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Cold Engines Unveils Their New Single “The Darkest Part”

Cold Engines is a group has devoted five years to rework their sound, consisting of David Drouin, Aaron Zaroulis, Eric Reingold and Geoff Pilkington, to capturing the urgency and catchiness of pop music in the golden age.

Their songs are very profoundly lyrical, so it’s no wonder that Cold Engines has received awards such as Rock Band Of The Year” at the New England Music Awards and subsequent nominations for “Song Of The Year” and “New Act Of The Year.


“The Darkest Part” has the spirit of a Ray Charles tuned to the sweet blues of a Fats Domino when they’re all filled with country singing. This song could only have been performed in the USA. This song could have only been made in America.

The crisp, bluesy acoustic guitar playing, snaring drum beats, and a hint of piano hums of the harmonica masterfully showcase the chemistry and musicianship the band members hold have.  The instrumentation is topped up with the lead singers’ impressive vocal range and impassioned songwriting, his lyrics offer a full and immersive experience. Drawing deeper’s into his emotions, the singer manages to deliver a melancholic piece. The acoustic guitar plucks combine with the singer’s vulnerable vocals to give the song a raw, dark feel.

“The Darkest Part”, is a compelling singalong. It’s a love song that will surely keep you engrossed.

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Brady Lund Stands Out with His Brilliant Emotive Soundscapes In His Latest Single “Echo”

Brady Lund is a rising artist and just at 17 years is taken all affirming steps towards cementing his name in the industry.  His songs reflect his life experiences and have written the lyrics, keeping in mind the relatable taste of the audience. The artist has a few honorable exceptions that make him quite successful in anointing him as the next big thing in R&B and soul music. With his stellar performances and magical vocal strength, the artist makes his artistry clear and resonant to all. All too often, these types of records are widely celebrated in the genre, and the musician uses his creative visionary to shine a bright light on his prominent musicianship.

What makes it distinctive in the lot is its on-beat blend of hypnotic rhythms that allows its natural strength to stand out most prominently. Featuring his best melodic hook, the singer has dropped his most recent single “Echo” in which he explains the different feelings that the artist has experienced. The song features a compact weave of emotive melodies blending smoothly with the artist’s blissful and sultry vocal performance.

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Get the Stellar Dose of EDM Music With Mingkoo’s Latest Track “Forced One”


Rarely before, no artist has created a sound that immediately transmits it to another dimension with its extraterrestrial melodies that serve as the ideal cure to a chaotic world. Mingkoo is a South Korean-based up-and-coming artist of EDM, who entered the music industry in 2020 to surprise everyone with his outstanding music-making abilities. The artist ensures that his audience can voluntarily submit to his works so that he can direct them to an unknown land, full of mystical melodies and lots of hooks. It is always worth hearing the music of those artists who derive their inspiration from various styles and unusual themes to add a special touch to the genre.

After making its debut project “Siren” in 2020, the producer is out with its new EDM single titled “Forced One” It’s influenced by the compellingly engaging sounds that demonstrate the passion he has for his craft. The kind of variety and creativity the composer has done with the melodies speaks a lot of his musical abundance.


Driven by the underlying fascinating melody line, the track “Forced One” evokes all sorts of emotional and nostalgic emotions in the listener, but the artist doesn’t allow them to sink in, but rather quickly raises their mood with progressive, strong rhythms. Overall, it’s a concoction of some of the most fascinating harmonies, woven under one cover with the utmost perfection.

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8 Questions With Dj Acoff


What has your musical journey been like? Run us through your story.

I was born and raised in Bessemer, Alabama which is a small country town outside of Birmingham, Alabama. In Bessemer the church plays a prominent role in pretty much everyone’s life. Therefore my musical journey began at a very young age because I was in the Choir along with that my granddad who is also involved in music heavily taught me how to play the guitar. However it wasn’t until I was in college I began taking it serious, I was attending Alabama State University It was during this time that my family was facing hard times which caused me to move closer to home and further my education at Stillman University. While at Stillman University, I received a refund check of $4,000 from Alabama State University on accident and knew I would have to pay it back but I viewed it as an opportunity to change my situation. I gave half the money to my mother and used the other half to invest in DJ equipment because I was already thinking about Djing and I knew it would be an easy way to make some money. I began Djing at clubs and throwing my own parties and was becoming so successful, I decided to move to  Atlanta, Georgia around 2015 because it is the music capital in the United States. While in Atlanta I was attending Clark Atlanta University but eventually decided to drop out because I was becoming so busy with music and did not have time to focus on my studies. I began dropping mixtapes and my first two series were called Brick Homies & The Come Up. I went on to host TTO Kt’s debut mixtape “All I Know” and TC Gambino’s mixtape “Heart”.  Around 2017 I took a step back from Djing and focused more on managing and developing artist through my label “Riche Posse”. However in 2020 I decided to relaunch my career as a DJ and began working with Kshiday of 1017 & Atlantic Records and atlantic records A&R Mario Cummings. In 2020 I also released my debut album “Hometown Heroes” which features Famous Kid Brick, Rayy Dubb, Landlord Lo, TLE Cinco, TSL Fetti, Big Petty, GMF Fatboy, ABC Young’N, Babie Ash, Lil Yos and Zayhendo. I am currently working on an upcoming mixtape series as well and will be releasing my second album soon.

Tell us about your business

My business is called Riche Posse which is an independent record label. We work with and manage artist such as Landlord LO, TSL Fetti, KShiday, RawDawg, ChinoNetProfit, TC Gambino and others and with the Producers Twin Beatz.

You made some significant progress in 2020. How did the Global pandemic affect your career?

The pandemic slowed down certain things because we were unable to go on tour or do shows but it allowed me to take a step back and focus on my music which lead to me releasing my first album “Hometown Heroes” I also was able to network with more people inside of the industry because everyone had to find new and creative ways to move.

How do you decide who goes on what song with who?

Usually I decide who goes on what song with who as soon as I hear a beat, but also will decide in studio sessions based on the vibe. I really enjoy booking studio sessions and inviting multiple different artists to create music because it is a more hands on approach. This also usually leads to the best music in my opinion.

But how do you figure out who would be good collaborating with who?

I have a great ear for music so I usually just know who sounds good with who but other times I will see by just trying the artist out together and seeing if they can catch a vibe in the studio together.

You have relationships with a lot of stars and some of the most powerful people in music. Do you have any keys to maintaining and nurturing big relationships?

The keys to nurturing big relationships is to just be yourself. There is no sense in acting like someone you are not, if you are true to yourself people will usually gravitate towards you. Knowing when to talk and when to listen is also important especially when you are around other stars. The key to maintaining these relationships is simple remain loyal and be honest.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

A few things most people do not know about me is I have 21 siblings, I play the guitar and am a fan of Game of Thrones

You do a million different things. Is there a skill you don’t have that you wish you had?

A skill I wish I had is I wish I understood how to audio engineer and make beats using softwares, however I think I will eventually take the time to learn these skills and believe I will be very good at them

For our final question, is there anything else you would like to add?

I guess the only thing left I have to add is to tell folks, if you have a dream chase it. It won’t always be easy and there will be many trials and tribulations, however if you keep pushing and never give up you can achieve anything you put your mind to. The road to success is a long and hard road but the final destination is a beautiful one. Also check out my album “HomeTown Heroes” it is out on all streaming platforms along with my newest music video “Might Be” featuring Famous Kid Brick on Youtube.

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