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Comparing Melokid vs DistroKid: (An Unbiased Evaluation)



In this article, I’ll provide a fair comparison between Distrokid vs Melokid, two important players in the music distribution platform arena. Drawing from my personal experience of releasing music on both Melokid and DistroKid, I’ll offer insights into each platform. Additionally, I’ll incorporate findings from online research to provide a comprehensive overview.

To ensure a structured and cohesive review, I propose dividing the assessment into five distinct categories. We will analyze and compare Melokid and DistroKid across the following dimensions: Customer Service, cost and distribution.

What does music distribution entail?

Let’s swiftly ensure everyone is on the same page regarding the concept.

A music distribution service is a company that takes your finalized song and shares it across various global streaming platforms. Typically, these services include uploading your song to popular platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer, TikTok, Instagram, and other major music streaming services.


Comparing Melokid vs DistroKid: (An Unbiased Evaluation)


Can you directly upload your song to platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud? Well, for many other significant music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, it’s not that straightforward. You have to go through an intermediary, which is where a music distributor becomes essential.

Utilizing a music distributor involves a cost, typically in the form of an annual fee, and this holds true for both DistroKid and Melokid. However, certain other distributors, like CD Baby, operate on a one-time fee model.

Moreover, certain music distributors provide free distribution services but, in exchange, take a percentage of your music royalties. For instance, CD Baby deducts a 9% share from royalties, and newcomers to the music distribution scene, such as Ditto and TuneCore, also follow a model of free distribution coupled with a percentage deduction from music royalties.

In contrast, both Melokid and DistroKid require an annual fee but, in return, ensure artists receive 100% of their music royalties – a topic we’ll delve into later.

Beyond facilitating the upload of your music to various streaming platforms, music distributors offer an array of features to assist with your music marketing efforts. Examples include Spotify pre-save landing pages, music admin publishing, YouTube content ID tracking, artwork design generators, and video generators.

With a shared understanding of what a music distributor entails, let’s now thoroughly examine and compare Melokid and DistroKid. The pivotal questions to address are: which one is superior? Is Melokid a worthwhile choice? Is DistroKid a valuable option? Let’s explore and uncover the answers.

  1. Customer service


Now, let’s delve into our final comparison aspect between TuneCore and DistroKid, focusing extensively on customer service. This aspect held significant weight for me, particularly in the early stages of selecting a music distributor. As an emerging indie artist, a plethora of questions arises. Examples include: How to claim a Spotify artist page? I already have an ISRC code; what do I do? What’s the process for switching music distributors?

Numerous other questions emerge along the way, and obtaining prompt and accurate answers is crucial. As a more seasoned professional in releasing music, customer service holds a diminished priority for me now that I’ve gained experience in the industry.


Customer Support at Melokid

Melokid seamlessly integrates customer service into its pricing structure. If you opt for the Unlimited plan priced at $19.99 per year, you can be confident in receiving a customer service response within 24 hours. This assurance is particularly valuable when you require assistance. Even with the Record deal plan, you can enjoy an impressive customer service response time of just 1 business day. That level of responsiveness is truly remarkable !

I have interacted with the Melokid customer service team on a few occasions, and I’ve consistently been impressed with their prompt responses. When I released my song and required the Spotify URI code for a Spotify pre-save landing page—an aspect I was unfamiliar with—I reached out, and their swift response provided me with the necessary information.


Customer Support at DistroKid

Unlike Melokid, DistroKid doesn’t incorporate customer service directly into its pricing plans, which may be less reassuring for new artists unsure about their access to assistance when needed.

Nevertheless, DistroKid does maintain a customer service center, and you can submit requests through their designated channel. It’s worth noting that response times can vary, typically ranging from 3 to 7 business days. The complexity of your request may also play a role, with simpler queries likely receiving faster responses.


Melokid emerges as the victor in this aspect due to the inclusion of guaranteed response times in their pricing plan for customer service. While DistroKid maintains an amiable support team, the uncertainty regarding when you might receive a response leaves users in the dark.

         2. Cost

When evaluating the costs associated with both of these distributors, there are numerous factors to take into account. Each platform imposes an annual fee for uploading your music, accompanied by distinct features within their plans.

Consider which features are most relevant to you. For independent artists assessing costs, features such as a Scheduled Release Date, Customizable Label Name, and Customer Support hold particular importance. It is crucial to comprehend the features necessary for your musical career success before settling on a music distributor. This understanding will guide you in determining which distributor aligns best with your needs.

