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Interview: Stephanie Jeannot Share Insights About Her Musical Journey

Stephanie Jeannot joins us again to discuss her new single ‘Haitian’, her inspirations, and what we can expect from her in the future! Make sure to check out our interview below:

Welcome – Thanks for sharing your music with us! How has 2020 been for you?

2020 is an experience. It started off with me thinking that it was going to be one of the greatest years because of how it came in. But once the truth settled in about how the rest of 2020 was going to be, my entire view of it changed.

I lost many people to this awful disease including my drummer, Richie Johnson, who I adored. That was my boy and he is so missed. I also lost a friend, Linda Bekham who was an amazing promoter for jazz events who helped me to put on a really nice live jazz birthday event last year.  Both of the aforementioned died days apart and the more the days progressed towards the end of March, the more people I was losing.

I decided to use my emotions productively when my Instagram friend, John Mueller from Chicago, IL and I started doing Zoom songwriting sessions which lead to the idea of putting together a musical project and giving ourselves a deadline to finish it.

Every night after that, I wrote a song or two with piano, drums, lyrics, lead and background vocals. I would send them to John as a rough draft and ask him to add him bass lines.  There were a few songs where he also created the musical melody and I added piano, lyrics and vocals.  Between the end of April and May, I composed over 25 songs of which, 13 is featured on the album we released on October 10, 2020 entitled, “The Stephanie Jeannot & The John Mueller Project”

Congratulations on your new album “The Stephanie Jeannot & John Mueller Project,” Which song was your favorite to put together?

Thank you so much. I feel like with nine months, the project was like giving birth. We conceived and gave birth to what we had been doing the entire year. I have a lot of favorites on this album for a few reasons.

One of my favorites on the album is “Intoxicated By Your Love” because I was coming from church one Sunday afternoon during the quarantine and while I was driving, the song lyrics started to come to me so much that I had to tell Serie to open up my Voice Memo so I could record my thoughts. “Intoxicated By Your Love” is some of the ideas I would put down in reimagining Aretha Franklin’s tune “Respect.” I also love it because was able to not only play all the piano parts but also come up with a really cool piano solo and also chart the notes I was playing. I also love it because John Mueller was right there with me, riding tight to the waves of sound that was present in the tune. We make a good team and I love that. I originally wanted to name it 95 Proof thinking back to a time when I was a lush and drank 95% alcohol with my friends at the dorms and we all got sick off that 190-proof bottle of Grain alcohol. I have been sober for 7 years now but the experience of having been someone who used to love to indulge so much that I had a trophy case of empty bottles, gave me the words to be able to write this song and created the vibe that it needed.

Another of my favorites is “Haitian” because I am able to more express myself in Haitian Kreyol which I have been trying to do forever. I laugh because I used a translation book to create the hook which is 95% in Kreyol. But to get the point across of what I was trying to do which to meld my Americanism with my Haitian, and I did it; both musically and lyrically.

I love the song “Brooklyn” because it was my first time being able to be free with my poetry and actually spit it out without stumbling. I started writing poetry before I started writing songs. This song was kind of cool because John writes this funky bass line, drum groove and guitar riff and sent it my way. At first, it was going to be a song entitled “I write in Brooklyn.” But when I heard John’s bassline, I realized that it was meant to be an anthem of some sort and changed the entire lyrical content already drafted to … “Ain’t no other place like, ‘Brooklyn,’” and that in itself brought the beauty and culture of the unique borough of Brooklyn to life.  But what give is even more of that lovability is Bruffdacrowdpleaser adding his wit and character to it. This is the first song that I ever wrote a piano solo for.

I love “You are the One” because it is the first jazz song I ever wrote and I love “Rise Up” because though it has political context in its lyrics, it is the first ballad that I have ever written and I love “Moving Forward” because it was a song written to celebrate my nephew and my students graduating and running towards the next chapters of their lives.

How would you describe your music to a first-time listener?

