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Ayeasha Jones Can’t Get Enough of That ‘Old Fashion Romance’

“Old Fashion Romance” is a beautiful romance-hinged piece by Californian singer-songwriter Ayeasha Jones. For over 20 years Ayeasha has acted, sung and played on stage. Her links to RnB’s legacy are familiar, as her brother Jamie Jones of the Grammy Award-winning R&B / Pop Gruppo. She has performed behind a variety of classic R&B entertainers, including Tevin Campbell, Taylor Dayne, Miki Howard and Sheila E.

The newest song from Ayeasha  is a seductive R&B, a slow-tempo, and vivid jam, it’s addictive enough to have the listener’s finger stuck to the rewind button. And since the words are so personal and relatable, each listener turns into a hearty singalong. With a seamless texture and sweet vocals, the song is suitable for a romantic night. The artist paints the image vividly with his sweet lyrics with the lush soundscapes like the canvas.

Ayeasha Jones Old Fashion Romance

Ayaesha being a hopeless romantic, she talks about being romanced like in the movies, when a woman was cherished, flaunted, and spoiled. She hopes that her new single will help to revive chivalry and bring romance back as well as renew appreciation for old school R&B music.

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Ayeasha Jones Old Fashion Romance

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AG Da Profit Finally Hts The International market

Since amassing a diehard following over the years and attracting new ones at a fast rate, AG Da Profit’s hit new single, “Zico” has been played over millions of times and has been crowned by international charts. Zico is also the #1 Hit Single On International Radio Stations. The single has been loved by both fans and critics and has become a sensation in the dancing community all across the globe.

“Zico” set international charts on fire with the help of a viral dance video done by Meka Oku and Marjo Bona


Ag Da Profit is on the verge of taking over the world with his eclectic and powerful sound – stayed tuned for future release announcements!

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Vernon Little Unveils His New Single ‘Proverbs’


Needless to say, Vernon Little has become an important figure that continues to bring the light of Christ into a dark world through his music. He is a gifted Gospel singer/rapper and Pastor based in New York with a wide spectrum of musical influences, from Mary Mary to Nas and LL Cool J. With the rapper having released his second EP ‘Words To Live By’ this year, Mr. Little continues to entrench his name into the gospel hip-hop scene.

“Proverbs” is hands up my favorite song on the project, although the entire EP is a regal body of work and proof that he puts his heart and soul into the craft. The song has a strong message, having selected the book of Proverbs to remind Christians of the importance of upholding the commands given to us by the Lord.

The eccentric and genius lyric style captivates the mind and above all relays the value of knowing and preserving basic commands for a happier lifestyle, something even a child can do.

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About The Artist


Vernon Little is a hip hop/holy hip hop artist from the Bronx, N.Y. He was dedicated to the Lord as a baby in the early 1970’s, and was raised in the church. Mr. Little was blessed to be able to release a CD in 2011 titled ‘A New Beginning’ through Tate Music Group. He also released a CD in 2018 titled ‘Double Minded’ through Bentley Records. Multiple platforms have always been made available to Vernon to promote the good news of the gospel. As an ordained pastor, he has continued to keep God first in his recordings.





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Matulla and Carrie Feels The ‘Silence in Johannesburg’

As a German rock musician, Matulla has a propensity to produce music that profoundly connects deeply with to listener. Although not limited to rock music, Matulla has released music in many other genres. He Previous tracks, including “Things have changed” and “Up to no good,” have won him a dedicated fanbase. His newest song, “Silence In Johannesburg,” released on October 28th is sure to raise the following.

The song, composed by Matulla alongside Singer/Songwriter Carrie, emotionally portrays how she feels the city of Johannesburg has changed so much as it used to be full of sound but now it just silent. Backed by a gripping piano and guitar, the singer helps her strong vocals to win the sympathy of the listener. This is further dramatized by a music video that shows an aerial view of the empty city of Johannesburg.

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