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Arkayne Unveils His Passionate Debut Single “Stranger” Together With Katie Sky

As far as debuts are concerned, Arkayne’s going down as an impressive one. The Netherlands based artist whose real name is Kevin van der Tholen has recently dropped his first single “Stranger” in collaboration with Katie Sky and has received some hype since then. The pop-inspired track is really smooth, having the edge of Arkayne’s velvety vocals and heart-warming lyrics. Katie Sky is also doing her magic to round up the vibe of the track. Their small time frames make us wish there was more to listen to, which is thankfully fulfilled with a flawless production that navigates through electro and pop music.

Just promising!

The catchy hooks and intriguing melodies combine with ease to offer a raw show that will immediately attract a lot of new fans.

The intro layered synthesizer quickly bursts into a smooth dance beat with the perfect amount of percussive snap and full bassline pulse. It’s exciting and invigorating to hear how Arkayne and Katie Sky incorporate their vocals into a reasonably straight forward arrangement; this is the undoubted by-product of his long musical training as a producer and a DJ.

It’s a symbol of his daringness. With “Stranger,” Arkayne and Katie Sky make it clear that he wants to entertain people, but also knows how to slowly lift listener expectations without getting too far away from the expectations of a pop track. The steady mid-tempo pulse and full-bodied sound of the song give Arkayne an excellent basis for singing and positioning his voice in an arrangement rather than putting a voice over it. The low key surprises that pepper this track among the many reasons why Arkayne’s recording career has such a strong start.

“Stranger” is a romance-driven song, It’s one for the hopeless romantics.

Catch up with Arkayne on:

Arkayne Stranger Arkayne Stranger

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Yourz Truly Releases A New Song “I Love You”

Yourz Truly I Love You

If there’s something we already know about  Yourz Truly is his penchant for deeply personal, and sometimes vulnerable lyrics. That along with his powerful and soulful voice is what kept us glued to his latest EP “I Love You”

“I Love You” is also the fourth song off his New EP released earlier this year. Although the whole entire EP is a regal body of work, “I Love You” is hands down our favorite track. It is a gripping piece that finds the talented artist expressing his love and intentions towards the woman he truly loves.

Yourz Truly Peace & Blessings

This new single is brilliantly composed and meticulously performed, showcasing the great voice of the singer and the excitement of romance-driven songwriting. Although I’m not swift to label a song a classic, Yourz Truly certainly has a track that’s sure to grab people’s attention.

This track is a wonderful introduction to Yourz Truly, who has such a fantastic rising reputation in R&B and Hip-hop circles. You can get his most recent songs from his Youtube channel and Spotify.

Yourz Truly I Love You 

Follow Yourz Truly on:

  Yourz Truly I Love You

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Calhuis Drops A New Zestful Single “XO”

Calhuis has enough soul to get any music fan to start moving their feet. This piece appears to be inspired by a young woman who has all the right steps to persuade Calhuis towards her way – and the attraction is palpable. “We can only imagine the defiant beauty who has everything he desires from the captivating lyrics of the duo.

This is not the average song, it hits you just right with their smooth and slightly seductive beat selection. ‘XO’ has an essence that will get you in the groove for that special someone before the sun comes up.

The singer doesn’t hesitate to express the heat that flushes him is her presence, but it’s never too much. “I want to give you X and O’s,” this song is so tempting, it keeps you listening and coming back for more!

Delivered in smooth, soulful vocal, “XO” is a bop.

Catch up with Calhuis on:

Calhuis XO Calhuis XO


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Blind Uncle Harry Releases A New Single “Christmas Day In Australia”

Immersed in the heartfelt and strong vocals of Blind Uncle Harry’s latest track, “Christmas Day In Australia,” is a genuinely sublime piece of music. Today, African Hype is premiering a video for the single, a launch that’s out for streaming. It’s a cheerful, sentimental, and relatable item. A piece that dives into the nuances of Christmas coming. The visual then serves as a backdrop on which the (video) director draws a vivid image of the songwriter’s gripping composition. Musically, the track is pieced together into a lovely tune that crosses the divide between country and indie music.

Blind Uncle Harry is a musician who has built a reputation for his unique melodies and raw guitar style. This new release combines psychedelic guitars and engaging percussions. It’s interesting how Blind Uncle Harry’s sharp vocals pierce through the wild instrumentation and, fans

Catch Up with Blind Uncle Harry on:

blind uncle harry Christmas Day in Australia


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