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Top 10 Exciting Places to Visit in Egypt in 2020



We will show you Places to Visit in Egypt on this list. Known for its ancient tombs and temples, and the awe-striking pharaohs who ruled the country for 3000 years, Egypt is a marvelous place to visit.

However, there are other places and activities for everyone. This includes visiting the famous Nile River, trekking through the vast Sahara desert. This experience will leave you speechless when you end up in the refreshing freshwater spring oasis.

Therefore, since Egypt has so much to offer its visitors, we have compiled a list of the top 10 exciting places to visit when you land there.

best places to visit in egypt


10. Cairo (The Capital City)

Being the second largest metropolitan city in Africa, Cairo holds more than 20 million people. This means the streets are chaos and require a lot of patience to maneuver them.

Nonetheless, for visitors who are up to the challenge, the city reveals its top attractions. These include the Grand Egyptian Museum which is home to remarkable artifacts that are connected to the country’s history.

The second great attraction is the Hanging Church which is in the middle of Coptic Cairo. Dated back to the 7th century, this Christian church is one of the oldest in Egypt. Being located atop the gatehouse of the Roman Babylon Fortress, the church seems to be suspended in mid-air.

Apart from the amazing view of the church, its interior is spectacular and leaves one with an inner thrill when exploring it. The other amazing place to visit is Khan AL-Khalili Bazaar, which is a sprawling market. It offers tourists the best in the country souvenirs. Al- Azhar Mosque is another place you should not miss out. Opened to Muslims and Non- Muslims, its stunning architecture is one to be admired.

capital city of egypt


9. Pyramids of Giza

Mostly known for its pyramids, Egypt does not disappoint when it comes to the magnificent man-made structures. Built as tombs for the powerful and prestigious pharaohs, the pyramids were guarded heavily by the mystifying Sphinx.

With this in mind, the pyramids have attracted tourists for many decades as well as archaeologists from all over the world.

Truly the last surviving of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World will leave you with more questions than answers. This is because no one can clearly explain how the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids and how they are still standing up to date. 

Top 10 Exciting Places to Visit in Egypt in 2020


8. Dahab Village

Located on the east side of the Red Sea and Sinai desert, this coastal village has grown as a tourist attraction. Although this laidback village is mostly known for scuba diving, it also has a lot more to offer its visitors.

 There are many activities you can experience in this eastern side of Egypt which include, wind or kite surfing, rock climbing, and trekking the Sinai desert with the guidance of the Bedouin.

 In addition, you can explore the awesome desert by riding a camel or a horse. This will enable you to ride along the beautiful beach and inside the caves which is one of the village best-snorkeling sites.

pyramids of giza is one of the places to visit in egypt



7. St. Catherine Monastery

For those who are impressed with the story of Moses, this is the place to visit. Being one of the oldest monasteries in the world, St. Catherine stands at the foot of Mount Sinai. Therefore, it usually said that this is where Moses received the Ten Commandments.

 Hiking is also popular with most visitors climbing the Mountain to enjoy the morning sunrise or sunset. For easy climbing, the camel path is the ideal route to take. Nonetheless, you can also use the famously known Steps of Repentance which offers a better view of the surrounding area.

 However, for those unable to climb the Mountain, there is an on-site museum that displays ancient artifact. Furthermore, religious iconography, art, manuscripts, as well as the burning bush which is also in the museum.

St. Catherine Monastery


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6. Siwa Oasis

Found on the western side of the country, Siwa Oasis is a peaceful place to visit. Its isolation is suitable for visitors who want to experience more of Egypt amazing towns.

 From the people of Siwa maintaining their cultures and language, this captivating oasis is surrounded by date palm plantations. Moreover, there are also numerous freshwater springs.

Apart from that, the ancient mud-built citadel is pleasant to view.

Siwa Oasis is one of the place to visit in egypt


5. Nile Cruise

Since most famous sites are located directly on the river, taking a tour on a cruise is an ideal way to explore Egypt. This is because you will be able to avoid the busy roads and the determined hawkers along the streets. Therefore, this will enable you to not only save time but money too.

