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TPD4Life drops his new Single “Magic Show”


TPD4Life is on a mission to conquer the rap world. He tenaciously sticks to his hustle in “Magic Show” and lets everyone listening know how passionate he is in pursuing his own craft.

He sticks to a consistent sound reminiscent of “good” old school Rap songs that stick to one upbeat beat that lets his voice shine with a unique flow and great lyricism. His choice of unique beats flows smoothly as he raps on reaffirming how we should open our eyes and search for the truth.

It is an outstanding single with fun, free-flowing sounds, and captivating lyrics. He leaves listeners with a simple message to roll the dice and bet on yourself as gambling can sometimes change life and be the catalyst for the dream life you imagine every day.

It has a multitude of emotions, some common and some minor, but all presented with a sure understanding of ‘magic’ and alluding to the difference between an introspectful mood and an opening to the world. This song is truly an incredible masterpiece.

African Hype reached out to TPD4Life with a few questions. In response, he provided insight into his music style, influences, and the new single. See the interview below.

Thanks for joining us once again to discuss your music and upcoming projects. What are you currently working on?

I am in the process of writing new songs and experimenting with sounds and ideas. I am also looking at doing virtual shows online.  I bounce between genres and am not limited to trends

Tell us about your name ‘Tommy Positivity Dude’ and the story behind it.

Well, Tommy Positivity is the artist name TPD4Life is a multivariate acronym. Which means it can mean different things like Tommy Positivity Dude or Total positivity doing for life etc.  Tommy Positivity stands for certainty in Christ’s ability and also overcoming negative obstacles.

What sets your music apart? What is unique, or at least uncommon?

I would say how I bend and blend genres and really aim to inspire the masses to live better with themselves and one another. I have my own issues and me working through these songs can help. I don’t like the degradation in a lot of music and feel like people are under a hypnotic trance of foolishness

The new single “Magic Show” is finally out! What special meaning does it hold for you?

Yes sir. Magic Show is actually an oxymoron for freeing young minds from the illusions of the entertainment and media that is out there.  It has a kind of old-school feel but certainly catchy modern hooks. Should be a radio mainstay but due to the powers that be, it’s not on mainstream radio.

Who are your main musical influences?

I love all forms of 80’s – 2020, music that really takes you somewhere and makes a difference. I like lots of synth bands but also underground hip hop that is conscious and some heart-wrenching pop is good from time to time

Where do you see your career headed in the next 5 years?

I would love to have some more notoriety for the message and hopefully doing some tours. I want to excel at my theory and really gain confidence as I age. But my soul is eternal so no worries!

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Tara Kasey and Dakota Kruz Brings Out A Sexy Single “Drive”

Tara Kasey and Dakota Kruz collaborate to bring us an honest new single “Drive” displaying their unique skills to use vivid imagery, coupled with the sensual female voice that pulls us into this relaxed energy as they sing and rap the erotic fantasies they yearn for with their partners.

Tara Kasey sets the vibe of the single right from the beginning as Dakota Kruz joins in with intriguing raps in the foreground of the slow-paced beats. She shares her love for ‘Driving” through a sexual connotation that’s both sexy and enjoyable to hear her sing about. Its sensual, rhythmic beats are paired with her seductive vocals, which stay penetrated in our minds after the first listen.

Tara Kasey Drive


They create their own easygoing sound that puts listeners in the mood while vibing out to their descriptive lyrics. The kind of song to get you in the mood with that special person until the sun comes up.

“Drive” is part of her newly released album, Hers Truly II, which you can stream on the link below:

Find Tara Kasey On:

Tara Kasey Drive

Find Dakota Kruz:




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Eline Presents Her New Single “Our Father”

Born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Eline Fleury is a talented artist and entrepreneur who runs her own business “Eline Fleury LLC”, along with pursuing her career in music. When it comes to music, she is a multifaceted artist, who is a singer, songwriter, performing artist, and a live entertainer. She is also a customer service professional, with extensive hands-on experience in project management. Utilizing the time on her hands due to the ongoing pandemic, Eline decided to be productive and take full advantage of the lockdown by working on her music skills.

Eline Our Father

Eline recently released her latest single titled “Our Father” on July 4, 2020. This song is inspired by George Floyd’s case, which left Eline shattered into pieces. She couldn’t bring herself to sleep for many nights and ultimately, one morning, she decided to channelize her angst into something that can be heard by everyone in the world. Therefore, she wrote the track “Our Father”. This song is about pleading God to save all his children and men. This is a heartwarming song that directly connects with the heart and makes you feel every word that the artist has written. The soulful music and hard-hitting vocals add to the beauty of this song.


Eline Our Father


Telling about her musical journey, Eline says, “In 2004 I released my first single and opened up my business. In 2016, I changed the name of the business to Eline Fleury LLC which is a privately owned and Managed Company. We’re specialized in wedding receptions, ceremonies, and parties of all types by providing live performance, DJ/MC, Sound system, for Wedding ceremonies, reception, Sweet 16, Birthday parties, Anniversary, Corporate events, funerals.”


Eline Our Father

Eline has always been surrounded by music, as she belongs to a family of musicians. Her father used to sing and play guitar, while her uncle was a singer and a songwriter. Despite working different jobs after growing up, her passion for music stayed alive within her, and eventually, she decided to work on it and make a career out of it.


Find Eline on:

Eline Our Father


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Taouil Shares His New Single “Bleed”

“Bleed” by Taouil is a song that is meant to soothe your sorrow. This rock song, express the mix of emotions involved in mourning the loss of a dear relative or friend and rock song empathizes with your pain and grief, encouraging us to hang on. Taouil hopes to help bring you healing and peace.

I especially like the line ‘close your eyes and bend the space in your mind’ – you can do anything you set your mind to!

Grief is like an unwanted visitor who welcomes itself to your life and always stays too long. He sets his own pace, he can’t be pushed and you’ll have to suffer from his bad company before approval comes to replace him.

Bleed by Taouil

If you read this, and you’ve lost someone special to you, I’m sorry for your loss. Know that you’re not alone. In times when I lost people close to me, I always found solace in music. Songs bind us to those who have had the same feelings. They ignite memories of lost loved ones and creatively distract them from the agony of the moment while voicing optimism for tomorrow.

Taouil is a New York-based artist who is set out to re-defining energy rock, and with his gripping lyrical arrangement and stunning vocal accompaniment, “Bleed” is worth the attention it’s already getting.


Watch the visuals here.



Taouil has been slowly but steadily developing a devoted online audience and you can join his fans in supporting his musical journey.

Bleed by Taouil

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