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Life Lessons and Inspirational Quotes from Bob Collymore That Will Change your Life

Born 13th January 1958 in a country known as Guyana, South America. Bob Collymore was officially named Robert William Collymore and was raised by his grandparents. However, at age 16, he moved to the United Kingdom to live with his mother.


From an early age, Bob Collymore started working to earn money and although he did not attend university, he raised from being an office boy to becoming a CEO of the most dominant telecommunication company in Kenya in 2010.

From the arising humble young man to the most influential person in the telecommunication sector, here are the top 10 most amazing lessons and quotes we can learn from Bob Collymore.


10. Think Beyond Your Education Level

Talking to all youths, Bob Collymore emphasized on thinking beyond our level of education. Having not joined university but raising to be a CEO of Safaricom Company in Kenya, he believed in being resilient.

He encouraged the youths to continue learning through the internet and also to read a lot of books. Being a go-getter, he was once quoted saying, “If you have the right vision, and take the right steps, then success is inevitable,”


9. Always Value Women’s Opinions and Their Economical Contribution

Quoted saying in one of the local interviews“The person that you see here today was made more by the influence of the women in my life than the men in my life.” Bob talked openly about how his grandmother played a crucial role in his young life and how his mother pushed him to be a better man.

He admitted to having called Ms. Nonkululeko Merina Cheryl Nyembezi-Heita from South Africa after being appointed the Safaricom CEO. In his interview, he said he had called her to ask some advice on how to run the company.

Apart from making Safaricom score highly in promoting women at the workforce, the company was also the first in Kenya to introduce a child care program for working mothers. This program gives nursing mothers the chance to bring their children to work. The kids are taken care in a daycare room situated in the Safaricom offices thus enabling the mothers to takes breaks to feed them.



8. It Is Good To Be Adaptable

Speaking mostly about today’s youths and their work ethic, Bob candidly spoke about the long line of jobs he previously worked. Wanting to be a painter, he told a news reporter who was interviewing him that he was not able to pursue it to a professional level since his mother insisted on him getting a formal job. She even used her networks to get him a position at the British Telecom. 


However, his hard work and determination saw him rise up to various positions in the telecommunication industry. The countries include the United Kingdom, Japan, South Africa and finally Kenya.

When asked about his career journey, he usually replied, “I have done many different jobs but I never anticipated that I would become the CEO of a mobile phone company in Africa.”

He always insisted on the youths to be adaptable in nature no matter the course they may have taken in school and take any opportunity that came their way.


7. Always Acquire New Skills

According to Bob Collymore, it is essential to acquire new skills if you want to stay ahead. This is because apart from competing with other humans to get jobs we are also competing with robots.

That’s why he emphasized on always finding ways to learn more. He was found telling his team, “I should not know more stuff than you. You have to be smarter than me.”

Note that, this motto did not only apply to his team but also to Safaricom job applicants. Therefore, before applying to any job, it is advisable to ask yourself if you are smarter than the boss and if employed how will contribute to the development of the company.

bob collymore quotes


6. Aspire To Always Be Humble

No matter how much you earn or which position you hold, always be humble. Having come from a humble family, Bob never forgot where he came from. Although he admitted to wanting the finer things in life like everyone else, he said when living in Japan with his children, he got to pause and think of what really mattered in life.

Although he was a CEO in one of the leading company in Kenya, many people from his employees to the media personality commented on how humble and friendly he was.


The day Bob Collymore decided to visit Airtel Kenya

When asked how he freely interacts with everyone who crosses his path, he usually replied “What I always say to people is just have a memory of where you come from,”

This statement was there to remind the people around him that, yes you can achieve a lot but it’s good to remember your roots.  


5. You Can Use Your Position To Uplift Others

For the nine years, Bob was the CEO of Safaricom; he has used his position to uplift many people. By forming the Safaricom Foundation, numerous ventures have been undertaken the company.

The ventures include education programs, collaborations with local health facilities to improve health care. This initiative has led to women, youths and the society at large to benefit immensely.