 Although most cruises offer a four-night package, the tour will enable you to see most rural scenes rarely visited. In addition, during the night many temples and monuments are illuminated which will leave you awe-struck with the view.

 Note that, according to the cruise you choose, relaxation is a guarantee since most modern vessels have a swimming pool. In the evening, entertainment is also provided in the form of belly dancing shows among other fun activities.

Nile Cruise in egypt


4. The SS Thistlegorm Dive Site

If you are a fun of diving, then this wreck diving experience will excite you. The SS Thistlegorm was a British cargo ship that was sunk in 1941 in an air- attack by the Germans.

Equipped with various artifacts, the ship carried two tanks, army trucks, motorbikes, guns, cars, and also plane and car spare parts among other things.

 While down there, you will get the chance to touch the ship anti-craft gun which is still fully intact. This experience will surely take you back to the World War 2 era and will definitely leave lasting memories.

 However, apart from the shipwreck, the divers can also explore the coral reef and enjoy watching the different types of fish.

The SS Thistlegorm Dive Site


3. White Desert

Simply ideal for Desert fans and curious adventures, the White Desert is truly a spectacular natural place to visit. With the journey from Cairo to the Desert taking almost 8 hours, it is not a big tourist attraction.

However, the Desert is a natural wonder that leaves anyone who visits it astonished. Being purely white, there are surreally shaped chalk mountains that create a snow-like scene. The scene usually brings the desert to life that leaves one with a sense of tranquility.

Note that, many organized trips include an overnight stay. This will give you an outdoor experience as you stare into the beautiful stars.


White Deserts


Best Places to Visit in Africa.

2. Wadi El Rayan Lake and Waterfalls

Considered to be the largest waterfall in Egypt, Wadi El Rayan falls is a unique spot to spend an afternoon. To be able to enjoy some solitude, it is advisable to visit it on weekdays rather than the weekends.

If you are fascinated with birds, there are many species of resident birds around the lake. Moreover, in the area, there are two twin hills that ensure you have an amazing site of the lake.

Wadi El Rayan Lake and Waterfalls


1. Tunis Village

Tunis village is a land of pottery, creativity, and imaginations. Located on a hill facing the salty lake Qarun, the village also overlooks the edge of the desert on the other side of the lake.

Known to host painters, artists, writers, and journalists, the serene village has mud-brick houses and an Art Center.  Over the years, pottery studios have come up which keeps the village pottery tradition alive.

Tunis village is one of the best places to visit in Egypt.

tunis village is the best place to visit in egypt


In addition, to be able to connect artists of all walks, the village hosts an annual Pottery Festival in the autumn. To be able to explore this beautiful village, there are other activities usually available.

These include horseback riding and bird watching. Bicycles are also rented out for a few hours for a wonderful experience of the village.

Top 10 Exciting Places to Visit in Egypt in 2020

  1. Tunis Village
  2. Wadi El Rayan Lake and Waterfalls
  3. White Desert
  4. The SS Thistlegorm Dive Site
  5. Nile Cruise
  6. Siwa Oasis
  7. St. Catherine Monastery
  8. Dahab Village
  9. Pyramids of Giza
  10. Cairo (The Capital City)

Top 10 Exciting Places to Visit in Egypt in 2020

Top 10 Exciting Places to Visit in Egypt in 2020

Hope you Liked our List of Best Places to Visit in Egypt!


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In the case of a major event, whether it’s a popular concert or a sporting event, you can sure scammers will be overjoyed at the idea of making a few extra dollars.

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Even if you hand over the money for the tickets, they do not materialize. Another possibility is that you are sent tickets that are in fact counterfeit, and you only discover your mistake when you attempt to enter the venue yourself.

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Usability of TicketSites.Best


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TicketSites.Best will save you the time and stress of dealing with scams, frauds, and exorbitant commission fees.


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Top 10 Countries With Very Beautiful African Women



The Lion King couldn’t have been more right about life in Africa. Throw a little wildebeest in there along with some hyenas, and you can definitely have a saying here. Think about it, Africa has some of the most beautiful women in the world. I’m not talking ‘bikini models’ here. I’m talking naturally beautiful from head to toe.  Yeah, I know what you’re thinking…stereotype! But back in my college days, we had to be on point at least once with that one girl. Mostly because every dude wanted them but also because of their looks.

