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Stephanie Jeannot Shows Love For Her Culture With Her New Song “Haitian”

Authentic artist who truly represents their culture may be harder to find than a needle in a haystack, but we’ve struck gold with the bonafide patriotic song “Haitian” by Stephanie Jeannot and John Mueller.

With elements of Haitian Creole and English all wrapped up in Stephanie Jeannot’s most creatively expressive track to date, get ready to experience the soundscape you’ve never quite heard of before.

The Brooklyn based singer/songwriter finds herself narrating to a boy about where she is from and what makes her culture beautiful, The People, Different cuisines, dancing, and much more. Her evocative vocal, lyrics and the love for her culture make “Haitian” so refreshing.

“Haitian” mixes African drums with an engaging, Stephanie’s velvety vocals, melodic keys, and engaging bass line from John Mueller.

This record is a perfect introduction to Stephanie Jeannot, who’s trying to showcase her Haitian cultural background. You can get her latest songs via her Spotify channel.

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The Soulful Lyrical and Musical Glow in King Cavalli’s Song “Galaxy Distance” Redefines Contemporary R&B

The creative ideas in music are no longer limited to known norms. Established artist King Cavalli puts together a dreamy soundscape made up of different elements of R&B with a touch of pop. His single, “Galaxy Distance” lyrically and sonically lays the framework for the kind of music that has an enormous influence on one’s mind and soul. The song is a relatable saga that highlights the relationship’s different quadrants in a euphonious way. The artist’s exceptional voice and imaginative ability elevate the overall personality of the song to pave the way for musical success. Venturing the fields of modern-day R&B, pop and soul, he imbibed a plethora of styles to make his music stand out.

The artist comes from New York and thrives as an entrepreneur to polish his ability to manage the best of both worlds. The single, “Galaxy Distance” impacts the hearts of the audience at a deep, personal level. The expertise, the grit, the vocals are all matched to perfection. Each new lyric shoes the artist’s deep enthusiasm. The soundscape on the track was created by Official Mr Parker, which takes the listener on an imaginative voyage of thematic and emotional waves. As a result, they will resonate more empathetically with his music and thematic interpretations.

Some of the artist’s other songs that clearly depict his distinctive sound include “The meaning of love“, “Oceans of Emotions” and “You now“. Artist King Cavalli is prolific as a vocalist as he embeds his voice in the complexities of emotional awareness of each song. With his artistic versatility and more, he plans to continue to broaden his creative canvas with more resilience and conviction.

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Lucky Ezy Creates a Massive Impact on the Wide Spectrum of Hip-Hop with “Cash On Me”

Lucky Ezy

A brilliant display of high-energy hip hop featuring amazing finesse by Lucky Ezy. The lyrical grandeurs and heavy melodies of the track “Cash On Me” are breathtaking.  It’s the trademark of the very talented American versatile artist.

We caught up with the rapper when he dropped his latest single and congratulated him on his success. He agreed to an interview quite instantly, and we spoke to him about different aspects related to his work and his personal life. Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

Thank you for speaking with us at African Hype. What’s the first thing you hope new listeners feel when listening to your music?

When people first listen to my music, I want them to feel my emotions that I put into the song. I love making music that feels good for the soul. It is important to make music that resonates with the way you feel, or else it will not be good.

“Cash On Me” is captivating from the very start with its combination of hyped upbeats and catchy lyrics. What was the process like when you were blending this song together?

I went to the studio to record this song. I record the vocals over the beat and the engineer did his thing with the blending of the music to make sure it was the right tone.

Which release of yours has had a large impact on your life, whether the storyline was based on a life experience or the process of putting the song together helped you approach music production differently?

I think every song I make I try to make it the best. Even though I may not have the professional tools at times, I make the most of what I have. I do my research on the best mastering software and all to make sure my song sounds right.

You’ve released an array of new music this past year. What’s been your biggest accomplishment so far?

Just making music is a big accomplishment, because so many people doubt me, but I just do what I can and listen to less of what they have to say.

What inspired you to pursue music?

I stated off singing in the choir as a little boy. My mom made us go to choir ever Saturday and sometimes we sang on Sundays in front of the church. I had stage fright, so I was in the back. I started off making beats and then made an EP. Signed a distribution deal with Bentley Records for about a year and then going independent since then. Being independent is dope because you can drop music whenever you want. You don’t have to listen to anyone tell you this or that. Its dope.

Do you have any dream collaborations? Who are they?

I want to work with Chris brown or drake.

You made some significant progress in 2020. How did the Global pandemic affect your career?

It didn’t It just pushed me to work harder.

For our final question, is there anything else you would like to add?

GOD is the greatest.


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NRVT Opens 2021 with Lifestyle and Arts Digital Song ‘Midnight Riviera’ to a Worldwide Community of Music Lovers and Dancers.

London, UK, January 2021NRVT releases new song ‘Midnight Riviera’ to a worldwide community of song lovers and dancers. In any event, the song will be available across some digital platforms from Sunday 3rd January 2021, and more digital platforms thereafter.

NRVT continues to build his musical repertoire, taking one song at a time, and looking to supersede each song with a new one. He explains the inspiration for each new song has nothing to do with superseding the previous one. Each new song floats into existence like a bubble in the universe. The conception that went into its formation drawn from inspiration.

Another way of songwriting to NRVT is likened to trowel trades. Each brick gets buttered up and placed along the route of the build. The brick is the song, and gets placed among the others. That new brick is ‘Midnight Riviera.’ After laying ten bricks we can conclude NRVT’s project is still in infancy yet on track with work in progress.

NRVT will continue to build and release new songs like bricks. English bond, Reggae bond, Rap bond, Hip Hop bond, Dance bond, Pop bond, Rhythm, and Blues band, is what inspired NRVT to write ‘Midnight Riviera.’ Whether at home, in your car, or on your headset, this song is going out to a worldwide community of music lovers and dancers.

Check out Midnight Riviera as you stroll along the riviera, pier, promenade, docks, or marina. Tel Aviv promenade is a great place to start and before you know it you’re in Jaffa. St Katharine Docks Marina near the City of London, the pier at Hastings, 7-mile beach Jamaica, Miami, or Monaco. ‘Midnight Riviera’ calls out to the fashion-conscious of today, the scientists of tomorrow, the lovers, and those who just want to dance and wave their hands in the air.

‘Midnight Riviera’ is music and entertainment, a song for lifestyle and the arts, you can listen and dance to wherever you choose to, out now.

Journalism: Icsael Basemath

Media Contact:
Baggy Music Entertainment
[email protected]


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