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Interview: Valerie Warntz Shares Insights On Her Musical Journey



Short haircut, sports, French… Now all of that is the part of Valerie Warntz’s life: a young singer-songwriter from Saint Petersburg. We were lucky enough to talk to her on topics such as: how did she celebrate The New Year, why did she decide to learn French, what does she usually eat, and many more.

Hello, Valerie! It’s such a pleasure for us that your first interview this year is for our website. Tell us please, how did you celebrate The New Year 2021? Do you like this holiday?

— Hello! Thank you for the invitation. I don’t like this celebration as a whole, but I was waiting for The New Year 2021 very much and was so excited. Probably that’s because 2020 was, without any exagerration, extremely tough for me, so I was waiting for it to end: it was going very slowly. In December, I got cheerful New Year mood for the first time in many years. I celebrated amazingly too: on my own. Before that, I treated this as a ‘family holiday’, so I always celebrated wity my family, but this time I decided to make a change and celebrate this way. And, to be honest, it was the best The New Year celebration in my life! I’m very introverted-type person. I love my own company. So yeah, on January 31st I made some dishes, bought a juice, and in the evening put on Christmas and New Year music and just enjoyed it while gazing at the sparkling garlands. After that, I ate a little, watched the president’s speech and fireworks, and went to bed. Without any noise and nerves: especially since I’ve noticed that, before celebrations with somebody, something always went wrong: we quarreled or something. And now everything was perfect!

Sounds interesting. As you’ve mentioned stereotypes: we know that last year you also ruined stereotypes about appearence and cut your long hair off. Tell us why did you decide to do it? Did you regret about it?

— No, I didn’t. At first, it was unusual feeling, cause I used to have long hair since childhood, or, at least, they were longer that shoulders. But I got used to it for around a week, and noticed the benefits right away. I’ve already said many times that, as well as many others, in childhood I was pushed to think like it’s not good for women to do a short haircut, and so on. It seemed like a truth, so I couldn’t even think about cut my hair off before. Honestly, I don’t remember exactly, what really inspired me to go ahead and do it. Probably I started noticing more women with haircut and read their stories about how comfortable and economical it is. Yeah, also I was motivated by the fact that long hair often make working out complicated even with a ponytail, and also, while actively shaking a head, hair is falling out a little, so you have to sweep quite often. You don’t have these problems with a haircut. And honestly, if I knew that before, I would do it in childhood.

As you mentioned sports, our next question is: when and why did you decide to do sports?

— Overall, I used to play volleyball at school, and also used to ride a bycicle and jumprope everyday in summer, in the countryside, til’ I turn 12 years old. It was the only physical activity I did. Now I’m 22 years old, so I haven’t done any sports til’ the quarantine: around a year ago I started doing exercises for arms. Though I was doing it for 2 months and then stopped, because 1) as I said before, 2020 was hard for me, so I didn’t have energy and resourses to continue that time 2) I didn’t have enough motivation. But somehow, in the end of October, I stumbled upon Alexandra Trusova, Russian figure skater. I was impressed by her energy, power and muscules. Of course, there is much more in her, but her muscles shape… I was amazed by how athletic she is, and how strong willpower it takes to reach this, not to mention she is 2x Junior World Champion and is in the Guinness Book of Records! That being said, Alexandra inspired me, so in November I started doing sports and stretching. At first it was very hard and unusual, especially since I started doing it right away. But later I started liking it! Now I really enjoy working out, though stretching is really tough, I still do it regularly and do my best.

Tell us about your day. Do you workout everyday? What do you eat?

— I do strength training on Monday and Thursday, stretching — every other day, cardio — I try to do it everyday, back exercises — Wednesday and Saturday. Overall, that’s how my usual day go: I wake up and lay in bed for around an hour, where I just surf through the Internet. Then, I fill my 1,9 l bottle with water for this day and do 15-min dance cardio. After that, if it’s Monday or Thursday, I do strength workout on legs, then — stretching, then — training on arms and ABS. If it’s not, I do either stretching or back exercises. After that I breakfast: it’s usually either smoothie from banana, vegan milk (I like many), flax seeds, peanut butter and probably some salad/spinach/berries, or oat meal with berries. For dinner and/or supper I prefer soups and pasta with vegan cutles and ketchup or simply with oil and salt. I also like bread with hummus or Japanese tofu pate, or to do vegan fish analog from tofu and nori. Sometimes I please myself with pizza or sushi, but try to follow healthy lifestyle. Back to the topic: after that I usually study French and help foreigners with Russian grammar and pronunciation. Then I work if I have to, or play: usually it’s online billiard, solitaire or cards, or races, or parking and design games. I also like intellectual apps: words, Sudoku, tetris. Sometimes I also do tests about correct stress/emphasis in Russian words and use apps for increasing my English vocabulary. Also, I quite often sing in app Smule!