Africa has some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. The exotic fashion choices, the slight curve to their mesmerizing gait are all wonderful signs that nature’s jewel box is full. Are you planning a trip? Need to know the best spots to travel? If so, please keep on reading.


10. Tanzania

Tanzanian women are famed for their beauty and homemaking skills. The latter emanates from their ancient tradition where women pass these skills to the young teenage girls.

If you are looking for a beautiful woman to take back home and introduce to your parents, Tanzania is most likely the place. The “kanga” is common attire for women here. The kanga is usually bright, colorful and a wind blowing garment.  

beautiful women in tanzania

9. Eritrea

Eritrean women have an exotic look and features that could easily be mistaken for several different races. One of the fundamental reasons surrounding this could be that Eritreans together with Northern Ethiopians, which are collectively known as Habesha have a genetically unique phenotype.

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The Caucasoid genes of Eritrean and some Northern Ethiopian women are more closely related to Mediterranean Caucasian groups such as Arabs and Berbers than their counterparts in East Africa.

girls from eritrea

8. Ghana

An African beauty list can never be complete without the gold coast. A Ghanaian woman is famed for her height and ebony skin. A well-rounded bottom is a conspicuous feature that cannot go unnoticed in this woman.

A Ghanaian woman is known for her respect. She is not known to brag, a good listener and not money minded. She will value a relationship more than a huge bank account.

women in ghana

7. South Africa

South Africa is definitely home to numerous African beauty queens. From Durban, Pretoria, Johannesburg to Cape Town, meet these gorgeous females in their day to day schedules.

A South African woman is stunning. It does not matter whether she is a Black South African or a White South African. Their amazing African facial features are amazing. You will definitely love their semi-curly, fluffy and sometimes natural afro hair. South Africa has really lived up to expectations in being a rainbow nation!

miss south africa 2012

6. Angola

Angolan women, daughters of the Atlantic coast. This nation is more like little Brazil comprising of exotic women of varied texture. Most of these females have chocolate complexion.

On average, women have noble features and facial proportions. A number of them are supermodels. An Angolan woman’s beauty is famed for its naturalness, no wonder the supermodels.

miss angola 2016

5. Nigeria

A Nigerian woman is famed for her well-rounded curve. Fertility is said to be a natural feature for these beauties. The population of this nation has grown tremendously especially between the ’70s and 2011 pushing the nation at the top list as the most populous nation in Africa.

Women are said to be motherly and wife materials who cherish taking good care of their homes. She is known for her distinctive kitchen related matters.

beautiful nigerian woman

4. Kenya

Welcome to Kenya! Home of warm, beautiful, independent and hardworking women. This woman will value her social life aficionado. She will put her best foot forward toiling and is passionate about eking a living. She is a true definition of “beauty with brains”.

In addition to the Kenyan sensation, a Kenyan woman is curvaceous, tall, ebony skin tone and very jovial. A Kenyan woman is down to earth and easy to get along with.

miss kenya 2019


3. Egypt

Ancient Egypt placed is known for the creation of perfumes, oils and other beauty treatments. The high emphasis on their physical appearance has a lot to do with women’s beauty. Women here have a history of frowned up body hair with much more elaborate wigs.

A golden beautiful complexion is linked to a rich Egyptian woman. Female allure, also known as “divine aroma” is a crucial point in Egyptian writings.

egypt beautiful women

2. Somalia

Someone who has never spotted the beauty of Somali women may be surprised by their unique features at first sight. The women here are remarkably beautiful and have come of age with many becoming a household name in foreign lands. The culture here has for long directed the behavior and dress code of this woman.

However, over time, a Somali woman is appearing in fashion competitions, and in western movies playing different characters. Her beauty is evident right from chocolate skin, soft long hair and stunning facial features.

