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Denzell Terrell’s Self-Produced EP “Pursuit to Prevail” Is the Mark of Stunning Innovation in Melodic Transcendence



Denzell Terrell Pursuit to Prevail

Denzell Terrell is an independent R&B artist, producer, performer, and songwriter who aspires to convey the 90s vibe with just enough interesting futuristic vibe for that immersive and gratifying ethereal listening experience. And, to be honest, nothing beats the nostalgic mood of the 1990s! 

His delivery is even more engaging now that he has had the voice for days; the way he demonstrates his wide vocal range by fitting in on any type of beat and succeeding magnificently on those high and low notes has always been a spectacular moment of magic. His highly honed vocals constantly lend a layer of depth and color to his sparkling tracks, which generally speak to the heart. 

His self-produced EP “Pursuit to Prevail” is pure heaven brought to earth, with all of the tracks transporting the listener on a magnificent trip of love as Terrell’s vocals act as the ship through the unending Indian Ocean where everything feels shockingly alive!
The high-quality video for these songs was shot in several locations, and each track opens out in a dramatic fashion to a distinct location, grabbing the interest of listeners from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Baltimore, Maryland. It’s as though you’re on a wild love tour! 

“For the Ladies” is that single for the ladies, delivered in his typical silky and sensationally seductive vocals, while the 90s R&B orchestration washes over you in the magnificent beauty and makes you forget all your concerns for a minute! This tune would be best enjoyed over a candlelit meal with your lovely woman in attendance.

Denzell effortlessly glides over his different verses on “Goddess,” displaying a unique ability to build a melody for this composition. The tune transports the listener to another planet decorated with goddesses whose faces are coated with joy and the touch of their hands delivers much more to a fainting heart!

The video’s raw and graphic imagery skillfully blended with equally cutting edge clips of Denzell Terrell giving a variety of comforting lyrics about letting your guard down for the one you love transport us to Los Angeles, California. This is a track for the next generation, and the way his smooth voice shine over those beats and patterns leaves nothing to be desired!

His smooth-talking, free-flowing voice shimmer with splendorous clarity on “Thing 4 U,” transporting the listener to Atlanta, Georgia. The music video for this song is a fantastic compliment to the song in terms of storyline and symbolism.

With Terrell’s passionate voice over the powerful backbeat, “Fed Up,” shot in Baltimore, Maryland, tells of a forlorn heart. His artistic abilities captivate, and his palpable delivery moves a listener. 

This enthralling EP encapsulates compelling sensual and nostalgic sensations with his angelic vocals, bringing warmth and assurance. As a result, the entire ambiance is very tranquil, cool, romantic, and comfortable. “Pursuit to Prevail” is a radio staple, and it’s no wonder that it has over 14.6K views and counting. Follow the given link to feel the force of that hybrid 90’style in your mind, body, soul, and heart!

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Established Music Producer Omen Ahead Takes Listeners on a Rollercoaster with His Fourth EP Release “Marionette”



Omen Ahead Marionette

Heavy commercial EDM and Dubstep doesn’t get better than this as music producer Omen Ahead has mastered the art of stringing the diverse styles in EDM, dance, trap, and Dubstep together to create a glamorous hybrid musical style that is highly energized and which undoubtedly allows exuberant listeners to throw some caution in the wind and dance with reckless abandon under the exploding glow of the electronic melodies. His 4th EP “Marionette’ is a 5-track collection that is overflowing with high quality and endearingly melodious tracks right from the first track “A Greater Evil” to the last one “Redemption”.

Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie" 

These tracks which have been molded together showcase the inventiveness of British-like urban music with the fundamental techniques from the wobbly basslines to half-time drum programming. The meteoric rise from one track to the other is unrivaled, with roots in the predominantly London-flavored two-step and grime scenes and experimental garage hints to the low-end frequencies. From this EP, you’ve got yourself a new sonic phenomenon! The gist of the melody in the tracks lies in its rhythm, bass, and dark sounds, with heavy use of spatial atmospherics, low-end frequencies and swing.

The title track “Marionette” is a heroic introductory melody with the syncopated patterns giving the beat movements and the heavy sub-bass giving the track warmth and depth. The tempo is high in EDM fashion which provides the potential for DJs to mix it with break-beat in their sets.

A Greater Evil” is dark and hauntingly synthetic and the reliance on the synth harmonies, old radio vocals, and robotic bass is one of the most exciting elements as it gives it the freedom to move away from a set song structure and dependence on breaks and bass drops. This has been created for the dance floor and produced to be heard on a loud sound system.

Proving Grounds” has ethnic melodies and is driven by its wobbling bass wall of sound complemented by the exotic sounds and the old-school atmosphere and texture that create a full and spacious mix. The softened dub reggae, reverb, and panoramic stereo add much-needed depth and space.

Darkest Hours” is built around the trance synths with the trending hybrid trap sounds and the dominant low-frequency elements, namely the sub-bass and kick drum is laid perfectly on the lower end of the sonic spectrum, and the kick and sub-bass gel together impeccably.

Redemption” the last track in the EP has those redeeming sonic qualities driven with the anthem vocal chants and snare drums that punch in. It is more expressive, and there is a lot of placements on the off-beat. The combination of hats and other percussion samples built up to design excellent beats.

