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Interview: Hollis Jordan Shares Insights on His Musical Journey



African Hype  w/ Hollis Jordan


We are happy to have you today. How has this time of quarantine been for you? What have you been upto?

Hollis: First, thank you so much for having me today. I am extremely appreciative to be here talking with you today. I haven’t stopped working one bit lol. My team and I have taken this time to correct some things within my brand and get prepared for another prosperous year in 2021.


Can you share more with our readers about your latest release “Runaway”?

Hollis: Sure! My new single “Runaway” is available on all musical platforms now! “Runaway” was written and produced by myself along with “Chris Muzikk” and the lovely, amazingly gifted, “Zaire Danae”.  It’s a song about a past relationship I was in. I really liked this girl and she just couldn’t make her mind up if we were going to be together or not. So I wrote the song “Runaway” and made this sad story into a positive, uplifting, dance tune.


How did you first get started in music? Run us through your story.

Hollis: I come from a family full of amazing singers. My sister, Lawanna, was really the first one in our immediate family who started taking it seriously and making a career out of it. So I was inspired by her. Also my brother, “Mostaxx”, who is a fantastic music producer, he inspired me on the production side of things. My mom was an amazing singer as well and she taught me really everything I know about singing. My mom was very supportive from the beginning when she discovered that I could hold a note lol. She started putting me in different school programs. There was one particular program at my middle school, “Malcolm X Academy”, called “God’s Little Soldiers”. When I auditioned for the group I was super nervous because I hadn’t really come out publicly and sung before, but I made the group but I didn’t know what to expect from it, which changed my life forever. I was introduced to a thing called, “rehearsal” and I had never heard of that before lol.  We would rehearse every single day after school, 10-12 boys singing. We started singing at different churches and schools. Before I knew it we were traveling the country singing every weekend in a different city. We eventually started doing concerts with big gospel artists like Kirk Franklin, Kierra Sheard, etc. From there on to TV shows and attending award shows and eventually winning awards ourselves. I worked with those guys for about 5 years until they decided they no longer wanted me part of the group for various reasons. Although we were singing gospel music, there were still some questionable characters behind the scenes and there was always some drama. I stopped working with them around 2011 and began my solo thing as an R&B artist. For years I struggled with trying to understand how the business worked and how I could make a name for myself. In 2020, I guess you can say I figured it out, and here I am talking with you today lol.

Interview: Hollis Jordan Shares Insights on His Musical Journey

What music played in your home growing up? Does it influence the music you create now?

Hollis: My mom played a lot of different types of music from Motown greats like Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, The Clark Sisters and many more. These were the first artists whose music I was exposed to, so they definitely have a huge influence on the music I create.


Biggest lesson learned in your career so far?

Hollis: Work hard, be patient, be humble.


Tell us what inspires your music?

Hollis: People


What are your musical plans for the next 12 months or so?

Hollis: Continue to drop good music, more social media content, more music videos, and hopefully a tour.


Favorite guilty pleasure?

Hollis: I honestly don’t have any lol.


Thank you for speaking with us! For our final question, is there anything else you would like to add?

Hollis: Once again, thank you for having me today, I am honored. And to everyone watching, follow me on all social media @hollisjordan. Also, my single “Runaway” is available on all music platforms. Keep streaming, love.


Hollis Jordan Runaway Interview  Hollis Jordan Runaway Interview Interview: Hollis Jordan Shares Insights on His Musical Journey


The incredibly gifted artist and performer GSimone returns with an empowering performance dubbed “S.I.S”



In this ever-evolving musical landscape, Simone G. Parker, known professionally as GSimone, emerges as an artistic giant, showcasing artistic integrity with her refreshing sound inspired by real life. Her magical spell fuses hip-hop, R&B, and soul, casting a wide-reaching influence that only her broad lyrical spectrum can match. She is an artist in the truest sense of the word, has had notable achievements throughout her career, and continues to do so as she aspires to leave a lasting legacy, one masterpiece at a time. What you are looking at is a legend in the making, a progressive artist and entertainer who holds the music world in the palm of her hands.

Last year was a successful one for her. It was the year she released her album “Such A Feelin” that went on to earn her global acclaim from fans and critics. This project dominated the airwaves and amassed significant streaming numbers from her ever-expanding fanbase.

She returns with an empowering, inspiring, and uplifting performance themed “S.I.S” – a bold delivery that was inspired by women and sisterhood. This tune features powerful affirmations and captures the importance of women supporting each other.

Raw and honest, GSimone powerfully captures the immense strength and potential women possess, and just how unstoppable they can be when they harness that power. Her delivery echoes the need to love and support one another as opposed to tearing each other down. The outdated notion that women are their own worst enemies is something she aims to dispel with “S.I.S,” promoting solidarity instead.

