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Khaligraph Jones- Kwendaa!!


Khaligraph Jones Kwendaa Lyrics:

Sipendi mangoma za Kenya (Kwendaa)
Mi sitambui Omollo (Kwendaa)
Ah si huyu boy huringa (Kwendaa)
Mi sijai hire madinga (Kwendaa) shenzi

Mi sipendi hizo mangoma (Kwendaa)
Mi sitambui Omollo (Kwendaa)
Manze huyu boy huringa (Kwendaa)
Mi sijai hire madinga (Kwendaa) shenzi

Latest African Music

Proface, proface
Ju huko ndo mi husupply
Ngoma nauza utadhani ni tokens


Na ka ni collabo utabonga na Franko
Amekuwa manager kutoka campo, campo
BET nominee buda narun show (Omollo)
Omollo unatesa manze jo kam slow

Ah nyi MCSK ni mafala (Kwendaa)
Mnatupeleka hasara (Kwendaa)
You gotta pay what you owe (Kwendaa)
Nasema nataka hio doh (Kwendaa)

Manze tumechoka na curfew (Kwendaa)
Uhunye jo rada ni chafu (Kwendaa)
Si uskie kilio ya watu (Kwendaa)
Ghetto mbogi iko…

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Sebastian Azul – The Year of Awareness Lyrics

Song Title: Year of Awareness
Artist: Sebastian Azul
Featuring: Fega, Alicia, Kadrick, Cjay, Sarah.
Written and Produced by: Sebastian Azul

Intro: Kadrik:
Awareness is Power
Everything we talk about here, stays in this room.
And you know they pay me to be here, so you don’t have to worry
about over burdening me
Now why don’t you tell me what’s on your mind?
Patient: You wouldn’t believe me, i mean nobody does
Therapist: how about you let me decide if i believe you or not.
Patient: okay but don’t say i didn’t warn you, i have this thing, i don’t know if i should call it a gift or a curse. It’s called… Tourettes syndrome and ADHD.

Sometimes, I feel i was born
To raise mental awareness
So, I think in all fairness, it’s natural
To share this
Cause everybody around me suffers
Invisible illness
Addiction, Anxiety, Rage, Bipolar, PTSD
And It’s going down with the quickness
My community lacks the awareness,
So they don’t know better and can’t see
Better, that this is a mental disorder
Or some kind of sickness,
They don’t know better and can’t see
Better that something’s progressing,
Or that is seriously wrong
My mindfulness, got me stressing,
It’s been too long
I’m the only clear minded singer who’s got it on
Who wants to address the elephant in the room
Cause my people, can’t see, that we’re all doomed
If we don’t fix our mental wellness soon

[Chorus] Sarah
I say, you all need to
It’s time to pay heed to
We’ve go that info (INFO)
This is the intro (INTRO)
Oh yeah yeah yeah
The year of awareness is here

Mirror Mirror on the wall, (Wall)
Who is the bravest of, them all (All)
It’s you, It’s you, yes you
Warrior, through and through

Communication is the key
Nothing can start without an open conversation.
This is where we find the problem and then we can work on the solution.
So it’s high time and of paramount importance, that we start talking more about our Internal issues, about our Mental health and overall wellness.
Acceptance, Understanding, Respecting, Listening, and Supporting.
Awareness Is Power!!


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Gwelly Music – Internet Girl(Lyrics)

Gwelly Music Internet Girl Lyrics:

Cheap props, cough drops, Special ops, and shirt tops
People drop like raindrops, No one stops when veins pop
Evil cops hold bloody mops, Like lollipops in ice cream shops

Peep shows, creep shows, People explode like volcanoes
A deadly form of judo, And stepping on the wrong toes
Causes kimonos to fall like dominoes,
Everyone knows which logo, Goes with the clothes,
One throws in front of the nose
Of one another, You’re not my brother
You’re not my brother

In the black and dark night, Don’t I look right?
My clothes are on tight, I’m after your sight
You lost your might, Now taste my delight
Don’t you think I’m a hottie With my digital web body

the best you’ve ever seen, and up on the screen
I’m in your blood stream, and infecting the eyes
of a million guys, but when nobody is around

you know it’s your town
don’t make a sound
you’ll see me
holding a sign
saying won’t you be mine?
Don’t ask why me
My lips are dripping honey
you know it’s not the money
what you get I don’t sell
my guests are in hell
you’re my very own Samson
you look so handsome
lose your mansion
put your head upon my knees
ask me pretty please
don’t resist me
kiss me
you know that you’ll
never miss me
you’ll feel very good
you’ll be glad you could
you know you should
feel my little soft steps
running up and down on your neck
until your merry heart sings
and the scorpion stings!
dead dead dead
no pillow for your head
dead dead dead
you’ll remember what I said
did you think that you would be higher
than a liar?
or be able to tell your friends
to never go
in the way of destruction
and eruption of eternal separation
an elation denied
no one to hear your cry
or dry your eyes
or dry your eyes
no water for your tongue
every song you ever sung
drowned in misery
it’s a rotisserie
of regret and madness
an awareness of the chances
illicit romances
your world in a cup
blown up!
your wounds sewn up
but now opened up
to reveal
what you couldn’t conceal
that even the least of it
the feast of it
you’re drowning in adultery
you thought you won the lottery
to satisfy your craving
slaving and saving
for the day of judgement
and the final bell
you are thrown into hell
where the fire that burns
will eat your soul
like a buttered roll
dead dead dead
no pillow for your head
dead dead dead
you’ll remember what I said

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Sarah Ragsdale – Re-Imagine

Sarah Ragsdale Re-Imagine Lyrics:

Feeling alone, even though we are at home
There’s a storm outside, changing the world we know
I feel weak, even finding the words to speak
The heroes putting their lives on the line
And all that I can do is think

But in this dark time, the best of humanity
Shows us a light, what life ought to be
Now is the time for re-imagining
The best we want to be

It’s time to re-imagine
The best we want to be
The future could be brighter than the past
It’s up to us to see
What the world can be
Live every day like we’re in this together
The best that we can be

They say the world’s on pause and in some ways it may be

Let the air clear, the world breathe

And re-imagine the best we want to be

Let’s all re-imagine
The best we want to be
The future could be brighter than the past
It’s up to us to see
What the world can be
Live every day because we’re in this together
The best that we can be

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