My music is something to take your time to listen to because there is a story in every song that every person could relate to. The first two tracks are relative to people who work a 9-5 for a living. There are a few songs that amplify the idea of agape love, equality in justice and unity for the world. I wrote my first jazz piece and ballad ever. My music is familiar yet different. There is a song on there for everybody.

What is your creative process when creating new music?

My writing process varies. Sometimes I am sitting somewhere, and a song comes to me that demands me to write it. Other times, I am practicing my piano playing and I play a series of chords that inspires a song, which forces me to open my Sonar Cakewalk DAW to start layering my ideas down.

With this particular album, John and I came up with a few prompted titles for future songs to be written and many of the songs were written around the title idea. I was doing a lot of reading at that time and if I saw an interesting phrase that fit the topic, I wrote it down for future use. I was also entering a few 2000 words or more prompted short story writing contests, which helped me a lot with the art of telling stories in musical format.

Once I come up with an idea, I write the song until the entire draft is completed which includes music, lyrics, lead and background vocals. I was up until about 3AM every night from the end of April through mid-May, just writing and coming up with song ideas.

“Haitian” is beautiful! Tells us what you love about your culture.

Thank you. I love the language a lot. I think it is really nice and I love having something such as a foreign language that differentiates me from the bunch. I love Haitian music because it is jazzy and funky all at the same time and the dances that people do to it because the movements to the Kompas sounds are so graceful and beautiful. I love the food because there ain’t no cuisine like Haitian cuisine.

I have been to Haiti and so I appreciate the atmosphere and the people. The waterfalls, the mountains, the Greenland; all worth seeing.

What would you say has been the single most influential factor in your success?

My most influential factor in my life is not allowing anyone, anything or any circumstances to take away the joy I have for being a musician who writes songs and performs music. I realize at the end of the day that I could let life break me and make me not want to participate in the very thing that brings me joy, or I could just work with what I have, where I am and put forward what was in me meant to take flight.

Plus when you have people like your parents, good friends and John who was such a motivating factor in this entire songwriting/album writing experience, helped to push me to just give my all and not allow anything to stop me.

Thank you for speaking with us! Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for providing the platform for me to just share my story. I totally appreciate this experience.



Kory Kane Tailors His Latest Hip Hop EP ‘Bitter Rabbit’ With Hard Truths Molded In Effortless Swagger

Artists with a genuine love for music have no fear of making something new and different. As the lines of the genre fade away and the artist will go in any direction he sees fit. Kory Kane is a hip-hop artist who has grown into one of the most authentic rappers of today’s generation with a string of popular hits under his name over time. His energy knows no limits, and the artist is constantly unfolding his innovative layers to give the audience a sharp insight into his catchy hip-hop style. His sound is a mixture of engaging rhythms, fast-paced tempo, energetic rhymes, and a terrific rap sound that hits the right chord to let the audience appreciate some raw hip-hop elements.

He found true inspiration from his life experiences, such as spending time in prison and his mother dying of cancer just to name a few. Irrespective of the challenges he faces, he knows he has a long path ahead of him, and he doesn’t let anything deter him from building his dream life and building his legacy from the ground up.

The entire project “Bitter Rabbit” is excellently structured and does not suffer its limited length, instead, it leaves space for repeat listens and more dives into Kory Kane’s complex lyricism, from the ambient opening of ‘IDC’ right through to the final track. The EP is an extremely encapsulating project, and it should be enough to place Kory Kane on anyone’s radar for 2021.

Each single in the 7-track EP includes its own recognizable but distinctive features, which, he says, appear to develop naturally during the songwriting process. He took some of his life’s experiences and produced them in these short seven masterpieces, packed with all the emotive feelings of love, pain, weakness, and accomplishment that he has acquired over the years.

The challenges he faced made him much stronger, making him very unstoppable.

The artist with his eclectic raping style meanders through the distinctly unique sound design of each track. The balance between his rhythmic flow and his lyrical flow hits hard with his vocal improvisations. As a well-seasoned rapper and music artist, he features melodic rap, expansive lyrics, and sometimes fast-paced bars.

