Little King’s “Amber Waves (GoodBye)” resonates with its personal and widely accessible subject matter!



Little King is a 3-piece spectra rock band fronted by Ryan Rosoff that began as early as 1996 and has gone through a number of lineup changes to currently be what it is. What has not changed is the authentic, nostalgic, and yet warmly familiar sound this banner has come to be associated with. With over 27K Spotify monthly listeners and over half a million collective streams, thousands of airplays, and tremendous positive press reviews and features, it is safe to say this collective has grown from strength to strength, and they are still not relenting on their throne. The band prides itself on its versatility and boundless creativity, pushing the boundaries of genre and what is considered traditional with their ingenious approach to songwriting and execution.

The song “Amber Waves (GoodBye)” hits a listener right in the feels. There is just something about this composition that is comforting and healing…hard to explain but easy to listen to and feel the strong emotions evoked.

The guitar picking is undeniably captivating and the perfect complement to the emotion-drenched, spotlight-stealing vocals that reel a listener in from the first note. As the track progresses, the more intense it feels and the more heightened the vocals get. There is that inescapable ‘rock’snarl’ in the lead singer’s voice that is really ideal for the genre.

Not only are the vocals powerful and expressive, but the sheer level of control used to exude such range accounts for this song’s broad-based appeal. The instrumentation is mellow, guitar-driven, and stripped back to allow for the track’s deep lyrical narrative to thrive.

For me, “Amber Waves (GoodBye)” carries that kind of deep melancholic introspection and explains why a listener finds it so relatable as they connect with the lyrics personally.

Overall, this song is a bona fide standout that has been lovingly arranged, brilliantly executed, and passionately performed…there is no reason why you shouldn’t like it from the first listen.

And it says a lot that the tune has over 121K Spotify streams!

So hop in and ride this jam to eternity!

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