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“Rhythm is a Dancer” by Electronic Music Producer Vampire Disco is Now Available for Pre-save



Vampire Disco Rhythm is a Dancer

For a long time now, Vampire Dicso has been living up to his mystical moniker, taking over the electronic dance space in style and fashion, taking listeners on a musical journey where everything feels just right and glows with a shimmering abundance of electrolyzed melodies that pump from within the steamy skills of production.

This is real music recreated with creative splendor and splendor to make the dance world happy. Vampire Disco is revolutionizing the entire music landscape with his amazingly innovative magical euphonies!

The new single from Vampire Disco is just around the corner. And it’s unlike anything you’ve heard before. The title of this latest jam is “Rhythm Is A Dancer”, and it’s a great example of what Vampire Disco has been working hard on lately — creating lots of diverse and well-crafted songs that are meant to stand out from the crowd no matter what kind of taste buds you pay attention with.

“Rhythm Is  A Dancer” is exactly as you imagine it with those 90s marvelous frills-like and techno-like shimmering sonic shape that dazzles as much as they intrigue with the modernity of the new-world-order musicality taking on a listener on one hell of a head-spinning rollercoaster. There is stylish luxurious and affluence in the beats that carry just enough flair in the deep and future house, blended to delightful effects with the infectious steam of the tech power and EDM masterclass!

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This is the magic you need in that charged up party as you lose yourself and move your body in all the wild and recklessly abandon ways under the melting glow of the sparkling beats that feed off the melodic craving vampires inside of you satisfactorily enough to send them back and summon more musical spirits.

The ‘feel-good’ type of vibe that is enough to brighten the mood of any occasion; it does not matter where; adding the volume of that stereo on some long drive, lifting the hefty weights to bulk up those muscles in a gym, enjoying within the tranquility of your home or throwing it up in the chaos of a night out where the play touch from the DJ is just enough to drive you crazy- this is what this anthem does to a mortal soul!

The integration of the female vocals is some of the detailed sensations that keep this melody exceptional and mouth-watering as they cut through with a tremendous amount of seduction and valor and fill the melody with captivating aesthesis. This is just one of the superpowers of such a distinguished DJ and producer and when this anthem finally drops, all the dance fanatics will be united under the exploding glow of such an endearingly crafted melodic masterpiece that flaunts its magic and mysticism disguised in the vast electronic music space- this is exactly what you have been wishing for; this is just like you imagine your EDM music and the skill on play is alluring enough to ensure this tune dominates your favorites music library as you play it more than enough times to brighten a dull day!

“Rhythm Is A Dancer” is now available for pre-save and by following the attached socials, you get to pre-save it from his Spotify channel, and when it will be officially released on the 27th of May; you’ll have something to brag to friends about- how about that!

Keep Up With Vampire Disco and His Journey on:

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Gospel music artist Called 2 Repentance delivers “The Good News” of Christ with a captivating and memorable performance.



Gospel music artist Called 2 Repentance delivers “The Good News” of Christ with a captivating and memorable performance.

Christ’s own disciple who has accepted the call to be used as a vessel for the Lord’s work, Called 2 Repentance, is a Christian artist, singer, songwriter, and rapper from Florida. His songs emanate from a heart of worship as he continues to grow in experience and fan appeal. He aims to use his music to foster positive change, heal, uplift, and inspire God’s people, and win more hearts for Christ. Using his voice, songwriting, and music production to spread the message of Christ, Called 2 Repentance is an artist to watch. He presents the true gospel in a way that resonates with listeners of all ages.

Believing that everyone faces conflicts, both external and internal, as much as the good and the evil in this world, his latest single, “The Good News,” was the perfect way to relay God’s message of reconciliation.

The spiritual war between good and evil is what inspired this song. Here, the proclamation is that the Lord’s goodness always prevails over evil. No matter how much trouble comes, if you’ve built your life on the Rock of Jesus Christ, you cannot be shaken.

The production is lively, featuring a futuristic hip-hop beat that provides a captivating backdrop for Called 2 Repentance’s singing and rapping. The lyrics pertain to breaking chains and freeing yourself from your own prison, with an unforgettable chorus that underscores the song’s message: in Christ, we are indeed born again and all our sins forgiven. He leads and protects us from all evil.

With its meaningful message and stunning production, “The Good News” is an ideal tune for your playlist and one to constantly remind you of Christ’s graciousness.

To add this fulfilling song to your playlist, check out the link below. Since sharing is caring, please consider recommending it to others as well.