The aforementioned three features carry significance for me due to the following reasons:

  • Release Date: Having the ability to select a future release date is essential for planning Facebook or Instagram marketing campaigns around my releases. This ensures that I can inform my audience about the upcoming release in advance.
  • Label Name: The option to choose my own label name holds importance. For instance, I prefer not to see Melokid or DistroKid displayed on Spotify when viewing the song credits.
  • Customer Support: Timely responses to my queries are crucial to prevent any sense of being left in the dark, especially for new artists navigating the music industry.


Now armed with a clearer understanding of the pivotal features, let’s proceed to compare the costs of Melokid and DistroKid.


Comparing Melokid vs DistroKid: (An Unbiased Evaluation)


What is the cost of DistroKid?

DistroKid offers three pricing plans, each catering to different needs. Let’s examine each plan with a focus on the features that matter to us. Unfortunately, I cannot provide a direct link to the DistroKid pricing plan; you need to sign up to DistroKid to access it, which can be a bit inconvenient. Here’s a breakdown of the plans:

Musician Plan – $22.99 USD/year : this is the entry-level plan, priced at $22.99 USD per year, offering unlimited releases at an affordable rate. However, it may not be suitable for me as it lacks the specific features I require. If the features align with your needs, this plan could be an ideal choice, emphasizing the importance of considering features beforehand.

Musician Plus Plan – $35.99 USD/year: priced at $35.99 USD per year, this second-tier plan includes everything in the Musician Plan and more. Upon reviewing the features, it covers everything crucial to me, except for customer service, which isn’t explicitly mentioned.

Label Plan – $79.99 USD/year: as the most expensive plan at $79.99 USD per year, the Label Plan appears tailored for independent labels. However, as an indie musician, the extensive features catering to 5-100 artists are more than I need. I’ll be passing on this one. Customer service details are still absent, but we’ll delve into that further in the customer service section.

What is the cost of Melokid?

Here are the pricing details for the available plans:

Unlimited Plan – $19.99 USD/year: priced at $19.99 USD per year, the Unlimited Plan encompasses all the features crucial to me. Notably, it includes splits, customer support and the ability to customize the label name. The label name is the designation visible in the song credits, ensuring a personalized touch. For instance, on Spotify, without a custom label name, it would display Melokid or DistroKid instead.

RECORD DEAL Plan – $49.99 USD/year: Melokid’s top-tier plan is the RECORD DEAL Plan, costing $49.99 USD per year. Loaded with every feature one might desire, this plan is comprehensive in meeting my specific needs. It goes beyond by offering advances, splits, a customer service response time of 1 business day with video call assistance, and opportunities for record deals—an exceptionally valuable package.

By examining the pricing pages, it’s evident that Melokid is the more affordable choice. Their initial pricing tier begins at $19.99. In comparison, DistroKid’s first-tier pricing plan is $22.99. Consequently, Melokid emerges as the more cost-effective option.

Comparing Melokid vs DistroKid: (An Unbiased Evaluation)

III. Music Distribution

Which platform, Melokid or DistroKid, excels in distributing your music? Let’s explore the distribution landscape for each and see how they compare. If your goal is to upload your song to major streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, TikTok, Instagram, Tidal, Deezer, and Pandora, rest assured that both DistroKid and Melokid will facilitate the upload to all these platforms seamlessly.

For those seeking distribution to more niche platforms, a bit of investigation is required to ascertain if either platform caters to your specific streaming service preferences. For instance, Deezer is a French music streaming service. Upon investigation, it becomes evident that both DistroKid and Melokid will upload your music to Deezer.

Melokid provides a list of the streaming services they upload to, while information about DistroKid’s supported platforms wasn’t readily available in my search.

In all likelihood, both Melokid and DistroKid are likely to be on par in terms of distribution capabilities, given that they both cover all major platforms.

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The performance is direct and genuine, stemming from a place of honesty and raw emotion, showcasing bold lyricism that pulls no punches. The chorus, interspersed with his intellectual flows, is catchy and unforgettable, one that compels a listener to go back to the track and continue playing in the head long after the final notes fade away.

“Lean On Me” is not just any other rap song; this track has some emotional weight, capturing the essence of life’s struggles and hardships that are inevitable as Hero Da Kyng aims to bring hope, integrity, and direction with this jam. At the end of the day, we are so much more than the struggles we endure. Our resilient spirit has always been something we can evoke in the face of seemingly insurmountable adversities, and this is the message being passed through this tune.

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