That’s deep! By the way, you said through your Instagram that this year you are celebrating 8 years of being vegan. Congratulations!

— Thank you!

Of course we can’t escape asking: why did you decide to study French?

— I wanted to learn it a long time ago, since I visited France for the first time and fell in love with this country 9 years ago. From beautiful Paris to small villages: France is a magical country with calm and pleasant atmosphere. I lived in French families and listened to French speech: it’s very beautiful. Before now, just like with sports, I didn’t have enough motivation to start learning this language, and I also didn’t know where to start. But recently I discovered useful stuff and started learning, step by step.

Very cool! By the way, you also posted in Instagram your attempts to ice skate. It must be Alexandra Trusova who inspired you to do it as well?

— Yes. Before that, I was never interested in figure skating, because I saw only pair skating in show «Lednikoviy Period», which my parents used to watch long time ago. Pair skating doesn’t fascinate me, and that time I didn’t know about women’s single skating. But when I watched it, I was amazed by the grace and, at the same time, power of this discipline and skaters, cause you have to have a lot of strength to skate fast and smooth, as well as to do various elements. It’s amazing and inspiring. Of course, Alexandra Trusova is number one for me, but I also like Alyona Kostornaya and 2 juniors: Sofya Akatieva and Sofya Samodelkina. So yeah, I wanted to learn how to roller skate and ice skate too. Now I can do it very slowly, but I have much fun!

That’s amazing, good luck to you! What about music? Do you plan to release something this year?

— I can’t say certainly at the moment. I write new songs when inspiration comes, and think about the concept of the next album. Releasing new music for me is more a spontaneous process: I can release something unexpectedly, just write a song in a day, like «what I needed.» and «Beautiful Places». But now I’m focused on what we’ve discussed earlier.

Ok, thanks, Valerie! We’ll be looking forward to your new music! Good luck and thanks for talking to us!

— Thank you too!

Interview: Valerie Warntz Shares Insights On Her Musical Journey Interview: Valerie Warntz Shares Insights On Her Musical Journey Interview: Valerie Warntz Shares Insights On Her Musical JourneyInterview: Valerie Warntz Shares Insights On Her Musical Journey


Los Angeles-Based Singer-Songwriter Bunny Daniels Exposes Her “Freak” Side Albeit Melodically!



Los Angeles-Based Singer-Songwriter Bunny Daniels Exposes Her “Freak” Side Albeit Melodically!

Songstress Bunny Daniels’ expression of creativity began at an early age, inspired by her own mother’s musical adventures as a choir member in the church; introducing her to the scene, would impact Bunny Daniels’ appreciation for music which soon spiraled into an insatiable obsession! Fast forward, and now Bunny Daniels is a recording artist with the dream to take over the world and astonish it with her musical gifts. At its core, Bunny Daniels’ music reflects her own inner thoughts and desires while she is still able to maintain her roots in Gospel. Music is an outlet for Bunny’s inner thoughts; – something she uses to express herself. What you get from her is more than just the music; this is an experience that you are bound to never forget- so strap in and enjoy the ride!

Her new jam “Freak” is idiosyncratic as it is addicting; I actually admire the heart and soul that went into the making of this masterpiece. It is nostalgic, warm, and catchy, and performed with a touch of glory that caves deep into a listener’s heart!

There is everything to admire about how certain elements have been integrated into this tune to make it genre-defying; there is that marriage of the soulful nostalgic R&B features with a therapeutic dose of the pop vibe to create something that breaks the boundaries within time and space- it most certainly bridges that gap between old school and new school sound intriguingly!

Bunny Daniels’ vocals are soft-sounding, crisply clean, and the kind that feels and sounds innocent; – perhaps as a reflection of her gospel roots. The clarity and command of her voice make it feel like she is actually performing to you live as her smooth voice gloriously floats over the instrumentation like those NASA people do on space!

I hope you get it when I say her voice feels innocent because it does- there aren’t enough words that can quantify that but if you have watched enough films and listened to enough music, then you have a glimpse of this. She feels like she is singing from the past and yet communicating the present and future (if that even makes sense!)

This is your chance to listen to “Freak” and decide whether it fits the bill; follow the attached link and if you find it gratifying, add it as a favorite and share it tremendously!

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UK-Based Singer-Songwriter Taffy T’s Latest Remix to His “Time Flies By” Is the Ultimate Distillation of Therapeutic Music!



UK-Based Singer-Songwriter Taffy T’s Latest Remix to His “Time Flies By” Is the Ultimate Distillation of Therapeutic Music!