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When the Streets Called, Hip-Hop Whiz Daraja Hakizimana, Known as $TYLJA, Answered With a Game-Changing Masterpiece, “MVP (Mix 1)”



When the Streets Called, Hip-Hop Whiz Daraja Hakizimana, Known as $TYLJA, Answered With a Game-Changing Masterpiece, “MVP (Mix 1)”

Painting the intricacies of his own musical canvas with multiple colors is the producer, rapper, songwriter, and singer Daraja Hakizimana aka $TYLJA from Houston, Texas, and a proud member and contributor of “My Block Recordz,” a Houston-based indie label known for transforming the dreams of so many upcoming art creatives into reality. As a producer, Daraja has a knack for creating infectious beats and haunting melodies that tell deep and relatable stories. He released the 12-track album “MVP (Mix 1),” which received critical acclaim, with many applauding his production skills and competency to tell stories with mere beats.

“Shut That Trap” brings life to the beat with its ethereal vocal layers, sirens, and other distinct additions to elevate its appeal to stunning heights. The production fits the right merit for those introspective listening experiences, seeing that it has not been overdone and is still expressive in its own captivating ways. A fine balance has been achieved here between atmospheric appeal and laid-back melodicism.

With “Back To Work,” the stripped back foundation serves as an earworm for anyone listening and serves as an exceptional accompaniment for morning drives to work. The beat feels special and soothes the soul as well as warming the heart.

The song “Practice” gains depth and intensity from the famous quote by Allen Iverson, “I mean, listen, we’re talking about practice, not a game, not a game, not a game, we talking about practice. Not a game” sampled over the exquisite production.

Featuring eye-catching NBA clips, the music video for “Majic” elevates the jam to epic heights as you enjoy the music and get fascinated by the killer moves and dunks being unleashed by the players. This is a music clip that captivates and holds your attention.

Throughout this album, $TYLJA continues to showcase such production excellence with some otherworldly music in “We Outside,” “After The Game,” “Gang Gang,” and “She Needs To Go.”

The collection stands as a work of art, akin to a musical hall of fame (if it exists!)

After the long day you’ve just had, you deserve to listen to some good music, and $TYLJA offers just that with “MVP (Mix 1)”

The streets were calling and this is how Daraja Hakizimana answered the call—think of him as a musical Batman.

Check out the link below, make sure you subscribe to Daraja Hakizimana’s YouTube channel, listen to the album, and let us know how you feel about the music.



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Florida-Based Hip-Hop Maestro Hero Da Kyng’s “Lean On Me” Echoes The Struggles And Triumphs Of Life With Unmatched Lyricism.



Florida-Based Hip-Hop Maestro Hero Da Kyng's "Lean On Me" Echoes The Struggles And Triumphs Of Life With Unmatched Lyricism.

Based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Hero Da Kyng is as versatile as they come, with a strong lyrical flow that can adapt to any mood, vibe, or message. His lyrics are a tapestry of personal triumphs and trials,, delivered with a rawness and authenticity that compel the listener to pay attention and dive deeper into the narrative he weaves with each line. With each new release, Hero Da Kyng delves into the essence of the craft, showcasing an unparalleled pen game marked by masterful, thought-provoking rhymes and intricate flows. His music strips away the excess, focusing on art, confidence, great storytelling, and charisma, capturing the listener with his vivid storytelling and magnetic beats.

Hero Da Kyng has just released his new single “Lean On Me.” With this new tune, he delivers a potent mix of thought-provoking rhymes, exceptional flows, and effortless cadence over a robust hip-hop production. His voice commands attention, weaving through the beat with precision and power.

The performance is direct and genuine, stemming from a place of honesty and raw emotion, showcasing bold lyricism that pulls no punches. The chorus, interspersed with his intellectual flows, is catchy and unforgettable, one that compels a listener to go back to the track and continue playing in the head long after the final notes fade away.

“Lean On Me” is not just any other rap song; this track has some emotional weight, capturing the essence of life’s struggles and hardships that are inevitable as Hero Da Kyng aims to bring hope, integrity, and direction with this jam. At the end of the day, we are so much more than the struggles we endure. Our resilient spirit has always been something we can evoke in the face of seemingly insurmountable adversities, and this is the message being passed through this tune.

Hero Da Kyng’s approach to this track is a reflection of life itself, drawing rich inspiration from his own personal experiences to allow a listener to instantly identify with the jam.

A masterpiece of lyrical substance, infectious beats, and top-notch production, this track is likely to become a staple in your daily listening routine.

Listen to the track below and share your thoughts with us.


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