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Spontaneous Performance On The Streets Of Holland Ended Up As The Late-Summer Banger Mildly Insane



Mildly Insane

Yaëll and Brynja met while performing on the streets of Den Haag. A year later, after having moved back to Iceland, Brynja was looking for a male vocalist for one of her tracks and Yaëll came to mind.

She decided to reach out and ask if he’d be interested. Yaëll jumped on a plane to Iceland, they made it through some hurdles including COVID positive tests but finally, they were in the studio under the guidance of producer and musician Baldur Hjörleifsson.

As they were finishing up the song in question and preparing to leave the studio a simple guitar melody sparked a moment of creativity. In a matter of minutes they already had the building blocks of a brand new song.

“Mildly Insane” is the type of track that gets heads bumping right from the get-go. Yaëll‘s velvety, smooth vocals glide over the psychedelic instrumentation reminiscent of bygone eras of rock. Brynja joins in, making the tune an anthem with her catchy phrase “Go and get it and live it up, it don‘t matter you if mess it up“. In a lively back and forth the duo continues, Yaëll‘s smooth-talking voice juxtaposed with Brynja‘s sassy tone. The song is bookended with a blazing guitar solo channeling a sense of bliss.

Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie"

Accompanying the song is a music video, vintage and vibrant that matches the songs vibe perfectly. The scenery simple and visually pleasing; an orange vintage car parked by the ocean giving contrast to the cold harsh nature of Iceland. The trio performing in and around it, casual and cool while maintaining a playful energy. Get ready to be taken to a place where cars look sexy and guitar solos are hot.

A message of acceptance is portrayed in the song of the pretty mess we‘re all in. So many of us aim to live life without messing up, forgetting that life‘s greatest lessons are usually learned through our worst mistakes – so go live it up!

All three of them have so much more coming so make sure to follow them on their socials!

Yaëll Campbell is a young artist with fresh flowing and smooth rhymes and vocals.

His musical roots lay within hiphop and rap but nowadays he focuses on producing, singing, rapping, guitar, keys and spoken word.

From a young age he gained a lot of experience with performing and writing.

He performs all over the Netherlands and has performed in Belgium, Germany, America and Iceland.


Yaëll attended a music study & soon after created his own sound & vision on music,

creating spoken word, acoustic songs, rap music & a lot more.

Yaell’s socials

Brynja comes from the folk and indie scene and was known to carry her guitar along with her everywhere she went. In recent years she‘s been moving towards a new sound, combining her dreamy vocals and honest lyrics with elements of R&B, pop.

She studied contemporary dance at Listaháskóli Íslands and audio engineering at SAE in Amsterdam. In a duo, she has performed all over Europe and in America. After launching her solo career, her latest releases have had success on streaming platforms, radio and have gotten placements in Netflix series.

In a shared studio in the heart of Den Haag a lot of music and memories were created and the product of that; her debut album will be released on the 20th of October.

Brynja’s socials

Baldur has been producing professionally for the last 7 years. He has a fresh approach to music and comes from a rock/psychedelic background. He‘s has been broadening his career all over the place to pop, Rnb, punk and more. Baldur studied producing in Berlin and is a member of a punk band called Ryba.

Baldur’s Socials

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Detroit Hip-Hop and Rap Emcee Major D-Star Speaks His Mind with His Upcoming Release, “Soul Food”



Detroit Hip-Hop and Rap Emcee Major D-Star Speaks His Mind with His Upcoming Release, “Soul Food”

Since his debut in 2013, Major D-Star has significantly shaped the rap landscape, leveraging his wealth of experience to produce tracks brimming with raw talent and deserved acclaim. Concerns that authentic rap music is fading from today’s culture are dispelled by Major D-Star’s artistry and originality. He has been creating his own lane and inspiring other artists to create music that they are passionate about without following trends. Additionally, the process of making music is a form of therapy, helping D-Star process his emotions through his art. Fans can eagerly anticipate the release of “Soul Food,” as he gears up to make a significant mark with his new music.

Set to grace the airwaves soon, Major D-Star returns with an ear-worming masterpiece dubbed “Soul Food.” And true to the song’s title, this is actually food for the soul, packaged nicely and delivered in the form of rap.

Recently, André 3000 has captured attention with his flute album, with audiences both surprised and enthralled by his musical approach. While not dwelling on that, it is important to appreciate the essence of music that can be enjoyed in various forms. With this new jam, D-Star cleverly leans in an eclectic direction without losing his core rap identity.

This track is undeniably warm and inviting, with an old-school foundation that resonates deeply with listeners. Listeners will also appreciate the ear-catching jazz influences and skillfully integrated sax melodies that elevate the tune.

On the mic, D-Star delivers nimble flows reflecting his daily experiences and the diligent pursuit of an excellent life.

His choice to eschew cookie-cutter rap arrangements and carve his own path makes this track an exciting recommendation for music enthusiasts.

To ensure you don’t miss out on this release, be sure to pre-save “Soul Food” by following the link below. And feel free to recommend it to fellow music aficionados.

pre save

Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie" Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie"


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The Phenomenally Gifted Songstress and Model Dia Bogan Is Set to Debut Her New Single, Titled “Waters.”



The Phenomenally Gifted Songstress and Model Dia Bogan Is Set to Debut Her New Single, Titled “Waters.”

