

Ycee has a record deal with Tinny entertainment in 2016 and also with Sony music in October 2016 after they discovered his talent. However, he canceled his contract with Tinny entertainment in February 2018.

Ycee is a rapper in nigeria


6. Reminisce

His names are Remilekun Abdulkalid Safaru, Reminisce also known as ALAGA IBILE or BABA AFUSA. He is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and rapper who hail from Ogun state. He performs in both his native language (Yoruba) and English. 

Reminisce released his third studio album which was titled “Baba Hafusa” in 2015 which happened to be the most successful album he has ever produced.  Reminisce With the album Baba Hafusa became the first male hip hop artist in Africa to have his album debut on Billboard Charts World Music. He has won several awards in and outside of Nigeria. 



5. Ice Prince

Removing Ice prince from this list will only make it incomplete. He was born as Panshak Zamani popularly and musically known as Ice Prince. He is a hip hop songwriter, rapper, producer and actor.

Ice Prince became popular after the release of his debut hit song Oleku in 2011 in which he featured one of chocolate city finest Brymo. This song became one of the most remixed songs in the history of the Nigerian hip hop industry. 

Ice Prince in 2009 won the Hennessy Artistry Club Tour award and ever since then, he has been nominated and has won several awards both in Nigeria and outside the country. He is currently signed into M.I’s record label (Chocolate City).

Ice Prince


4. Phyno

With real names as Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike, Phyno, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, rapper, actor and record producer. Phyno started as a music producer in 2003 and since then, he has been consistent with releasing of raps and normal songs which were all in his name. He released his debut studio album titled “No Guts, No Glory” which had hit singles like Man of the year, Parcel and Ghost Mode among others I 2014.  

He is also into acting although not really pronounced. Phyno featured in Genevieve’s hit movie titled “LionHeart” which was released in 2018. He played the role “Obiora” in the movie.

As a producer, he has also worked with several top artists in Nigeria and other musicians both in Africa and the world. He is also regarded as one of the fastest rappers in Nigeria.

phyno is a rapper from nigeria


3. Falz

His name is Folarin Falana popularly known by his stage name “Falz”. He is a Nigerian rapper, singer, actor, and songwriter. He became popularly recognized after the release of his debut studio album titled “Waz Up Guy” which was released in 2014.

In 2015, he released 2 hit singles which are Jamb Question and soldier with which he featured Simi and these singles brought him the right attention he needed to win several local and international comedy, movie and music awards. He is also known for his unique style of rapping. Overall, Falz is pegged at the 3rd position of the best rappers in Nigeria.

Phyno is a good rapper from nigeria


2. Olamide [Baddo]

Some people might be wondering why he is not the first on the list; this is because this post is based on the poll conducted on various social media outlets and also ideas and suggestions from various rap analysts. 

Olamide Adedeji popularly known as Olamide, Olamide Baddo or BaddoSneh is a Nigerian hip hop recording artist and rapper. He records most of his songs in his native language which is Yoruba. He became one of the most successful and popular rap musicians in Nigeria after the release of his debut studio album which he titled “Rapsodi” while he was still at coded tunes records I 2011.



Top 10 Best Rappers in Africa 2021

1. M.I Abaga

If you are truly a lover of rap music in Nigeria, there’s no doubt you must have heard of this veteran and listened to at least most of his songs. Jude Abaga popularly known as M.I which is an acronym for Mr. Incredible is a Nigerian hip hop producer and recording artist. 

M.I became popular in the year 2008 after the release of his debut single which was titled “Crowd Mentality” and ever since then, he has become one of the most respected and successful rappers in Nigeria. He is the CEO of Chocolate City record label which has several popular artists and other talented rapper signed into it. M.I Abaga is the best rapper in nigeria

Top 10 Best Rappers in Nigeria 2021

  1. M.I Abaga
  2. Olamide [Baddo]
  3. Falz
  4. Phyno
  5. Ice Prince
  6. Reminisce
  7. Ycee
  8. Vector
  9. Ill Bliss
  10. Erigga


Upcoming singer Liam Hooper is Spreading His Musical Aura Through the Latest Track “Breaking Down”

Liam Hooper

Liam Hooper, a promising singer with remarkable storytelling skills, has created an extraordinary soundscape rich in emotional melodies. He recently released a song, “Breaking Down,” which showcases his exceptional singing talent, which perfectly complements the captivating rhythmic flow. On Spotify, the song has already gained a lot of coverage.

The charismatic singer recently sat down with our team for an interview in which he revealed his thoughts and feelings about his musical journey in general.

How would you describe your music?

I think my music is just real stories about situations in my life and inspired by problems that i have already overcome.

Tell us about “Breaking Down”. What was the inspiration behind the single?

