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Can Wizkid’s New Album “More Love, Less Ego” Reciprocate the Impact and Success of “Made in Lagos,” or Is It Too Much to Ask Even With Its Ostensibly Chart-Topping Tracks?



A lot of effort has gone into determining who the true king of Afrobeats is, and as various fan factions continue to argue over who they believe deserves to take home the crown, the floodgates of more afrobeat-inspired music have opened, and there is an endless outpouring of music so fine you want to chew it!

While it is fine to argue, there has never been any doubt about Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun alias Wizkid’s pioneering role in shaping the industry into what it is today. Most are of the opinion that the track “Ojuelgba”, off of his 2014 self-titled 2nd studio album “Ayo,” which was produced by Legendury Beatz, was his breakthrough track, and they are not wrong. This track put the industry on high alert for someone who went on to make afrobeats a globally revered sound; the industry is now thriving in huge part because of the role played by this ingenious prodigy!

Wizkid released his 4th studio album, “Made in Lagos,” on October 2020 to record-breaking success. The standout track “Essence” featuring Nigerian songstress Tems shattered every available record and topped musical charts back to back like nobody’s business! It even got a special remix featuring internationally acclaimed pop star Justin Bieber.

When Wizkid announced on his last day on tour that he would be releasing his 5th studio album, “More Love, Less Ego,”  his millions of fans were eager and couldn’t keep calm; – their ears and souls itching for that quenching dose of music from their cherished superstar!

This album was fronted by the lead single “Bad to Me” and the promotional single “Money & Love.” The entire project was dropped on November 11, 2022, much to the relief of the impatient fans.

“More Love, Less Ego” is a 13-track compilation with guest appearances from Ayra Starr, Skillibeng, Shenseea, Skepta, Naira Marley and Don Toliver. So far, the album has been critically acclaimed, with top tracks such as “2 Sugar” and “Wow” dominating charts globally.

“2 Sugar” brings Nigerian high-flying queen Ayra Star on board, and together, they engineer a timeless masterpiece. I honestly believe that Wizkid uses some magic to choose the right female collaborators for his tracks; at this point, it kind of defies all odds how good it is; from Tems to Justin Skye and now Ayra Starr, it is no coincidence at all, magic is involved somehow, and you can’t convince me otherwise!

In this beguiling tune, they complement one another so naturally as to authenticate a very addictive jam that feels sweet and really colorful. The hooks are very infectious, and the blend between the vocals and the articulate afro beats is just top-notch. This is the kind of music that takes its time, growing on people gently, and then all of a sudden everyone can’t keep it off their playlist!

“Money & Love” sees Wizkid being really sensual and composed, as his R&B crooning vocals blend favorably with the flow of the beats. He kind of just moves with the flow, and the beats really flow like water.

“Bad to Me” is another eclectic banger. It has a slight melodic similarity to his “Soco” song, which was mixed and mastered with the sparkling Amapaino beats to make a very sobering and rapturous melody that you can dance to all night long.

“Wow” sees Wiz bring British-Nigerian grime MC and rapper Skepta and Nigerian wonder kid Skepta for a very memorable performance. Their energies bounce off one another, with the rap bars spectacularly melding with the afro-pop vibe to alluring effect.

There is so much to excite a listener throughout this valuable collection, and while it’s still in its early stages, nothing has suggested its impending topple over “Made in Lagos”; I just think it will take some beating to plummet its impact. For now, we just have to take “More Love, Less Ego” as it is and run with it!


Multitalented producer, DJ, songwriter and all-round artist Mou5EmO raises the dance floor heat with “Lonely Drive”



Multitalented producer, DJ, songwriter and all-round artist Mou5EmO raises the dance floor heat with "Lonely Drive"

Andrew Niman, known as Mou5EmO or his trance alter-ego Mou5ZyZZ, is a phenomenally gifted producer, DJ, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and dancer who revels in music. His professional career, which began in 2004, now spans nearly two decades. It is safe to call him an industry veteran who is creating music within the realms of EDM, trance, and its kindred subgenres and influences. As someone who is able to balance his artistic alter-egos with incomparable proficiency, it is not wrong to say that he’s got the whole electronic dance world in the palm of his hands.

Mou5ZyZZ, or Mou5EmO, delivers both music and experience in his deeply progressive masterpiece, “Lonely Drive.”

And as the title suggests, this deep-phased, synth-heavy, and boisterous banger better find you on that lonely highway to nowhere as you hit the gas hard, add the volume all the way up, and savor the experience as you inhabit a feeling close to paradise that you don’t wish to snap out of.

That impressive blend of rhythm and melody immediately jumps at a listener from the get-go, and before you know it, you have no control over your body as you dance the day or night away with carefree abandon in that state of music-inspired delirium!

“Lonely Drive” is such a deeply progressive body of work, and I love how, as the track progresses, Mou5EmO is on cue to add more fascinating ideas with more cinematic scores, creating a never-ending thrill!

This epic, hypnotic, and high-energy stunner is guaranteed to transport you into another world where everything feels so perfect, and if anyone were to ask you, you would want to spend a huge chunk of your life there in that feeling!

Euphoria has a new taste in “Lonely Drive” that any electronic dance music lover would undeniably fall in love with from the word go.