On his personal time, Bob was only known to help people in need by organizing or attending fundraising events. Asked what brought about the Safaricom foundations, he always replied that “Being a big company in Kenya, the company comes with a big responsibility,”


best bob collymore quote


4. Always Be Unique

When Bob Joined Safaricom, all eyes were on him as on how he was supposed to fit in the shoes of the great leader Michael Joseph. However, this did not intimidate Bob and as the years went by, he proved himself to be a great leader too.

Being unique has made Bob to be celebrated in his own ways and his unique way of leadership raised Safaricom to better heights.


3. No One is Perfect

From the mistakes he admitted doing in his personal and business life, Bob was always candid to admit he was not perfect. He usually referred to how his predecessor Michael Joseph once said to him concerning making business decisions, “Look, just make decisions. If 60% of your decisions are right, then you will probably be doing better than me.”

He took that to heart and steered the company through stormy weathers and to everyone surprise, the company became better and better.

Furthermore, he demonstrated that all is not lost when he married his third Kenyan wife, Wambui Kamiru. By admitting his imperfections, he got to live a fulfilled life where there is always second chances, or is it third?

bob collymore wife


2. No Matter the Circumstances Never Give Up

Even after Bob Collymore was diagnosed with cancer, he still remained productive in his position until he passed away.  This becomes an encouragement to us, that no matter what you are facing, you can still, be courageous and be productive.

How other Countries Performed with New Currency Notes


1. Always Remember Nothing is Permanent

From the passing away of Bob Collymore, we are reminded that our life on earth is temporaryTherefore no matter how wealthy or successful we become, we should be grateful for what matter most.

Asked by one of the Kenyan writers, Jackson Biko how his illness changed his perception of mortality, he replied.


“Death is inevitable and I have made the decision not to cling on the thought of it because it will eventually come; I just do not know when. I have chosen to focus on the things that are more important to me. Now I know it’s kind of impossible for somebody to live for 200 years.”

 We will miss you Bob!

Comment below on what important Life Lesson you learn from Bob Collymore


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1 Comment

  1. Thoya Baya

    at 10:12 am

    You must have faith and believe in your self, coz nobody will make you better person if u cant makes ua self a better one.

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Interview: Sebastian Azul Shares Insights on His Musical Journey

Sebastian Azul The Year of Awareness

Sebastian Azul joins us again to discuss his music, his inspirations, and what we can expect from him in the future! Make sure to check out our interview below:

Discovering your own musical style is a unique part of every artist’s journey. What sets your music apart? What is unique, or at least uncommon?

The message in my music. Awareness, also the fact that I talk about mental health, which is a serious and massive issue in our communities.

You have always been known for providing hope and optimism through your tracks. What is the subject matter of your latest release “The Year of Awareness”

Mental health, we should be able to feel more open and freer to talk about mental health conditions/illnesses/crisis. But we tend to avoid because of shame, judgement, fear, stigmas, and myth.

Sebastian Azul The Year of Awareness Sebastian Azul The Year of Awareness

How do you go about writing a song? Do you have a melody in your head and then write the other music for it?

Yes and No, sometimes the melody comes first then the idea, sometimes I just think of a song and then try to create it. But for the most part being a producer, I am a melody type of guy. If is not catchy I will not proceed with it.

What draws you to your preferred genre?

To be honest, I do not really have a preferred genre. I am open to all genres. As a producer I believe that it is important to be versatile.

How do you deal with writer’s block?

When this happens, I usually give it some time. Or I will call in reinforcements to help me finish the song. Example other songwriters to the table.

What would your autobiography be called?

I am not sure I understand your question, but I’m the awareness guy.

Who are your top five favorite artists of all time? Why those artists?

That’s a sticky one. I will start with Richie Rich, an artist from Oakland. I believe he’s associated with E40, Richie Rich, Tupac, Scarface (ghetto boys), Brotha Lynch hung. Trae the Truth

To me these artists made songs that I could strongly relate to. Obviously, I have so many.

Ice Cube, Eazy-E, Big Punisher, KRS one, Zro, Tech N9ne, Black Thought, Guru (Gangstarr), I have many others.

For our final question, is there anything else you would like to add?

Anybody out there, struggling with their mental health. Please seek professional help, talk to someone. Just because you are down today, It doesn’t mean you will always stay there.

