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SoulSonic Comes Out With a Powerful New Single ‘Rise’

SoulSonic, from Chicago, is a Conscious Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop Soul Producer and Composer on the Alchemyst Audio music label out of Vegas. Currently collaborating with lyricist and artist JordanL to create the soul-soothing, energy releasing, Hip-Hop Anthem RISE.

Hip-Hop Anthem speaking on police brutality and world events in the Black community in a voice to mark and embrace the moment and our people. A voice from the experience that the streets in all these cities has taught us, that we have been profiled, treated as less, abused by the power of morally bankrupt officers, and systemically discriminated against.

SoulSonic Rise SoulSonic Rise

As a people, the majority in power has put that knee on our neck, from locking car doors when we pass, to crossing the street when we walk, to denying access to opportunity, to hunting us.

We as a people have taken a knee, but we as a people also RISE.

RISE Credits
Genre: Conscious Hip Hop. No Profanity.
Producer: SoulSonic Composer: SoulSonic Lyrics: JordanL Vocals: JordanL.
© 2020 Alchemyst Audio MKS

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9 Questions With Gifted Rapper Patchy Pacino

A spectacular presentation of high-energy hip hop featuring an unparalleled finesse by Patchy Pacino. He has slainhis audience with a crazy flow in the riveting single “Change Up”

We congratulated the hip-hop artist on his new track, and he was candid enough to talk to us for an interview.

What made you think of music as a career option and when did you take the plunge in the music scene?

Music been a part of my life I used to sing in a choir at church I love listening and Making music

What is the motivation behind such a lyrically rich and melodically unique single “Change Up”?

Change up lyrics And melody over the years of going through certain things with friends and family and seeing people change up or switch up on me and my close ones passing away

Was it a bit of toil when you started or it has been smooth sailing from the beginning and you understood the tricks of the trade very early?

It’s been hard trying to break through made a couple hits but didnt have the marketing behind it

Who’s your life’s greatest influence? Was it someone near you from your family and friends or somebody from the music industry of hip hop?

My uncle in Jamaica was the first one of the first introduced me to music well hip-hop

Who’s your life’s greatest influence? Was it someone near you from your family and friends or somebody from the music industry of hip hop?

I’m open to all music all sounds just love listening to music could be country jazz blues I just preferred hip-hop and R&B

Are there any other genres other than hip that excites you the most? If so, could you cite the reasons why?

2pac Jay Z Wu-Tang Clan

Did you find some time to introspect while the lockdown happened because of covid-19? Or, did you got stressed by the entire situation?

pandemic give me more chance to create more content and just stay busy and make a music

Which is your favorite arena where you want to give your best shot as a live performer? Can you cite any particular reasons for that?

The Scotia bank arena downtown Toronto just have a big Show 30,000 people or more

Thank you for speaking

I would like to add music will never die and my legacies gonna live on HDLS CTM for life

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The Soulful Lyrical and Musical Glow in Liz Vaughn’s Song “Relax” Redefines Contemporary Soul

Liz Vaughn

The artistic principles in music are no longer limited to known standards. Established artist Liz Vaughn is putting together a dreamy soundscape consisting of the different elements of Neo-Soul and Gospel is a defining path. Her new single, “Relax” thematically and musically lays the groundwork for the kind of music that has an enormous influence on one’s mind and soul. The single is a relatable saga and uses the artist’s angelic voice and imaginative ability to boost the overall personality of the song and pave the way for a musical resurgence. Venturing the areas of modern R&B and soul, she has imbued many influences to make her sound unique.

Hailing from Oklahoma City, Liz Vaughn is a vocalist/songwriter and actress who, with her music, has built a new passage into the neo-soul scene. Her musical achievements go back a long way as she has collaborated with renowned artists such as Beyonce Knowles, Leela James, Mint Condition’s Stokely Williams, and Bilal. The track, “Relax” hits the hearts of the audience at a deep, personal level. The synergy between Liz Vaughn and the band is natural, and the innovative overlap of distinct concepts has made the song stand out in its structure, rhythmical formatting, thematic independence, and more.

From vocal clarity to the entire production, the song emerges with a fresh and special groove that reveals Liz Vaughn’s innovative streaks in a new light. Critically praised for her artistic and lyrical skills, Liz Vaughn is also recognized for her Live Performances and is widening its reach with new melodies and provocative rhythms every day.

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Boxx-A-Million Has Etched Out Plenty of Energy in His Latest Album “Winning Season”

Backed by an incredible melody line and an energetic rhythm, the artist Boxx-A-Million has come to the stage with his new soundtrack, which is an amazing representation of his style. With an unwavering personality, the rapper has unveiled his catchy vocals, flowing in a luscious way to hook the attention. It is very unusual to encounter such artists who, with their abundance of effects and unique detailing, have made a remarkable influence on the minds of all. With more than 20 years in the league, Boxx-A-Million has always had a knack to make original sounds that were finely projected in his new album “Winning Season”

Although the entire EP is a real body of work, “Energy off” is our favorite track. “Energy off” portrays his diverse rap style of the artist, guarded by reflective verses and a smooth hook that pumps up the mood almost instantly. The song flows with an enchanting melody and effortlessly incorporates his vocal tone and lyrical consciousness. With utter clarity and mellow energy, the artist has been increasingly impressed with his flow.

Being an absolute legend in the hip-hop scene, Boxx-A-Million composes music with a positive message and is powered with sheer enthusiasm and fine craftsmanship to burst out with such incredible soundscapes. The charisma with which the rapper performed his new album “Winning Season” reveals his ample ability to the world of music, guaranteeing his long stay in the hip hop movement. The musical arrangement combined with the excellent songwriting showcases his far higher-than-average style and hip-hop taste.

Meet Gifted Hip Hop Artist Boxx-A-Million

Well, it’s definitely worth a lot of listening as the audience gets profoundly attached to every step. c This project vibes with the crowd with its infectious lyricism and energetic grooves and is now available on Spotify.

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