Maybe this should have been number one?

somalia women women in somaliasomali woman smiling

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1. Ethiopia

The fact that civilization started in Ethiopia makes it a no-brainer that the country is the home of the most beautiful African Women. Ethiopian queens are by far some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Some associate the beauty of these females to the mixing of Ethiopians with the Yemeni people. Whichever, they are superlative. Regardless, their characteristics are unique and incredibly attractive. They have unrivaled bodies and intriguing faces. Additionally, every woman here can perform incredible shoulder dances.

             girl taking a selfie ethiopian model 2019 models in Ethiopia

The list above gives you a place to start when preparing your next vacation plans. After all, what couldn’t be better than relaxing on the beaches of some beautiful African women?

To be honest, these results were quite surprising, based on what I’ve seen around me and lived through as a native African. As far as my opinions and observations go, the best looking African women come from certain regions of Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Somalia, and Ethiopia



Countries with the Most Beautiful African Women

Question: Which country has the most beautiful women in Africa?
Answer: Ethiopia

Top 10 Countries With Very Beautiful African Women

Top 10 Countries With Very Beautiful African Women

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Top 10 Exciting Places to Visit in Morocco



In this list, you will find the Top 10 Exciting Places to Visit in Morocco. Known to bring together the two worlds of Africa and Arabs, Morocco is truly a captivating country to explore. Known to border the North Atlantic Ocean as well as The Mediterranean Sea, the country’s diversity makes it an ideal place to enjoy some adventure as well as some leisure time.

Because of the location of the country, there are some beautiful sandy beaches with dazzling white sands. In addition, there are amazing mountains that are suitable for hiking, vibrant and colorful towns that have ancient artifacts to admire and different cultures to learn about.

Moreover, the county does not disappoint when it comes to the fascinating Sahara Desert. Therefore, to be able to experience all that and much more, here are the top 10 exciting places you should not miss when you visit Morocco.

10. Asilah

Having its walls and gates built by the Portuguese, this peaceful town is a popular tourist attraction. It is located in the North Atlantic coast and hosts some white sandy beaches. Apart from that, the city is covered with colorful murals that attract art lovers as well as other tourists.

To make the town even more colorful, there is an art festival held each year in the month of August. This festival brings together international artists that are allowed to paint murals around the medina.

Because the town has a lot to offer, there is an easier way to explore it. This is possible by riding a bike within the town offered by most local hotels and even bike tours. However, if you are not a fan of bike riding, taking a walk is also an option for you.

Asilah is one of the best places to visit in morocco


9. Fes El Bali

If you want to visit a town that is free from automobile, Fes El Bali is one of the places to be. It is an ancient city with a lot to explore such as its history, culture, art, and architecture.

There are two ways the city can be reached; one is by air travel using the Saiss Airport, while another is by train. Being one of the historical towns belonging to the Arab-Muslim world, Fes El Bali hosts the oldest operating University which was once a madrasa.

In addition to that, the town is known for its well-preserved forts, mosques, fountains, residences among other places.  With so much to see, you will have the chance to explore the town and learn more about the different cultures.

Fes El Bali in Morocco


8. Hercules Cave

The Hercules Cave is an archeological cave found in Cape Spartel which is situated 14 Km west of Tangier. The cave being part natural and part man-made, it has two openings. One can enter through land or by sea. While coming towards it by sea the cave resembles the shape of Africa.

Although it has its myths on how it came to be, the Hercules Cave is known to display a number of traditional artifacts and items. There are also the rock formations, statues and the small interior waterfall that is truly spectacular to watch.

Hercules Cave

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7. Dragon Beach

Not your average beach, Dragon Beach has the most exceptional white sand in the country. It is located in Western Sahara in the Dakhla Peninsula and famously known for water sports.

However, of all the watersports done here, kite surfing is most popular. This has enabled the beach to hold a kite surfing competition every year.

Apart from water sports, there are several bars near the beach. These bars will enable you to relax and enjoy the sunset as you watch the mesmerizing beach becomes calm and still.

Dragon Beach in morocco


6. Moroccan Jewish Museum

Located in Casablanca, the Moroccan Jewish Museum is the only museum found in the Arab world. Established in 1997, the museum was formerly a youth Jewish orphanage.

Known to display Jews artifacts such as paintings, sculptures, and photographs, it also displays historical jewelry, costumes, and the unique Fatima pendants.