Talk or reach out to someone you feel comfortable with, study yourself. And always seek for betterment, your mental health matters and is probably the most important part of a human being. Because you see, in order to command your body to move, you first have to command your brain.

Awareness Is Power.

Catch up with Sebastian Azul on:

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Interview: Lady Bain Shares Insights On Her Musical Journey

Lady BainLady Bain Do Me

Lady Bain has shifted the paradigm of R&B music with her authenticity over the course of her career. Her style and substance have led to critical acclaim, including nominations and wins at Lady Flava Radio’s 7th Anniversary Awards & Jay Williams’ Gospel Hip-Hop Awards for Best R&B Singer and Best R&B Song. Lady Bain recently won four awards for Best Female R&B/POP Artist , Artist Of The Year ,Song Of The Year & Best Collaboration w/E.N.DI.E FIYA.

Recently, she was kind enough to sit down with us to do an interview, where she revealed interesting facts about her musical journey and her new single “Do Me”. Here is what she had to say:


“Do Me” opens with the lines, “I let you control me, that was the role I tried to play.” Can you elaborate on the meaning behind your latest single?
“Do Me” The writer is expressing the need to put herself first and enjoy life because she gave all she had for her relationship and still came up short.

Lady Bain Do Me

Have you always been interested in music?
Yes. Some of my earliest memories in life include music.

Was there a particular song/performance that made you say “Woah! I want to do that!”?
I don’t recall a specific song, but I can remember watching Patti LaBelle on T.V. when I was pretty little and thinking that I wanted be just like her when I grow up.

What does your music say about you or what message do you try to push through your music?
I want my music to convey emotion. Whether the song is written by me or just performed by me, I want the listener to know that what they’re listening to is an experience of mine or someone else. I want them to know someone can relate to real life and real love.

When you’re writing a song, how do you know when you have an idea worth pursuing?
If I don’t feel what I’m writing, I know the listener won’t either. If I can connect with the lyrics I know I can carry on with recording.

Have you written songs for any other artists?
Not yet.

What do you enjoy most about being an artist?
The most enjoyable thing is being able to connect with people through my work.

What’s the worst job you ever had?
I’ve been very fortunate to work where I wanted to be.

Do you put a lot of pressure on yourself?
Yes. Sometimes I do.

For our final question, is there anything else you would like to add?
Music means life to a lot of people and I also believe it is healing. I’m thankful for the opportunity to share my gift with the world,I have an amazing label that makes that happen. My first album will out March 19th 2021 and I would love to invite you all on this musical journey with me.

Catch Up With Lady Bain on:

Lady Bain Do Me Lady Bain Do Me Lady Bain Do Me 


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Upcoming Female Rapper BreL Takes the Center Stage With Her Exceptional Rap Flow and Rich Lyrics in “COML”


The artistic elements of rap portraying real-life experiences have often drawn the audience because of being very relatable and the realest form of any genre. Though its style has become very uncommon these days, there are still artists like BreL who keep the creative resonance alive. Refusing to contemporary standards, the female rapper does not steer away from gritty truth and presents it in the warm embrace of a soothing and inspiring libretto that allows him to make a strong connection with her audience.

With a ton of vitality, passion, and a true love of hip-hop in her soul, the Female rapper from North Carolina has released her latest single “COML(Celebration Of My Losses)” that’s got the flow you need to get your mood up. One of the most enticing elements of her single “COML(Celebration Of My Losses)” is the energy that keeps growing high with every move. The track is alarmingly catchy with thumping pulsating rhythms consuming the entire background of the soundscape.  Her artistry is most convincing when she lets her remarkable medium pitched rap voice seal the deal.

The heart-rending punchlines glide effortlessly with a steady and vibrating rhythmic cadence marveled at the creation of a symphony of pure satisfaction. The lyrical illustration provokes the minds of the audience, packed with diverse melodies, reflecting various life experiences, such as hustle, love, rage, hope and ambition. BreL’s vocal color is vivid and powerful; it seamlessly synchronized with the melodic flow of the instrumentation. The combination of a dominant percussive rhythm, a fundamental bass and an ambient instrumental layer produces a sound that is an accurate reflection of BreL’s distinctive style.

Catch Up With BreL on:







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