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Belovid Black Is About to Show You How to Appreciate the Love of Your Life in His Yet to Be Released New Single Dubbed “Sly Guy”



Belovid Black Sly Guy

Demetrious Hendley alias Belovid Black is an American rapper, songwriter and producer who was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey as the fourth child of seven. To where he is currently standing, it has been nothing less than a rough ride as he has backed severally into a corner with the world’s mother of struggles but he has still persisted, persevered, and come out of the other side looking stronger; his resident hero that sits at his most wise foundation being ignited in the process! He was inspired into music by his late brother Corey Hendley who was murdered at the young age of 16 and Black decided to take up the mantle and keep his brother’s young legacy alive by taking on the music himself where he began performing at local clubs and he eventually grabbed the attention of a major record label.

Things did not particularly get better from here as in the year 2006, Belovid Black was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison for second-degree manslaughter and he attended college while in Prison but unfortunately the governor of New Jersey cut the inmate funding. Once he was out of prison in the year 2015, he got back straight up into the studio where he has been recording certified bangers that will be released on a stream as he now seeks to astonish the musical world with his charisma and humongous gifts on the mic!

Soon, Belovid Black is set to release an emotional piece of honesty dubbed “Sly Guy” which is now available for pre-save and pre-order from your favorite streaming platform. This track is all about the appreciation he holds for his woman who has been there for him and has accepted this ride with an ex-convict which is not always easy and not many people have such beautiful souls to love and accept the other person for who they are and even their past mistakes.

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In making this track, Belovid Black is also passing a message that it is okay to be vulnerable and express those emotions. There is really no shame in vulnerability and nothing to be gained from pushing your feelings down. This is going to be an appreciative dedication anthem to all those who love and support unconditionally despite the numerous relationship troubles that sometimes permeate the love institution. His rap fluidity and flawlessness already mean this is a masterpiece in rap transcendence and will be a favorite for the fanatics of emotion-filled rap melodies!


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Promising Music Producer CADU! Has an Inspired Original Body of Work Dubbed “I Wanna Be Yours”



CADU I Wanna Be Yours

Carlos Eduardo Macário Cassoli who goes professionally as CADU! is a 20-year-old up-and-coming music producer from Brazil residing in Colatina. He has always possessed that insatiable passion for music, instruments, and technology ever since he was a young boy and started making music at just 15 years of age. He has been growing a loyal and dedicated fan base with his remixes and now he enters the production ring with his own engineered productions that are just as astonishing. His ambition is to become one of the most respected music producers of our time, and will not stop until the entire world hears his own virtuosity productions- one track at a time!

Taking center stage in the most flamboyant of ways, CADU! brings the house down literally with his new single, “I Wanna Be Yours”- a certified banger from head to toe. This is one of those electronically inspired dance tracks that you would listen to all day without getting bored. The way it builds and finally CADU! unleashes a timeless medley of rhythm and melody is the mark of a consummate musical engineer who is set to take over soon enough

This is a melodically transcending masterpiece with each and every element working in close tandem with each other to articulate a charged and complete body of work that is going to marvelously assault your ears as you play it on repeat and dance with youthful gusto to the tremendously shimmery beats.

And the way those stunning and soulful female vocals float over the dazzling euphonies is another intriguing detail about this production. This is no different from what you get on the radio or from your favorite legendary music producers and for a start, this is genuinely commendable. The official release has already amassed over 2.4 K views in such a short period of time.

To get a taste of this exceptionally mixed and mastered tune- follow the attached link, subscribe to his YouTube channel if you enjoy the song, and comment your thoughts. This is just the beginning and CADU! has promised more mysterious good so you just have to be in here not to be left behind!

Catch Up With CADU! on:

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Savor in a Melodically Mesmerizing World That the Track “Touch” by Shannon Burchett Creates!



Savor in a Melodically Mesmerizing World That the Track “Touch” by Shannon Burchett Creates!

Shannon Burchett is a recording artist, singer, and songwriter from Dallas, Texas, whose music has gone on to amass millions of streams on popular streaming platforms with his innate charisma and musicianship endearing itself to millions of fans globally who just want to be fed more from his rich tank of talent. He has a new album dubbed “Lucky” that will soon be available on all your favorite streaming platforms with some of the hit singles “Nirvana”, “Higher” and “Someday” out and making a deserved impact on the listeners.

The track “Touch” is one of those indescribably magical tunes; a smoothly defined and nostalgically transcendental instrumental sound, “Touch” is like an outlet for the expression of your deep feelings and emotions drawn from a lifetime of experiences. It is like a soul conversation that hits you in that universal language that does not discriminate in any form.


Shannon Burchett creates an ambient classical guitar-driven melody that tells a story without lyrics. This tune will allow you to connect with your own intimacy on an emotional level. You just have to listen deeply and allow yourself the tranquility that a peaceful environment affords as you let those nicely done and balanced tones do the magic!

This is such virtuosic guitar playing; the guitar riffs are mesmerizing and everything is arranged impeccably, the expert expressive playing up and down the fretboard with seamless transition between sections with the melody still managing to maintain that overall warmth all round.

You will absolutely get carried away from the onset, and the way the drums kick in is tantalizing. The reverb used is prolific with the whole track echoing sometime in the past, probably 1971 during that golden era of classic rockabilly scenes or even the Brit pop with some blues – absolutely spectacular.

You’ll love how the crisp euphony meanders and still holds the song together as a cohesive body of work. This is unmistakably the mark of a master engineer.

Follow the attached link and open, “Touch” to your heart and watch as the track takes you away to an indescribably magical place you never thought existed!

Catch Up With Shannon on:

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UK Based Grime Engineer Strategy KI Comes With a Remixed Feel Good Summer Garage Anthem “With the Weather”



Strategy KI With the Weather

Just like his name, Strategy KI is the man with the strategy to take the UK rap scene out to the rest of the world and he has been succeeding at that lately going as far as capturing the attention of loyal hip-hop-heavy hitters such as T-Pain and others. His style of music is filled with eclectic influences and fusions of genres from the synonymous UK-grime to dancehall and modern trap. Back to his roots in creating music that blends musical genres, it is safe to say that Strategy KI is that artist on everyone’s radar!

This time he did things quite different from what we are used to and that is just one level of his versatility and dynamism. He brings a UK-garage-infused melody with the remixed version of, “With the Weather”- adding unique UK grime to it, this feel-good track will without a doubt make your summer in the most attractive ways possible.

After the tumultuous and chaos that COVID-19 left in its wake, this track just lets you imagine a tropical day at the beach and how it would feel like and even during the month leading to this exact moment where it is almost like you would be anticipating the incoming summer-time vibes and, “With the Weather” places you in that exact moment.

The backing vocal flourishes are endearing and place themselves candidly in between his smooth and candid flows. The way he is effortlessly sleek will move you and make you just want to listen to this track over and over again. There is a calmness about his flows and the whole vibe around this track that is indeed transferred to its listener- that makes you feel like the ‘calm after storm’ kind of situation.

This is one of those soothingly effective melodies that are easy to just get lost in as you savor the melodies and lyrics wholeheartedly. The music video for the same can be expected very soon so stay tuned for that.

Follow the attached link to listen to this powerful track- subscribe to Strategy KI’s YouTube channel, like the tune, and share it widely for it is deserving of a global viewership!

Catch Up With Strategy KI on:

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