With all these historical artifacts, the museum ensures the Jewish history, culture, and heritage is preserved for years to come. Moroccan Jewish Museum is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Morocco.

places to visit in morocco 

5. Hassan II Mosque

The only mosque in Morocco that allows non-Muslims to enter it, Hassan II Mosque is the largest mosque in Africa. However, everyone who enters the mosque is required to wear decently as a sign of respect.

Known for its hand-crafted marbled walls and the fascinating retractable roof, the mosque has other structures in the area. The courtyard has 41 fountains, well decorated and the garden around the mosque is well kept. This makes it suitable for a family picnic.

Hassan II Mosque inside


Before leaving the mosques, there is one more place to visit which is the mosques bathhouses are known as hammams. These bathhouses are considered to be sacred and bring a sense of cleanliness to the community.

Note that, there are two types of hammans in the mosque, the basic ones which are small tied rooms and the larger rooms that are hundreds of years old. These rooms are heated by fire woods under the buildings that bring warmth all over. In addition, they offer massage services as well as skin and body treatment for relaxation. 

4. Paradise Valley, Marrakech 

About an hour away from the beach, Paradise Valley is a beautiful gateway for nature lovers. Situated in the foothills of The Atlas Mountains, this cool place has fresh pools of water and is ideal for a cool dip.

Moreover, the oasis is surrounded by limestone walls, and a number of palm trees protruding high up into the air. This ensures the Oasis stays hidden and that’s why it mostly takes 30 minutes to reach the area.

However, although there is no much activity to do in this valley, many tourists visit the place to experience a change of the scenery and also enjoy some solitude, especially in the weekdays.

Paradise Valley, Marrakech


3. Saadian Tombs

Located on the south side of the Kasbah Mosque, the first Saadian tomb was constructed by Sultan al- Ghalib Abdullah. This was done in honor of his father Mohammed ash-Sheikh in 1557.

Later on, the fifth and the last Saadian ruler, Sultan Ahmed el Mansour, constructed many more tombs to also honor his close family members and friends. He also ensured his tomb was carefully prepared. This made his tomb the most captivating of all tombs.

However, the tombs were forgotten until 1917 when they were rediscovered and restored. Decorated with vibrant tiles, detailed mosaic carvings, and Arabic scripts, it is truly an amazing place to visit. Furthermore, the magnificent ceilings and polished marbles will surely leave you in awe of the whole place.

Saadian Tombs


2. Mount Toubkal

Found within the Toubkal National Park, Mount Toubkal is the highest mountain in Morocco. It is also the highest peak in The Atlas Mountains and mostly frequented by most tourists.

Although the mountain is steep and slippers, climbers enjoy trekking it since they have to go around several places. One of them is the Village of Aroumb, floodplains, and valleys. There are also other beautiful sceneries to enjoy watching as you go up the mountain.

Mount Toubkal


Places to Visit in Egypt in 2020

1. Rabat

Rabat is the capital city of Cameroon and has so much to offer its visitors. From hosting the best museums, the Royal Palace and other historical attractions, this city takes first place in our exciting places to visit in Cameron. Rabat is one of the best places to visit in Morocco. 

The first place to visit should be the Hassan Tower which is in an incomplete minaret of the Hassan Mosque. It was intended to be the second largest mosque in the 12th century in the Arab world but was not finished.

one of the best places to visit in morocco


The other interesting place to visit is the Mausoleum of Mohamed V tomb chamber. This tomb is magnificently decorated with zellige tile works. The tile works cover the walls around the grand marble tomb. 

 Although Non- Muslims are not allowed to enter the adjoining mosque, the visitors will be able to view the tomb chamber from above. This ensures they still get the chance to have an amazing experience in the sacred area.

Top 10 Exciting Places to Visit in Morocco.

  1. Rabat
  2. Mount Toubkal
  3. Saadian Tombs
  4. Paradise Valley, Marrakech
  5. Hassan II Mosque
  6. Moroccan Jewish Museum
  7. Dragon Beach
  8. Hercules Cave
  9. Fes El Bali
  10. Asilah


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