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Interview: Izzie’s Caravan Shares Insights on His musical Journey



Interview: Izzie's Caravan Shares Insights on His musical Journey

After Izzie’s Caravan’s exceptional single was released, we caught up with an insightful interview with such a talented artist to explore his eidetic experience and what he had to say about his incredible musical journey so far. Read below to learn some interesting details about Izzie’s Caravan.

Discovering your own musical style is a unique part of every artist’s journey. What sets your music apart? What is unique, or at least uncommon?

Hi there. Thank you for having me here. Honestly, from the inception of this project, I knew our backs were always going to be against the wall with how we approach music and what we create in this current musical climate. I tend to be very traditionalist in the sense that rock n’ roll and the blues were grounded in reality and there was a certain sense of integrity about it where the entire song, the entire album, the entire process of it was the life-blood of the band…not some tik-tok clip that goes viral. Currently, we’re in a world where ‘entertainers’ are substituting music as an art form for the commercialized gimmick that needs to be sold and I’ve never bought into that mentality nor will I ever do so. I can’t subscribe to these pseudo-intellectual postmodern narratives that we’re held hostage by. To me I’d rather have a 100 people genuinely appreciate the music I make rather than having a million superficial ‘views’ or ‘likes’. I mean that sincerely. And the fact that record companies do their ‘head-hunting’ based on algorithms is in my estimation bloody lazy. Most of our songs hit the 5-minute mark with ease, including some of the ballads, that we’ve done, and I don’t really care whether thats not the acceptable standard. In ‘Blow The Lid’ we have an 18-minute song…yeah, that’s right…18-minutes, called ‘Curse of Anastasia’ and frankly speaking if that’s how long it takes to capture the spirit of the song then that’s what we’ll do.

“Return To Midway” is captivating from the start to finish with a combination of unique beats and catchy lyrics. What was the inspiration behind the single?

Yeah this track in particular means a lot to me personally. We’ve actually had this song in the catalogue since 2006 but decided to bring it back in revamped version and associate it very proudly with the #restorethesnyderverse movement. Being a childhood DC fan, growing up with these iconic characters, and seeing them come to life on the screen with Zack Snyder’s Justice League was a surreal experience. At a more political level, whats more important to me is the preservation of artistic integrity and the vision of the artist should stand above corporate hijacking.

Interview: Izzie's Caravan Shares Insights on His musical Journey

What draws you to your preferred genre?

To me personally, the blues is a life-form. It’s organic story-telling which is built around human stories. It captures a certain moment in time grounded in reality and it’s so profound that it immerses and envelopes you. Usually when I’m writing, I start listening to records that stimulate me and this last week or so, as we’re neck deep in recording our upcoming album ‘Blow The Lid’, I was listening to Johnny Winter and Rory Gallagher and listening to these records is such a magical experience. And what really pulls me in is their humility considering they were masters of their art form. So yeah, blues and rock n’ roll has always been an integral part of my life.

Which one of your songs has the most memorable story for you? Whether it’s the writing process, recording sessions or release of the song.

At this point of time, due to what I’ll call the proximity effect, it has to ‘Return To Midway’. In all honesty, this song was purely by chance. As I mentioned, this song is something Sim (vocals) and I had recorded way back in 2006 and I was in the studio recently and by chance started playing this song over a different back-beat with a different rhythm pattern. It just happened to be one of those serendipitous euphonic moments in the studio and when I heard the playback, I knew right way I was on to something. All in all, it literally took a day to record and now it’s out as a single.

How do you go about writing a song? Do you have a melody in your head and then write the other music for it?

More often than not, I’ll have a melody and it all starts building from there. Sometimes the riffs pop out during practice or just jamming and if it sticks in my head over a considerable period of time, I realize that there must be some validity to it. I really like to write about issues and events grounded in real human stories and events so I draw upon events from the news or current affairs and then give my take on it.

What would your autobiography be called?

‘My Life: A Cosmic Joke’

For our final question, is there anything else you would like to add?

Yeah, we’d like to thank all those who have appreciated our music and allowed us to fulfill our dreams and passion of playing old-school rock and blues. We’re really, really excited about our upcoming album ‘Blow The Lid’ which is set for a release on June 15th, and listeners can preview some of the tracks from this album on Spotify which have been released early. Thank you so much and we’d like to welcome you to join our journey at This entire endeavor wouldn’t be anything without the support we get from our listeners.

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Interview: Izzie's Caravan Shares Insights on His musical Journey Interview: Izzie's Caravan Shares Insights on His musical Journey  Interview: Izzie's Caravan Shares Insights on His musical Journey



Powder Spring’s Very Own Geek Boy Troy Set to Release a Statement Jam “Keep Shining” on the 16th of April



Geek Boy Troy Keep Shining

Geek Boy Troy is your favorite boy from Powder Springs who dares to step out of the rap scene with his fresh hits that smell like a daisy- taking his listeners on a high premium sound that has all the qualities of a legend in the making! Dripped in an evocative and raw display of emotion, his tracks decorated with that tuneful hip-hop wave and dripping with lyrical authenticity and rap mastery always take a listener from the realm of one planet to the realm of another in majestic fashion. His unpredictability also affords him the pleasure of exploring and keeping his audience guessing about the style of flow his next tracks will adopt and this is a unique thing which means that he feeds off of the anticipation and intrigue from his fans to deliver world-class tunes that meet the high standards his audience has placed him with!