While the whole EP is a regal body of work, ‘IDC‘, ‘Plugz No Power‘, and ‘Hittin’ Foe‘ are hands down my favorite track.

Hittin’ Foe‘ itself truly feels like a ligament ode to real hip-hop with a soulful and unforgettable vocal line that will eventually be lodged in your subconscious after a few listens.e The overall composition of the track involves hip-hop rhythms, vocalizing harmonies, synth, and of course, the main man himself effortlessly laying down verse after verse of lyrical poetry that flows seamlessly between melodic breaks.

In the track ”IDC‘,’ he deals with a new plague that is known to be false facts. It has caused profound calamity in our culture and in our lives. He sent a strong jolt down my spine with his outstanding and powerful execution of the delivery of the verse.

Plugz No Power‘ retains an unbelievable swagger and a subtle funk. It has a strong vocal style and a groovy rhythmic cadence that is ideally matched with its ethereal lyrical wordplay. With its unique approach to melodic handling, the rhythm reaches its majestic height, exuding pure bliss.

The most alluring aspect of his songs is that he doesn’t only concentrate on the trap beats or special effects, but rather pays more attention to lyricism and musical design. These two elements work together to give the viewer a long-lasting impression.

Kory Kane can write, pure and simple, something that’s hard to find in Hip-Hop’s overly-saturated scene.

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Sixsense Redefines Hip-Hop With Original Sound and Storytelling in ‘Shylock’

Sixsense, a burgeoning new UK-based rapper, is on his way to top the hip-hop charts with his engaging rap style and voice that reveals his enormous potential in the genre. His catchy style of storytelling captured the attention of many, making him a well-known figure in the industry.

Driven with enthusiasm and concentrated on telling the story of his life with creativity the North London rapper creates a mark that is every bit inspirational and clearly shows his talent in front of a wider audience.

When Sixsense was 14 years old, he began producing music in his bedroom, taking influence from the likes of J.Cole, Nas and contemporary artists like Loyle Carner, launched his first release “Fly” and has since been consistent with his passion and creativity.

Recently, the artist has curated yet another stunning single called “Shylock” which is truly one of its kind and impressively demonstrates the artist’s fresh and versatile style.

“Shylock” is full of immersive and penetrating lyrics with the artist displaying a unique style of rap. The melody coupled with its consistent smooth flow creates a powerful atmosphere that captivates the senses and gives insight into the superior craftsmanship of Sixsense.

This single is everything you need to hear to experience a true classic hip-hop composition, and Sixsense is sure to amaze you with a high-quality voice. By stylistically combining his talent with the current style of contemporary hip-hop, the rapper has put together a song that really suits the hip hop movement.

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Jazzie Taboo Gives a Breathtaking Glimpse of her Rap Skills With The Track “Last Night”


The perfect recipe for catchy, memorable, and diligent hip-hop sound depends on the choice of beats and, at other times, on the rap-flow of the rapper. Recently, I found the most incredible hip-hop track I’ve heard in a very long time, and the rapper wore me with her brilliant style and remarkable rap skills. Introducing Jazzie Taboo, a versatile rap artist who has one of the cleanest rap voices I’ve heard in recent times. With a lot of vitality, a lot of energy, and a real love for hip-hop in her heart, the Female rapper from Youngstown has beautifully composed her latest single “Last Night” which’s got the groove you need to uplift your mood.


She impresses with her vocal prowess in the single “Last Night” and her creative way of songwriting, but the way she conducts herself through the single has kept me hooked to the finish. The single has a dope groovy vibe but is emotionally engaging; as she talks about her past experiences in life, something that she wants to leave behind.

Starting with her confidence, and her untamed way of delivering, this is a song that you can hear several times without getting bored for once. Now based in Chicago, Jazzie Taboo is one of the finest upcoming female artists in the Midwest region who combines her old-school aesthetic rap with today’s trap music sound, making it very glamorous and contemporary.

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