Just an artist with the dream of impacting the globe with his musical talents; Taffy T has been working like a leader without a title and as a human dedicated to living in awe of life’s most gorgeous graces. I couldn’t be more proud of this dedicated artist who has refused to stand still as he seeks to make his voice heard by continuing at all costs; – perhaps highlighting the fact that persistence sits at the threshold of mastery! It was a very proud moment for him when he finally released his debut project “On That Night” and I could feel it meant the world to him that he was sharing a full-length project after 3 years!

“Time Flies By – Remix” is an eclectic melancholic-sounding soundtrack, and it is from those sad emotions built around it that give it that relatability and personal touch. I have listened to this tune severally and it got me thinking how the lightheartedness of being and the ancient pain of the past can’t stand the sight of each other!

It is always so hard to move on from past failures and requires steady and ceaseless practice that involves the brain; takes work and patience. Yet savoring this very instinct is an essential move for a dazzling life. This time is all you have and it’s an empire worth more than any amount of money in the world- this tune somehow reminded me of that!

There is a great deal of improvisation in this epic-sounding track with a dazzling blend of alternative features of dance-pop that give it that upbeat feel and as the track builds, I also felt some deep, blazing beats quintessential of hip-hop genre thrown in there. All through Taffy T’s powerful and uniquely identifiable vocals lusciously slink through the cheerful instrumentation with gratifying command and lucidity!

Overall, “Time Flies By – Remix” is engrossing and catchy particularly with that infectious chorus and the danceable beats add to the fascination of the track!

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West Coast Student of the Game Tall Flame Debuts His “Walking Tall” Album That Is Out Now on All Digital Platforms!



West Coast Student of the Game Tall Flame Debuts His “Walking Tall” Album That Is Out Now on All Digital Platforms!

The student of the game seeking to become the master of the universe of his own making; Tall Flame is following in the footsteps of his legendary predecessors from the West Coast such as Dr. Dre, Tupac Shakur, Eazy- E, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, N.W.A and others who made it possible for others like him to fulfill their passions and live their dreams. His journey has not been particularly a walk in the park; he has had to endure difficulties, stared failure in the face and overcome impossible odds by showcasing tremendous strength, character, fortitude and power and that is why he is proud of reaching this milestone where he gets to share with the world his first ever full-length studio album!

To any hip-hop head, “Walking Tall” is the staple; you are going to have a feast in here. This collection is personal; it is more than the songs, this is his journey and a somewhat depiction of evolving from ‘rugs to riches’ through hard work, determination, careful consistency and unrestrained bravery. By pushing the play button, you get a front-seat row experience into the life of Tall Flame- raw, honest and unfiltered; welcome aboard!

That cover art is fire; and I mean literally and metaphorically- an illustration of how he has literally walked through fire and survived near-death experiences and is still standing tall or as he liked it “Walking Tall!”

The beats in “Slap House Gang” are intoxicating and slap like hell whilst still feeling heavenly! I still can’t get those melodies off of my mind and the lyrical ingenuity unleashed here is second to none! Proving to be a rhymester of his generation Tall Flame jet-skis over the beats like starring in a blockbuster film as he tells his relatable tales. This track features guest appearances from top lyrists AjGotSlapz and Whosthahottest who complement it sufficiently!

“Wake and Bake” qualify as the official street anthem of 2022; unleashing colossus amounts of catchy hooks and memorable bars, this will get you pumped up and ready to face any kind of day.

Tall Flame and GsThaGreat really didn’t have to go that hard on the title track “Walking Tall”; this is an old school inspired masterpiece featuring some ear worming nostalgic beats as Tall Flame tells his personal story of how he was able to hustle his way up; from the depths of despair to now, the heights of believe! This is his own journey of elevation and what he has had to endure to become the man he is now; – all of these experiences through the streets have shaped him into the go-getter he is and he details that with some clever bars and smart wordplay highlighting his swiftness with words!

“Thinking about you” is most definitely Grammy-award-winning worthy! Featuring male vocalist Eye Will who does something special on that chorus, this tune made quite an impression on me. With the stage set for him in the form of those stupendously laid beats, Tall Flame moonwalks over the beats in between the chorus sections, coming through with straight-talking, mature and hard-hitting bars in an instantly recognizable manner. Here he tells off those who were not part of his struggles and want to be part of his success!

You have to believe him when he says he hits his target even when he’s blind in “Motivation” which is another nostalgically defined tune that takes you back to the good old days of authentic rap music and Tall Flame surely knows his way around that sound as he unleashes an unforgettable performance in this epic masterpiece!

A particular bar stuck with me all through where he says or rather asks, “If I die will they die to hear my music…” – I found it very honest and heavy and it has stayed with me since!

This year we are absolutely feasting; I am not even gotten over Metro Boomin’s “HEROES & VILLAINS” and now I got “Walking Tall” from someone I have high regard for; what a time to be alive!

To listen to “Walking Tall” in its entirety; follow the attached link and savor this surreal listening experience!

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