The best thing about making such EDM and Dubstep tracks is the freedom allowed in these artistic styles – encourages a lot of people to try their hand at making it and what allows producer and genius Omen Ahead to excel is making the sound as natural as possible by throwing a bit of randomization in there to make sure the melodies sound as original as possible. “Marionette” is now available on all the major streaming platforms and listeners can get to enjoy all this splendorous extravagance by following the attached link and immersing themselves fully into Omen’s musical world!

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Coming Through Like a Hip-Hop Apprentice Snow Tha Saint Shows His Skills in His EP “Now or Never”



Snow Tha Saint Now or Never

Started out as a young prodigy and as early as 11 years, he was already writing rhymes, by the age of 14 he had recorded his first song; this is none other than Marcus Johnson who goes by the stage name Snow Tha Saint. Hailing from Bartow, Florida, he did not have it easy as he found himself spiraling into the dark on several occasions, even getting himself locked up in County Jail where he spent 180 days and while this was a very dark phase and period in his life he utilized the moments to perfection getting through his thoughts and meditating lyrically to fashion his music to the next level as soon as he was released. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes wishes come true, also especially gladly via many detours and though he did not wish his life to take those tragic turns, he utilized the moments to make something great out of an absolutely horrible situation. That in my book makes him an acclaimed legend and his never-to-say-die attitude is a very admirable quality that many can learn from.

At 27 years of age now, he is the master of his own fate and dares to dazzle, entertain and revamp your spirits with the EP “Now or Never” which is a high-energy Hip hop melodious groove that is lyrically rich and melodically terrific. The opening track “Heata’” is heated up with booming retrospect as it unfolds in sensual format with the dripping touch of the piano organ before all the other instruments take their place in the track being driven heavily by the deep-phased bass that haunts the mind like some necessary evils! The resounding drums and atmospheric synths make for an all-good rollicking fun.

My favorite track “Classic” which he featured LoudLoui is a speaker thumping heavy track that sits right with the melody, harmony, and rhythm benefitting from genuine ingenuity from an accomplished sound engineer. The way the two acts exchange and trade blow lyrically will have you on the edge of your seat in awe of such lyrical prowess. There is so much power and vitality in the whole of this 9-piece collection and fans of the old and new hip-hop alike will have a raucously great time with this EP. He is set to officially release it on Valentine’s Day and what a day to do it! As people will be showering others with love, all the hip-hop fans will be showered with something more, something to withstand time and something close to their hearts, body, and soul. Make sure to follow Snow Tha Saint for his tank of creative output has just been replenished it is about to go down in epic style!

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The Greatest On The Verse And A Project To Cement His Rightful Place On The Hip Hop Scene; Slym Beno’s “Thanks For Nothing” EP is One For The Culture



Slym Beno Thanks For Nothing

He hit the ground running as early as 18 years old when he released his first-ever Mixtape titled “I can spit” which was even hosted by the popular Cleveland DJ, DJ EV. At that same age, he went ahead and shared the stage with A-listers such as; Young Jeezy, David Banner, Rocko and Bun B. Just like Kobe Bryant was the greatest on the court, SLym Beno is the greatest on the verses and having been influenced by artistic legendary performers such as Lil Wayne, Jay Z, LL Cool J, Biggie Smalls and Usher it’s no surprise that he has been able to produce certified smash and thumping songs that are powerful in as much as they are explicit. His latest project, “Thanks for Nothing” is a defiant and unapologetic masterpiece woven together by blendful and speaker-thumping and culturally disruptive tunes that have been made with potent precision bringing out their insightful themes amidst the sometimes lyrically strong vocality to inspire anyone listening that they are destined for greatness in spite of the naysayers and the jealous types who may try to write off others dream as if they were their own. This is an educative masterpiece delivered in its befitting unapologetic tone to remind everyone that they are always in control of their destinies no matter what.

The project is set to be released on 12/31/21 on all streaming platforms but to give us a taste of his inimitable and fiercely cataclysmic sensation that the project will be all about; he has released two thunderous tunes; “GR8T” and “Count Up” which are mainstream smashing hits that offer a unique perspective that only Slym Beno can deliver. The build-up to the strong and rhythmic tune, “Count Up” is immensely energetic with the consistent and elementary synthesized riffs of, ‘Count it up” summoning the alluring harmony and as Beno attacks the slapping explosive beats with his technical lyricism, unfettered technical wordplay, delivering heavy blows that remind every rival that he’s a force to be reckoned with heavily influential on this boom made track. “Money ain’t everything, but it feel important…cos when you broke only real ones will support you…” is just the icing on the cake on the educative lyricism on display. He says that he set out to do what they said he couldn’t. Such authentic audacity!

“GR8T” is intoxicating with the inundating alluring harmony created by the heavily percussive and shimmering piano organ and heavy bass elemental complex instrumentations exploding with majestic allure as Beno seamlessly performs with incredible mastery and lyrical prowess in the way he conveys his intricate free-styling ability like he was born with a mic on his hands. “Imma be GR8T today, imma go make a way…haters gon’ hate the same…but we don’t give a fuck today…” is a defiant theme that just indicates the confidence in his own ability to build a boundary-busting career in the rap genre and Hip hop sound. The emphasized catchy riffs of, “We don’t give a fuck today…imam be GRT8 today” breathes infectious life into the heavily percussive instrumentation laying a steady foundation with the strong automotive chorus.

This upcoming project is going to win over fans and critics alike and the two bold, textured singles from the project just confirm the inevitability that is the wild, untamable energy that will be the “Thanks for nothing” project. Brace yourself for this is going to break every record in its wake.

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