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Heistheartist – Boom

Heistheartist,  an American Christian singer-songwriter from Central Islip is now spreading some much-needed love with his new single, “Boom”.

“Boom” is actually based on a dream that Heistheartist had one night In which he had relations with an angel. It’s a song that mixes sensuality with religion blended together smoothly with Heistheartist’s warm tone.

“Boom (Love Version) is the non-religious version of the song. This version was made so anybody can relate to the message of the song regardless of their religious background.

Heistheartist – Boom (Love Version)

We hope you Liked Heistheartist’s Latest Song!!


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Positive Energy – Freak


Positive Energy is a passionate, energetic, soulful entertainer who takes listeners on a journey through a music world where freedom and happiness emerge from sorrow and injustice.

Having moved to Holland from Liberia about a decade ago, the Rap artist has been putting in the hard work and has succeeded in establishing himself as a household name in the music industry. Inspired by 50 cent’s debut album (get rich or die trying), he decided to follow his heart in achieving his childhood dream.



With a genre of music that reflects his roots, Afro-pop music has gained more momentum and love, especially because of its danceable tune which has taking clubs and dancehalls over.

Positive Energy has some hit songs like ‘snelle money’, ‘you and me’, ‘all eyes on me’, and his latest work called ‘freak’.






Positive Energy – Freak

Catch up with Positive Energy on:

Positive Energy Freak

Positive Energy Freak

We hope you Positive Energy’s Latest Song!!


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Review of the Lyrics Website – Afrika Lyrics

                                            Website Review


CATEGORY: African music lyrics      Afrika Lyrics - Music Lyrics & Translation - Apps on Google Play


Afrika lyrics is a website founded and designed for the purpose of providing music lyrics from the sub-Saharan African countries mainly Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, DRC, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Senegal, Mali, Benin, Rwanda, Burundi among others.



The website is well designed with an amazing interface and simple menu buttons which make it easy to understand and make the users enjoy their time while navigating through it. There is an option of top lyrics where trending and most popular song lyrics are found. One is able to search for the content he or she likes using artist name, country, language, genre, and albums a feature that is very unique from other sites. They also have a Gospel category with many gospel songs across the African continent.

There is a search option where the user can type and search his or her favorite artist/song/albums and the search results are provided within seconds. The font size of the website is big enough to be read and colors are well blended and appealing to the user making it very beautiful. The artist images are fabulous and well designed with the correct lighting making then look good.

The languages include Swahili from East African countries such as Kenyan, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, and some parts of DRC. Other languages include Twi from Ghana, Yoruba from Nigeria, Igbo from Nigeria, Lingala, Pidgin Kinyaranda, Wolof, Doualana, and many others. If you don’t know nor understand any of these languages, Afrika lyrics had got your back. Many of the song lyrics are translated from local languages to English and French making them understandable to many people across the world who don’t speak African language and therefore making our African music known well and understood across all parts of the world.

Lyrics are easy to find because they are sorted by genre, country, language, artist names and other categories. Afrika lyrics has a cool feature which enables one to read the lyrics while playing the song and provides albums too. That sounds amazing, right? There is an artist biography provided to the users to enable them to know more about their favorite artists and a link to popular artist’s bio is provided. A good example is Diamond Platinumz from Tanzania.


What do I like about the site?

  • Beautiful interface that is appealing to the user and a user-friendly one which is simple to navigate
  • Providing of artist bio thus allowing the user to know his or her favorite artist well
  • Afrika lyrics provide a platform to our local artists thus growing their market and helping them sell themselves to the world which promotes local talent.
  • Good search results that are accurate and timely.
  • The organization of music according to the genre, language and country make it easy to find your song easily.
  • Playing music while reading the lyrics which are translated to the language i understand is awesome to me. It helps reduce the burden of using other third-party applications and saves time.

What can be improved?

  • The blank section on the homepage could make visitors jump to another site since one would think that the website has an error. I’d suggest that they put interesting that users would engage with once they land on the site.

Afrika Lyrics

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Jaeden Zoe “Wonderland” Ep

Jaeden Zoe - "Wonderland" | MUSIC TRAILSJaeden Zoe is a talented singer/rap artist from Brooklyn, New York. She is among the hottest in the game and highly considered as an artist to watch in 2020 due to the passion and care placed into her music.

Jaeden releases her newly-most anticipated Ep “Wonderland” which is now available in all digital platforms:  Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and google play music.





Listen to her music on:



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