She comes off poetic with a spoken word delivery that highlights her versatility as a performer. The production is smooth and gentle, providing the perfect backdrop for her lyrical prowess and allowing for the emphasis to be on the raw, meaningful words and GSimone’s emotive delivery.

The accompanying lyric video allowed the words to resonate with depth and meaning, making it an ideal complement to this masterpiece.

To experience this empowering track, follow the attached link, subscribe to GSimone’s official YouTube channel, and share it with friends and family to celebrate women’s power together.


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Gospel music artist Called 2 Repentance delivers “The Good News” of Christ with a captivating and memorable performance.



Gospel music artist Called 2 Repentance delivers “The Good News” of Christ with a captivating and memorable performance.

Christ’s own disciple who has accepted the call to be used as a vessel for the Lord’s work, Called 2 Repentance, is a Christian artist, singer, songwriter, and rapper from Florida. His songs emanate from a heart of worship as he continues to grow in experience and fan appeal. He aims to use his music to foster positive change, heal, uplift, and inspire God’s people, and win more hearts for Christ. Using his voice, songwriting, and music production to spread the message of Christ, Called 2 Repentance is an artist to watch. He presents the true gospel in a way that resonates with listeners of all ages.

Believing that everyone faces conflicts, both external and internal, as much as the good and the evil in this world, his latest single, “The Good News,” was the perfect way to relay God’s message of reconciliation.

The spiritual war between good and evil is what inspired this song. Here, the proclamation is that the Lord’s goodness always prevails over evil. No matter how much trouble comes, if you’ve built your life on the Rock of Jesus Christ, you cannot be shaken.

The production is lively, featuring a futuristic hip-hop beat that provides a captivating backdrop for Called 2 Repentance’s singing and rapping. The lyrics pertain to breaking chains and freeing yourself from your own prison, with an unforgettable chorus that underscores the song’s message: in Christ, we are indeed born again and all our sins forgiven. He leads and protects us from all evil.

With its meaningful message and stunning production, “The Good News” is an ideal tune for your playlist and one to constantly remind you of Christ’s graciousness.

To add this fulfilling song to your playlist, check out the link below. Since sharing is caring, please consider recommending it to others as well.



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When the Streets Called, Hip-Hop Whiz Daraja Hakizimana, Known as $TYLJA, Answered With a Game-Changing Masterpiece, “MVP (Mix 1)”



When the Streets Called, Hip-Hop Whiz Daraja Hakizimana, Known as $TYLJA, Answered With a Game-Changing Masterpiece, “MVP (Mix 1)”

Painting the intricacies of his own musical canvas with multiple colors is the producer, rapper, songwriter, and singer Daraja Hakizimana aka $TYLJA from Houston, Texas, and a proud member and contributor of “My Block Recordz,” a Houston-based indie label known for transforming the dreams of so many upcoming art creatives into reality. As a producer, Daraja has a knack for creating infectious beats and haunting melodies that tell deep and relatable stories. He released the 12-track album “MVP (Mix 1),” which received critical acclaim, with many applauding his production skills and competency to tell stories with mere beats.

“Shut That Trap” brings life to the beat with its ethereal vocal layers, sirens, and other distinct additions to elevate its appeal to stunning heights. The production fits the right merit for those introspective listening experiences, seeing that it has not been overdone and is still expressive in its own captivating ways. A fine balance has been achieved here between atmospheric appeal and laid-back melodicism.

With “Back To Work,” the stripped back foundation serves as an earworm for anyone listening and serves as an exceptional accompaniment for morning drives to work. The beat feels special and soothes the soul as well as warming the heart.

The song “Practice” gains depth and intensity from the famous quote by Allen Iverson, “I mean, listen, we’re talking about practice, not a game, not a game, not a game, we talking about practice. Not a game” sampled over the exquisite production.

Featuring eye-catching NBA clips, the music video for “Majic” elevates the jam to epic heights as you enjoy the music and get fascinated by the killer moves and dunks being unleashed by the players. This is a music clip that captivates and holds your attention.

Throughout this album, $TYLJA continues to showcase such production excellence with some otherworldly music in “We Outside,” “After The Game,” “Gang Gang,” and “She Needs To Go.”

The collection stands as a work of art, akin to a musical hall of fame (if it exists!)

After the long day you’ve just had, you deserve to listen to some good music, and $TYLJA offers just that with “MVP (Mix 1)”

The streets were calling and this is how Daraja Hakizimana answered the call—think of him as a musical Batman.

Check out the link below, make sure you subscribe to Daraja Hakizimana’s YouTube channel, listen to the album, and let us know how you feel about the music.



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