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Mimi Novic Unveils Her Guided Meditation Album “Dream House: The Journey”

Music that calms the soul is the greatest gift an artist can offer to his or her audience, and Mimi Novic has done just that with her new creations. There is no denying that Mimi Novic is unlike any other artist in the industry. Though several present compositions with groovy rhythms and upbeat basslines, the artist prefers the lighter side of music. Her capacity to create soul-stirring works of spirituality has captivated the minds of millions of people and it has widened her fan base in the process.

Mimi Novic is a best-selling inspirational author, therapist, motivational speaker, and self-awareness teacher whose methods have inspired people all over the world. Her work is packed with positivity, inspiration, and an insatiable desire to get to the heart of what really holds us back.

Mimi Novic’s goal is to improve the frequency of the world and fill all hearts with joy. She works toward this goal by channeling her higher self and thoughts through music, meditations, books, and public speaking. Her most recent project, “Dream House: The Journey,” is a guided meditation album in the form of spoken word, which is an amazing art form that simply connects people with authentic and beautiful experiences of overcoming life’s difficulties.

“Dream House: The Journey” provides a soothing atmosphere for listeners to enjoy. The artist intended for her audience to take a break from their hectic schedules and reconnect with their inner personality in order to gain self-awareness. Here music portrays that in order to live a happy life, one should always maintain a positive attitude and reject all of the world’s negativities. She was able to offer her audience a clear way to do so with her recent creation “Dream House: The Journey.”

The calming melodies used in the arrangement, as well as her sultry vocal prowess, are just what people need to rejuvenate their souls at the end of a long day. The track’s ambiance has been completely synchronized with the album’s aesthetic.

Each track has a unique soundscape, but Mimi Novic’s captivating vocal tone remains consistent. Her vocal tone is consistent, and she is zealous about performing her own compositions. When delivering catchy narratives, the artist has impressively aligned her faultless artistry with her stunning execution.

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“Giant In My Mind” by Big Bus Dream is a Charming Representation of Folk Music With a Hint of Nostalgia

Folk music’s conventional acoustic beauty is widely embraced and adored by music lovers of all genres. Big Bus Dream, a prolific singer, has been imparting his exceptional acoustic resonance through his sincere creative endeavors. He recently released “Giant In My Mind,” a radiant melody that is a fusion of folk and alternative music with stunning rhythmic cadence.



“Giant In My Mind” is lavish in its tempting instrumental execution, projecting some impressive guitar work and instilling a tonal delicacy in the hearts of the audience. This single has the power to bind to the musical senses of the listeners and keep them entranced from the very first note as it is an excellent representation of the artist’s journey of self-discovery and self-love over the past two years. Big Bus Dream cultivates a rich, matured voice that sounds hauntingly beautiful and resonates perfectly with the intricate instrumental detailing in “Giant In My Mind”

 “If getting older and still making music wasn’t enough to
think about, throw in a pandemic and you have plenty
of time to think about your life. Add all the crazy
politics and divide in this country and you have plenty
to write about. Mostly, the record is about jumping, or
just crashing through, hurdles over the years – lots of

-Big Bus Dream


Big Bus Dream is constantly seeking to produce something modern and refreshing that expresses his uniqueness and versatility while displaying flawless dexterity. The versatile artist have made a significant difference in the global indie-folk and alternative rock scene experimenting in various thematic forms and elements. A brave and courageous singer brings to his production a new-age vision that can shape the whole direction of the genre to break free from the monotony of contemporary music.

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Established Artist Indigo Wonder Takes the Center Stage With Her Exceptional Rap Flow and Rich Lyrics in “A Beautiful Heaux”

Her astonishingly genuine and articulate style is a pure expression of a performer completely capable of resonating with audiences around the world through the melodic music she is now creating. Indigo Wonder, a natural entertainer, and singer produce truly moving moments in time for anyone to enjoy – and she just made her return in 2021 with the release of her lively new single “A Beautiful Heaux.”


The Female pop artist’s new single “A Beautiful Heaux,” has the flow you need to get your mood up, with a lot of vitality, excitement, and a true love of hip-hop in her soul. One of the most appealing aspects of her single is that the whole soundscape consists of the shouting out or recognition of existing companies. All the song’s lines are called a black company (with the exception of the hook). The song is designed to promote black people’s economic empowerment and to promote the spending of money on Black businesses. Learn more at


The exceptional melodic progression, steady rhythm, and strong sub-bass all work together to create the ideal forum for the rap. Wonder’s impressive performance provides just the right amount of dynamic variety to ensure that this single is engaging from beginning to end. By the end of “A Beautiful Heaux,” you’ll be singing along with the catchy hook and needing to press the repeat button for another listen.

Indigo Wonder’s comeback will go down as one of the most outstanding debuts, and it has gained some momentum since its publication.  Officially available online, “A Beautiful Heaux” is certain to have a strong and optimistic effect on listeners worldwide, establishing Indigo Wonder on charts and playlists with uplifting vibes and heartfelt sound that the crowd can relate to.




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Jorge Jeffe Has Captivated the Fans with an Infectious Rhythm and Engaging Hook in His Single “Pissed Off”

Witness the unwavering personality of Jorge Jeffe with his new single  “Pissed Off.” The single is produced by Mac$Money from Canada

Given the current trajectory of rap and hip hop, it is reasonable to predict that within a few years, it will have a global scope to every corner of the world. This type of music, like other musical styles, has the ability to transport the audience to new and unexplored realms of life. With his upbeat and unothordox style of music, Dallas-based artist Jorge Jeffe provides listeners with the best experience of rap and hip hop. “Pissed Off,” one of his new songs, is absolutely intriguing and original, with catchy lyrics and foot-tapping rhythms.


The greatest thing about this dynamic artist is that he makes music based on his experiences, making it easy for listeners to connect to his music.He, like other musicians, has had his fair share of struggles in life, but these hardships and transient obscurities have not caused him to lose focus; on the contrary, they have fueled his desire to transcend the ordinary and create something maverick and magnificent.

Authenticity is what the artist represents, and that is one of the main reasons why he is so popular with his audience. Watch the inventive music video shot and directed by KoolyTv below:


More splendid music videos by the established hip-hop artist can be found on major trending sites such as YouTube.





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