To experience this musical magic, follow the attached link and delve into this masterclass in electronic dance music production. This could easily become your new favorite!

To keep up with Mou5EmO, follow him on:

| Mou5EmO | Mou5ZyZZ | Linktree |

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Florida-Based Emcee H.A.M Comes Through With Some Lyrical Education in His “Art Official Intel” Banger.



Florida-Based Emcee H.A.M Comes Through With Some Lyrical Education in His “Art Official Intel” Banger.

Hamlet Bent, who wears the professional moniker H.A.M is a unique and versatile artist; in fact, he is one of the most diverse rappers and songwriters you will ever come across. His rapid rise in the music industry is truly impressive, but for the uninitiated, he defies all odds to deliver music whose lyrical content is not something you experience on a daily basis!

With a successful professional career in IT spanning over 20 years and his insatiable passion for music stacked deep in his own heart and soul, he decided to blend the two worlds together and come up with an enthralling and thought-provoking style of music that cuts across IT technology with such creative finesse. It’s safe to say that you really need a dictionary or Google by your side when you subscribe to this intelligently lyrical content!

H.A.M makes anthems that express the nitty-gritty of the IT world, from cyber security to social engineering hacks and computer networking technologies. Delivering with such unapologetic intensity over heavy boom-bap beats, you will find yourself interested and heavily invested even if you couldn’t give a darn what a computer is, let alone its deep terminologies.

If you are just here for the music, then there is room for you as you get to marvel at such swift and effortless lyrical efficiency; H.A.M always unleashes his lyrical dominance over heavy productions with a razor-sharp lyrical wit and command that is appealing to anyone whose musical itch is scratched by just listening to rappers deliver punchlines and bars, even when they don’t care about the message behind the lyrics!

Making headlines once again H.A.M is back with another earth-rattling and head-banging masterpiece dubbed “Art Official Intel”- a high-energy and invigorating banger that has been inspired by something that is actually turning into a sensitive global issue: AI, or if you like it, Artificial Intelligence.

A sensitive issue that is drawing intensive debate all across the world, every other person has a thing or two to say about this, and H.A.M makes his thoughts known under that bass-heavy blanket of melody.

According to H.A.M, AI is not that harmful if used appropriately, and he too understands where the jitters and grievous concerns are coming from. You have probably come across AI generated essays, pictures, and music with AI samples of artists singing other artists’ songs, unreleased and non-existent material, or dead artists coming up with new tracks…so many have been quick to label this scary and want AI to be restrained as soon as possible.

Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and H.A.M chooses to look at the positive impact AI is actually having on the IT and development world, which makes it a necessary tool of invention that can do good if only we allow it!

A hugely contentious issue that will keep on making headlines for as long as it can, I just want all music fanatics to gather here and enjoy this masterpiece, and if you are the one to decipher music and shred its meaning piece by piece, then “Art Official Intel” is a great assignment. If you are just here for the vibes, then there is no shame in it because H.A.M really brings them in plenty with this performance.

Whichever way you prefer to indulge in your music, the scene is set; follow the attached link and enjoy this first-class performance to the fullest!

To stay in H.A.M’s lane, follow him on Instagram

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Atlanta-Based Musician Brett Schieber’s “She Sings Alone in the Dark” Featuring Lewis Raye Is Quite Simply Beautiful and Deeply Emotional!



Atlanta-Based Musician Brett Schieber’s “She Sings Alone in the Dark” Featuring Lewis Raye Is Quite Simply Beautiful and Deeply Emotional!

Brett Schieber is a rising star in the independent music industry who is known for his soul-revealing and heartfelt music that is embedded in his songwriting prowess. His ability to produce a range of music that connects with audiences is a testament to his creativity and skill, making his music the perfect addition to any music lover’s catalog. The track “She Sings Alone In The Dark” is deeply moving and emotionally resonant, inspiring listeners to find connections within the lyrics.

With this thoughtful masterpiece, Brett Schieber surpasses all expectations; this is a luxuriously stylish fusion of intimacy and empowerment. Brace yourself for a transcendent voyage of self-discovery and self-love, enveloped by the soul-stirring vocals of Lewis Raye that prove impossible to resist.

The inviting intro, featuring rich harmonies skillfully blended by Brett Schieber, sets the stage for Raye’s mellifluous vocals. From the outset, it’s evident that “She Sings Alone In The Dark” is a musical delight.

Through the catchy blend of rhythm, soulful melody, and harmony, the lyrics explore a sense of defeat and hopelessness, to some extent a lack of self-esteem and maybe self-contempt, and through that, offer solace and inspiration to someone who might be feeling unworthy or on the verge of giving up, reminding them that they are indeed beautiful and conquerors in their own right—this is what makes them special.

The ability for listeners to find their own story within the lyrics is what makes this masterpiece deeply resonant and impactful.

Lewis’ own beautiful and effortlessly powerful voice really breathes life into the lyrical narrative of this masterpiece, adding such emotional depth and graciously supplementing Brett Schieber’s impeccable songwriting.

Intimate, heartfelt, and thoughtful, everyone deserves this kind of music on their playlist!

To listen to this masterpiece that is now available for streaming on all popular streaming platforms, follow the attached link and savor it to the fullest.

Connect With Brett Schieber on:

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