He just celebrated his birthday and crossed over to the 25 mark and to mark this special day, he is set to release a groovy vibe for all the Aries babies titled “Keep Shining” which will be officially dropped on the 16th of April 2022. Everything about this track pops and dazzles from the intro all the way to the outro with the cinematic silk of the percussive intro being waited at the by line and met with grandiose stun as Geek Boy Troy takes the moment all by himself and delivers a show-stopping rap performance that feels like it marks the arrival of a major rap talent!

Giving ode to the southern type of blend and mix that echoes through the strong and intense hip-hop instrumentation of heavy bass and laid-back yet intense rhythmic melodicism, Geek Boy Troy establishes himself as a quintessential Powder Springs MC with his witty bars that overflow with confidence and maturity. Like some Koby Bryant on the basketball court, Troy gives off an MVP performance which is simply a sensation for an artist his age.

There is melodious intrigue and allure in the percussion which can never be written off your memory and exactly what qualifies this track as the masterpiece art it is. With releases like “Keep Shining” making way to what promises to be a musical year; brace yourself for some Geek Boy Troy wondrousness!

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DV Beat’s Latin and Reggae Infused Dancehall Glamorous Track “The 1” Featuring ABeck Is Out Now!



DV Beats The 1

DV Beats is the creative genius producer behind enthralling tracks such as “Alza la Mano”, “Baile House”, “Beat That”, “Tambora – Original Mix” among other splendid tracks. He is not limited to any one type of genre and splits the lines of dancehall, reggaeton, Latin among other Caribbean influences. He currently resides in Florida but was born to a Puerto Rican father and Panamanian mother and he grew up listening to an extensive variety within the Caribbean/Latino realm of music, from salsa to reggae to dancehall to merengue and reggaeton. These sounds still influence his type of productions and even in his latest track “The 1” his first-ever collaboration as DV Beats which he featured ABeck is dancehall-inspired and an exceptionally produced track that will take listeners back to the dance floor in joyous fashion.

“The 1” is a funky mix of dancehall, reggaeton, Latin, and dance and the perfect fit for dancehall radio.  The melody of this track sets the tone for this tune born in the Caribbean; it’s easy to see how the melodies of the island have inspired the reggaeton, dembow feel of the piece. This dancehall track is fun, bright, melodic, and uplifting with a great Latino and dance rhythm featuring the pulsating and infectious sounds of the snares, the sensational percussive elements, the sub-bass, the resounding 808’s, the hit samples, shakers, the guitar loops, kicks and snares, the sweeps and the extra rhythmic edge color and depth added by the tambourine loop and the intriguing sweeps.

Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie" 

Accompanying these extravagant melodies is his vocal drops that have been heightened with the reverb effect and the cleverly integrated delay. This is a proper cultural sound and DV Beats and ABeck really did some magic on it. The catchy lyrics veering on some melancholic gear gets consumed by the bright and bubbly rhythmicity.

“The 1” is now available on all major streaming platforms – follow the attached link to stream it, like, save as a favorite and share with your inner circle who get thrilled by dancehall tunes like these!

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Unbreakable and Unfazed; Recording Artist Aaron Night Seeks to Inspire Through His Groundbreaking Release “Through It All”



Aaron Night Through it all

Ever since he was young, Aaron Night knew that his passion lay in music and performed to anyone in his family who cared to listen including his not so impressed younger brothers but his mom always noticed and decided to nurture his talent by supporting and guiding him, including playing the guitar beside him during those family gatherings as Aaron sang his heart and soul out with voracious passion and showcased genuine love for music which seemed to flow through him like some electric current. Fast forward to the now recording artist going professionally by the name “Aaron Night” who decided to get into music full time by first taking time to learn from the best and gain some experience.

Aaron Night finds himself shattering the noise with his most recent string of releases. Debuting in 2021, “Flares”, penned by famed songwriter Ryan Tedder, quickly climbed Music Week’s UK Pop Charts Top #10 in no time while simultaneously hitting #11 in Germany’s Dance Charts. Topping out big names like Zara Larsson and Jason Derulo, Aaron has begun carving out his mark in the international market.

From this release “Through it all” you’ll get to experience an artist with limitless potential and you wouldn’t be able to differentiate this track from what you have been listening to on the radio. It is equally as magnificent and absorbing if not more! This song was inspired by a genuine narrative about his own experiences throughout the pandemic and how he eventually overcome his anxieties and energy-sucking monsters! This is a story of conquering our darkest fears and never looking back!

Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie" Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie"

“Through it All” has a colorful melody with elegantly textured instruments starting with the acoustic guitar riffs that engage in a call and response motif with his mellifluous male vocals touching on every chord of the human heart. The gist of this track is found where the exuberant and rock-like percussion culminates a jamboree feel but also delivering a gloriously anthemic chorus that is catchy, melodious, and easily memorable.

Many of the modern arrangement and production techniques associated with the alternative pop and rock genre are here and are handled exceptionally well, from the energy building rises to the well-layered guitars bass sounds and the melodiously filtered rhythm to the heartwarming vocals that drive the track qualifying it as a radio-ready and radio-friendly tune that will undoubtedly appeal to the modern audiences.

He has started on a high note and things can only get better from here – “Through it all” is that track we did not know we needed and yet we do especially during these times where all sorts of atrocities are ganging up to try and weigh us down. Without further ado, let’s put our hands together for Aaron Night!

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Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie" Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie" Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie" Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie"

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