Breaking Down is fairly self explanatory. Every lyric in that song describes how i felt during the time i was writing it, like the lyric “breaking down” was specifically inspired by a time when i was really not doing well and genuinely felt like i was breaking down because of everything i was feeling.

 Liam Hooper  

What has been your constant source of motivation and inspiration?

Listening to music always inspires me, especially motivational songs, even when I’m not happy I listen to them because they inspire me.

For those who don’t know, for how long have you been singing and creating music?

I have been singing since i was really young (pretty much when camp rock came out). I didn’t start writing songs seriously until i was 17, but i did write songs when i was 12 i think, i just didn’t take it seriously like i do now.

Are you happy with whatever you have achieved in your career?

Short answer, yes. But i really hope to achieve more in the future whenever it is possible and hopefully grow more as an artist.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

The artists i would like to collaborate with the most are Griff, Alexander Stewart and Emilee Estoya, because they inspire me every day and i really look up to them.

What is one message you would give to your fans?

I don’t really have any “fans” as much as i do supporters but if i did, i would say don’t expect life to be easy because it really isn’t, and if you want to achieve something, you really have to try and be prepared to put everything into your passion.

Catch Up With Liam Hooper on:

 Liam Hooper  Liam Hooper

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Zül-Qarnaįn Unveils His Latest Exceptional Single “Black Romance”

Zül-Qarnan, an established versatile artist, is now one of the most important artists in the artistic field of hip hop and rap, bringing together an impactful and immersive collection of conceptual and lyrical modules.

“Black Romance” is a virtuosic and thematic journey that establishes the artist as a rapper capable of tailoring his vocal nuances to any syncopated template. The song emerges as an enthralling confluence of experiences in the black community and what makes us beautiful, which the artist delivers with precision. He possesses the highest levels of skill, from the use of various distinguishing hip-hop elements to the emotional bond he creates with the black community.

Zül-Qarnan is a name that has gained new followers and continues to have a positive impact on people’s lives on a daily basis. He is a revolutionary artist with a distinct style and a distinct path, and he employs his musical ability to create music with a true pulse that inspires.

The sounds perfectly fit with his candid lyrics, sultry vocals, and catchy melodies while running on a dope flow of drum synths and electronic sounds. It keeps your attention focused on each hard-hitting reality he spills onto the mic.

Catch Up With Zül-Qarnaįn on:


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8 Questions With Ryan Lagup

Sheer genius is demonstrated by the fascinating versatile artist and songwriter Ryan Lagup in his new album “Beat Shop .” The impeccable album is creatively entertaining and captivates the audience with an immersive and catchy vibe.

We’re lucky enough to have sneaked in for an interview with a talented artist. He was generous enough to lend some of his precious moments as we gleefully stumbled deep into his personal and professional life. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

“Talk of the Town” is captivating from the start to finish with a combination of unique beats and catchy lyrics. What was the inspiration behind the single?
Thank you, “Talk of the Town” was actually a freestyle from the top of my head. I had just set up the new studio and testing things out. The beat I fell in love with and I went from there. I was done with the song in a day.

What has your musical journey been like? Run us through your story.
Well I started pursuing a music career in 1997 I was in a group at first but always new I was going to be a solo act down the line. Before I went with the stage name as Ryan Lagup I had a great journey 3 albums, toured, opened up for major acts like Stevie B., Jocelyn Enriquez to name a few and in 2007 I competed on season one’ Famecast and I was one of the top 5 finalist placing in fourth.

What were the biggest initial hurdles to pursuing your musical dreams and how did you overcome them?
To be in this business you have to take a lot of rejection. Your pursuing something at the moment seems like it is your whole world but you have to just learn and move on. This week alone I had 5 other hoping opportunities that didn’t go my way but again I have many more that are opening as well. I believe everything happens for a reason.

Do you have a favorite musical project that you’ve worked on?
I gotta say this latest project, “Beat Shop” only because I wrote every song and had the control on everything. I recorded a bunch of music that only 13 made the album and I’ve been listening to these songs saying im not done yet so im trying to figure out what to do with these?

Do you have any dream collaborations? Who are they?
The Weeknd, I think we have similar styles. Doja cat, who I totally am at aw with. Timberland and Pharell.

What’s your motto or the advice you live by?
To just do you. If you fall pick yourself back up and try again.

Are you working on any project right now and what can we expect from you in the future?
Yes. Several actually.. I do have my own shoe line (Lagup Shoes) which is doing awesome. Im also currently shooting the music video for my next single, “Money In Your Pocket” so look out for that.

Thank you for speaking with us! For our final question, is there anything else you would like to add?
If there are any independent artists out there looking for a opportunity to be on a compilation album send me your EPK. Its a great opportunity we have like 9 spots left open, Its Free!!! Hit me up..

Catch Up With Ryan Lagup on:

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