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Eva No Presents A New Single ‘History of Now’

Sweden based singer and songwriter Eva Nordell is one of the exciting new names coming out of the Swedish scene. With the singer having released her debut EP ‘History of Now’ this year, Eva Nordell continues to entrench her name into the country-pop scene.

“History of Now” is hands up my favorite song on the project, although the entire EP is a regal body of work and proof that she puts his heart and soul into the craft. This up-beat track embodies her influence from country music. The composition nostalgically describes how we can learn from the past and thereby create a better future, both for ourselves and in relationships with others.

Driven by an ear-worm of a chorus and a compelling arrangement, “Wake Up” can get you accustomed to the replay button. The song is quite profound lyrically with vocals that are gritty yet smoothly effortless, the song deserves your immediate listen. It has a great video that corresponds to the powerful track.

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Eva No History of Now Eva No History of Now



Boxx-A-Million Has Etched Out Plenty of Energy in His Latest Album “Winning Season”

Backed by an incredible melody line and an energetic rhythm, the artist Boxx-A-Million has come to the stage with his new soundtrack, which is an amazing representation of his style. With an unwavering personality, the rapper has unveiled his catchy vocals, flowing in a luscious way to hook the attention. It is very unusual to encounter such artists who, with their abundance of effects and unique detailing, have made a remarkable influence on the minds of all. With more than 20 years in the league, Boxx-A-Million has always had a knack to make original sounds that were finely projected in his new album “Winning Season”

Although the entire EP is a real body of work, “Energy off” is our favorite track. “Energy off” portrays his diverse rap style of the artist, guarded by reflective verses and a smooth hook that pumps up the mood almost instantly. The song flows with an enchanting melody and effortlessly incorporates his vocal tone and lyrical consciousness. With utter clarity and mellow energy, the artist has been increasingly impressed with his flow.

Being an absolute legend in the hip-hop scene, Boxx-A-Million composes music with a positive message and is powered with sheer enthusiasm and fine craftsmanship to burst out with such incredible soundscapes. The charisma with which the rapper performed his new album “Winning Season” reveals his ample ability to the world of music, guaranteeing his long stay in the hip hop movement. The musical arrangement combined with the excellent songwriting showcases his far higher-than-average style and hip-hop taste.

Meet Gifted Hip Hop Artist Boxx-A-Million

Well, it’s definitely worth a lot of listening as the audience gets profoundly attached to every step. c This project vibes with the crowd with its infectious lyricism and energetic grooves and is now available on Spotify.

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Rapper Patchy Pacino and Gon Gotti Both Give a Breathtaking Glimpse of Their Rap Skills With New Single “Change Up”

Patchy Pacino is a multi-talented Canadian native who is always stirring up all the good feedback for his spectacular creative works. The rapper, singer, and songwriter has many attributes that make him a worthy catch in the music industry. By taking influences from hip-hop and R&B, the artist produces music that embraces his expressive new line of melody. His approach and addictive melodies, driven by his vocal clarity, bring a dreamlike effect to his creations and give the listener a soothing listening experience.

On his new song, “Change Up” he joined forces with Gon Gotti to create a creative and remarkable single with a smooth flow of entertaining rhythm that was accomplished by steady rhythmical progression and brilliant chord structure. This is the kind of flow that serves as an important caliber for the creatives of this genre. Fast and hyped-up production calls for a lyrical flow like Patchy Pacino’s to stay in line with his rhythm.

Working with the HDLS power label, Patchy Pacino created quite a sensation with his previous releases. His new release “Change Up” surpasses expectations in terms of both success and rhythm. The storyline of the song boosted my mood, creating real reactions in me, a track that included all the necessary sonic elements needed to produce a mass hit. Yes, we all love music with no sense to bop our head to sometimes, but when an artist shares his true feelings about the subject in a song, there’s a passion there that can’t be falsified.

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Melahnin Has Shown His Immaculate Prowess as a Music Producer With the Brilliant Pop Single “Tied To You”

Melahnin Tied to you

From composing to mixing, music composers work extremely hard, being the cornerstone of any thematic production. Motivated by his love for producing captivating music from different genres, burgeoning UK music producer, popularly known by his stage name, Melahnin experiments with hand-picked melodic elements from diverse genres to form a symphony of absolute perfection. Starting his musical journey at a very young age, the skilled musician has come up with some of the most unique and unparalleled harmonic progression and chord structures ever since digging an old dusty turntable out of his mom’s attic.

Working towards the goal of satisfying the audience, Melahnin joined forces with Kali Mia, A.D.A.M to create a sensual yet powerful single, “Tied To You” The song is the epitome of true versatility featuring rhythmic elements from different genres. The lyrical narrative of the song is about love and heartbreak, presented through powerful metaphors and verbal imagery. Presented through Kali Mia’s sassy vocals, A.D.A.M’s powerful vocals, and Melahnin’s hypnotic resonance, the lyrics form a connection with the audience. The spectacular melodic backdrop has earned the song a great deal of popularity in a short time.

Driven by their mutual passion and enthusiasm for the art of music-making, talented artists have created an experience of pure musical excellence, utilizing their individual thematic talents. This record paves the way for more collaboration between this artists in the coming days.

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Melahnin Tied to you


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