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Green Light – Onana

Onana is a Nigerian born artist. Living in Europe he finally changed his style of music from house to Afro music.

Positive Energy Freak

We hope you Onana’s Latest Song!!

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Joe Hodgson Music – The one that got away

The highly talented Northern Irish rock guitarist Joe Hudson has his debut album titled Apparitions on the way which is anticipated by many. To quench the thirst of his loving fans Joe Hodgson has released a rock instrumental which is said to be featured in the album.

Having lost her mother and breaking up with her long term girlfriend, he became devastated and only playing the guitar could heal his terrifying wounds. Everyone falls in love at some point and you all understand how it feels losing that person you love and also your mother being ill and eventually passing away. I bet no one wants that.

“The One That Got Away”  which is set to be released on August 28 is heavily inspired by his breakup is a stripping back, fire, and moving instrumental that just takes you to another world and makes you forget the troubles you are going through.

The track is just awesome for anyone who enjoys listening to music with its addictive combination of mysterious harmonies and aching leads which display his skillful capabilities to tell stories with his guitar.

His debut album Apparition which is set to be released on November 20th  was recorded in 2017 when he was experiencing a difficult time. The One That Got Away is a fire introduction to more captivating melodies you don’t want to miss. What an amazing way to express yourself through music indeed.

Joe Hodgson Music – The one that got away(Teaser)


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Padre toxico

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Miss Chay Bella – Wap

Singer/songwriter and rapper Miss Chay Bella remains a confident stand-out artist to watch out for this year with the release of her newest remix “Wap.”  Wap was a hit originally done by Cardi B featuring one of the upcoming talents in hip-hop  Mega Thee Stallion

Three days after WAP has released a remix was made by Miss Chay Bella and I have to admit it is an amazing job. Actually the song is now available on YouTube through this link here


Doing a remix of a fire song is not easy bearing in mind that you have to match almost the same energy and hype.  Although it’s hard to come up with a remix of a fire hip-hop song, i have to admit Miss Chay just killed it. Usually, when you hear a remix of a hit song you don’t want to get a humdrum remix. This remix just matches the same energy. The flow is just cool and the lyrics are out of this world. Her voice is just amazing and you just want to hear it more and more.

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Padre Toxico creates his own musical path with ‘Summer in LA’


With a love of electronic music and hip-hop, Padre Toxico displays his enthusiasm for original music, and the listener can look forward to more! Read our music release interview and more information on the Artist!


Hi Nice Padre Toxico. Thanks for speaking with us! How’s everything going?

Hey. It is going better and better thank you for asking.


How is this song different from previous releases?

It is my first collabo track and the first song with vocals. Wonderful vocals if you ask me.


How would you describe your sound to someone who just listened to your music for the first time?

Electronic sounds infused with some hip-hop flavors.


What’s the first thing you do when you begin creating a new song?

Finding some free time 😊 as unfortunately I have a very little amount of time for my passions.


Is there any song on the album that has an interesting origin story as to how it came together?

To be honest all things which led to completing these albums are unreal. So far it was the best adventure in my life, I met so many wonderful and supportive people it is just unbelievable.


Who or what inspires you the most?

My son and seeing him growing up. He is my best achievement in life so far. I’m really proud of that little fella.


What band or artist has influenced your music the most?

Everyone I’ve listened to had some kind of influence on my music. The first influence was Snoop Dogg and his “What’s my name” which I’ve heard in primary school. Then Dr.Dre, 2Pac, Nas, Wu-Tang, Outkast, ATCQ, Kendrick Lamar, Kiasmos, Synkro, Stimming, Jon Hopkins, Four Tet and many many more. There are really a lot of people who had an influence on my tracks,


At what age did you making and producing music?

I have started in November 2019 so not so long ago.


If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

I don’t want to drop any names. I would love to make a track featuring rapper with a good flow. Nothing more.


What can fans expect from you this year? 

My next step will be releasing my 3rd LP on 24.08.2020, I am just finishing the final touches on it. Hopefully, it won’t be my last word this year 😊


Put on your headphones, kick back and enjoy.


Here are my social links:

Padre toxico


If you like my music – DM on Instagram, Twitter, or Soundcloud. It would be a pleasure to talk to you!

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