Dannie Bogans, who goes by the professional moniker Dia Bogan is an extraordinary artist in the truest sense of the word. Inside her lies a voice of many colors. As she had grown up in a musical environment, everything went exactly as you would have expected. Her creative repertoire spans singing, songwriting, music production, and dancing, and she is also a critically acclaimed model, renowned for her striking figure…the looks of a goddess, which are matched only by her heavenly vocals. She is very excited as she is now gearing towards the release of her first single, “Waters” which will be complemented by an official music video scheduled to debut on December 1st, 2023.

An unashamedly sensual masterpiece set to an even-tempo nostalgic R&B beat featuring easily memorable lyrics, “Waters” is the song to spark your own deep intimate feelings towards someone you’ve been wanting for a long time.

Her voice is so pure and golden; Bogan exudes an unmistakable old-school powerhouse vocal range, reminiscent of legendary singers before her. She is able to arouse emotions and engross listeners with this jam, thanks to the song’s core storytelling technique.

And what better way to get your December underway than with a track record of this quality? Sung with such unfiltered passion and delivered in a way that so many listeners can understand, especially in expressing strong physical desires and familiar intimate feelings,

I have no doubt that “Waters” will receive a positive reaction and go on to earn widespread critical acclaim from both fans and critics, attributed to its remarkable quality.

With this enchanting release, Dia Bogan is about to turn the R&B music industry on its head. An equally enchanting music video will accompany it and be available on Dia’s official YouTube channel on December 1st.

To be among the first to experience Dia’s magic, make sure you follow her on Instagram, check out the link in her bio, subscribe to her YouTube channel, and turn on the notification bar!


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Years in the Making, Music Composer/Artist/Producer Johnnie Gee Griffing Has Released “Paula Peril Ultimate Soundtrack Collection” as a Full-Length Album.



Years in the Making, Music Composer/Artist/Producer Johnnie Gee Griffing Has Released “Paula Peril Ultimate Soundtrack Collection” as a Full-Length Album.

Far from the usual music artist of one quick hit and a dozen similar-sounding song attempts, Johnnie Gee Griffing brings artistry and originality to this eclectic creative endeavor. Having scored soundtracks for the popular comic book-based live-action films of the Paula Peril series over a span of many years, he decided to go back to the original music to reimagine the compositions and augment them with supporting musicians performing his songs alongside him, resulting in this corresponding 20-track album. This collection is one of the most moving and filmic works of art I have ever listened to. It is worth every second, with every tune perfectly capturing the essence and narrative born of the Paula Peril series!

“Big City” revels in its definite sense of cinematic allure. When we talk about variety, this track certainly fits the bill. The orthodox conga, bongo, and drums meld graciously with the spatial intimacy of the electric and bass guitars, transporting listeners to another realm. The melodies grab you by the ear and refuse to let go until the tune concludes. The track also features an unforgettable rhythmic arrangement.

“The Altar” is a delicious blend of the string and brass components over a mellow concoction of the darbuka, timpani, and conga. This tune has an inescapable filmic thrill and is transcendental as well. The patient buildup builds anticipation, which is released the more the song progresses.

“Adrenaline” lives up to its title; it is fast-paced with a scintillating blend of string components, djembe, and electric guitar, providing both the epinephrine flight response its title promises and the immersive escapism of finely curated, consistently unique melodies.

“Funkystruck” has an irresistible, funky vibe that allures like a magnet. The soundscape is chill and still exudes those foot-tapping retro vibes, making this tune a delight for the ears. This tune is also brimming with virtuosic guitar techniques and awe-inspiring musicianship. The guitar picking is quite simply impeccable, blending delectably with the string components to take a listener to a feel-good dreamland!

Having listened to “Trapped in the Flames” several times, I am actually convinced that it wouldn’t feel out of place in a James Bond film. The percussion from the timpani and drums allows for a consistently rhythmic and beautifully haunting arrangement, whereas the string instruments spread delightful melodies all around. This is the kind of soundtrack that takes up residence in your mind and stays planted there for the rest of the day!

“Peril Ahead” steadily and unhurriedly builds before the full sound is unleashed, featuring ear-catching percussion from Darbuka, timpani, and drums. The electric and bass guitars add depth and rhythm to the arrangement, and the violin and synth add elegance and crystal-clear polish. This tune unveils its narrative—a fusion of rhythm and tension, inspired by the intricacy of a live-action scene. As you listen, imagine yourself in the midst of that very moment—subdued yet intense, a melody of shadows and beats!

“Unanswered Questions” has such a mellow production thanks to the acoustic guitar and piano foundation. The melodies are heart-touching, and that impressive blend of rhythm and melody is actually relaxing, which is in stunning contrast to the title of the song!

“Truthseeker” is heavily compressed with that blend of string and brass components, backed by a cinematic rhythmic flow perfectly capturing what Johnnie intended with this soundtrack. The interplay between the instruments adds depth and complexity to the composition, making it a truly immersive experience.

In “Midnight Whistle”, the percussion creates a cloud of the atmosphere within the track. The chimes go in and out, consequently obscuring and accentuating the other elements. The shape of this piece is defined by the cello line, a stable element from which the rest of the instrumentation can wander. This track blurs the line between instrumentation as well as between reality and imagination. Johnnie creates a mysterious allure on this track, reminiscent of impressionist works of music!

Needless to say, the whole project, “Paula Peril Ultimate Soundtrack Collection” feels like something you’d want to listen to. Now that your musical curiosity has been piqued, how about you delve deep into this over-42-minute cathartic listening experience? You’ll be glad you did!

For more information regarding Johnnie, check out the website

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