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Interview: Desh.Dubs Shares Insights on His Musical Journey



Sheer genius is demonstrated by the fascinating reggae artist and songwriter Desh.Dubs in his new album “Over the Wicked.” The tracks of the impeccable artist are beautifully entertaining and captivate the audience with an immersive and catchy vibe.

We’re lucky enough to have sneaked in for an interview with a talented singer. He was generous enough to lend some of his precious moments as we gleefully stumbled deep into his personal and professional life. Here are some excerpts from the interview:


“Above the Wicked” is captivating from the start to finish with a combination of unique beats and catchy lyrics. What was the inspiration behind the album?

 The primary inspiration, maybe I should say the purpose, was simply getting in a studio and collaborating with different producers and very specific artists I like from Zambia. It was like, sitting down and watching what happens when our respective talents and styles blend into an album. For me it was more like going into a chemistry lab, combine some stuff and wait and see what happens. There may seem to be many themes in the album but it’s always about love.

Interview: Desh.Dubs Shares Insights on His Musical Journey Interview: Desh.Dubs Shares Insights on His Musical Journey

  is called ‘Above the Wicked’ because of a song I wrote when I was still doing Christian Rap in the ‘90s. I have done three solo albums but each time this song was somehow overlooked or forgotten. This time I decided to record it and made sure it is the title of the album.


 Tell us about your background and how did you get started in reggae music?

I started out as a member of the Hip-hop group called the BLACK PACT in Ndola, Zambia. Later, we formed a Christan rap group known as the Rap Prophets. It became the first Gospel rap trio to be shown on Zambian TV and Radio in the early ‘90s. Back then, I was not a fan of reggae music. I liked rap, gospel, RnB and some kalindula music. I was introduced to Dancehall and Reggae by my late band mate Joe Chibangu.We experimented with Reggae and Dancehall (we called it ‘Ragga’ then). At that point, I began to get more influenced by Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton, ushnikens and DAS EFX music and stuff like that. I remember watching bootleg MTV videos on VCR and that sort of thing. And try to imitate what we watched. Basically, that’s how I got into Reggae and Dancehall.

What was the first Reggae song you ever heard?

I am sure it was ‘Forever Loving Jah’ by Bob Marley, I heard it first when one of the local bands played it. It sounded very beautiful – it has stuck with me ever since. I think I was 8 – 10 years or something like that. I had to walk up to the singer and tell him that I like that song, He said it was not his, it was done by Bob Marley. Perhaps I heard other reggae melodies before, however, they never registered in my memory. But this incident did. For me it was the first reggae song I was ever touched by.

Who is your favorite Reggae Artist?

There’s so many. So many fucking sick musicians at this moment. I mean new and current ones. This is a tricky one. I am only going to mention artist that have a big impact on me. Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Yellowman, Fella, PK Chishala, Paul Ngozi, The Witch, Sizzla, Daddy Zemus, DAS EFX, Ini Kamoze, Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton, Busta Rhymes to me those are my all-time favourites, my top picks.

Do you have any dream collaborations? Who are they?

As much as I like a lot of artists, I don’t think I have one specific artist I want to collaborate with. I love what Lous And The Yakuza, Jah9,Greentea Peng and Tems are doing. Of course, I like Buju Banton, Busta Rhymes, Wyclef etc. I know the collaboration with one of these will never ever happen, like you said it is only a dream.

What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

I am unsure if I can consider it a motto, but I believe in being simple and being truthful in what I try to do or speak – however, it tends to be hard at times. I may be wrong about it – but I feel there’s divine power in being of service to others. 

 As someone said ‘Whatever holds human thought in accordance with unselfed love, receives divine power’. I try to live life on a level that has a constant positive impact. It is a standard I  struggle to maintain.

 Being an artist, sometimes it is about making a choice: you can decide to follow the course of fame and fortune, or you can decide to positively affect individuals that listen to your music and in turn give you as an artist the strength and motivation to make music and show you that you are on the right path.

 If you had one message to give your fans, what would it be?

 If at all I had a fan, especially in these trying times, I figure my basic message may sound cliche, but I will say this…we should try to understand each other and have fun together, now! Let us reject hatred without hating one another.

 Musically all I can say is I barely know what I’m doing for the rest of 2021. I’m just excited about this project I have just released ‘Above the Wicked’, really excited. I think I know I want to  continue doing this music thing and I know it’s worth the energy.  I’m attempting to get on shows, and simply keep it moving.  So let’s just see how that works.

 For our final question, is there anything else you would like to add?

 (Laughing) I think we’re looking towards next year for another album. I want to release some singles later this year. I’m doing a ton of work with some outside producers that connected with me after the release of this album. I am just going with the flow.

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Interview: Desh.Dubs Shares Insights on His Musical Journey Interview: Desh.Dubs Shares Insights on His Musical Journey Interview: Desh.Dubs Shares Insights on His Musical Journey Interview: Desh.Dubs Shares Insights on His Musical Journey




With “Legendary,” Wowashwow Proves She’s Not Just Playing The Game But Winning It, Offering An Unforgettable Musical Journey.



With "Legendary," Wowashwow Proves She's Not Just Playing The Game But Winning It, Offering An Unforgettable Musical Journey.

In the vast expanse of the music world, where talent intertwines with the essence of empowerment, Wowashwow stands as a beacon of originality and strength. Her latest single, “Legendary,” is not just a piece of music; it’s an electrifying manifesto that encapsulates the charisma, empowerment, and the relentless spirit of a woman forging her path to greatness. Wowashwow doesn’t merely perform in “Legendary”; she commands the space, crafting a mosaic of sounds and words that resonate with vitality and an unwavering drive for success.

“Legendary” unfolds as a masterclass in empowerment, with Wowashwow weaving her narrative with the finesse of a seasoned storyteller. Her voice, a blend of confidence and raw talent, dances over the beats, creating an anthem for the unapologetically bold. The track, infused with the infectious rhythms of Jersey club music, pulses with an energy that commands attention, embodying the spirit of a woman undeterred by the world’s challenges.

Through her lyrics, Wowashwow delivers bold declarations of self-worth and resilience, crafting lines that aren’t just heard but felt. “You must take the money,” she declares, a testament to her unyielding ambition and determination. These words, more than lyrics, are a battle cry for empowerment, urging listeners to embrace their uniqueness and stride towards their dreams with unshakeable confidence.

The musical arrangement of “Legendary” is a testament to Wowashwow’s artistic vision, blending elements of hip-hop, rap, and Jersey club into a seamless symphony. The track’s infectious beat drives it forward, while the intricate production adds layers of depth and complexity, making each listen a new discovery.

Beyond her musical prowess, Wowashwow’s journey is a narrative of dedication and self-belief. An independent artist, she has carved her niche, rallying a team of creatives who share her passion and vision. Her live performances, a spectacle of energy and charisma, have solidified her reputation as a force in the music industry.

As Wowashwow continues to defy expectations and push boundaries, she emerges not just as an artist to watch but as a symbol of empowerment. “Legendary” is more than a song; it’s a manifesto for those who dare to dream big and refuse to be defined by constraints.

For those yet to experience the dynamism of Wowashwow, “Legendary” is the perfect introduction. It’s a track that doesn’t just play; it resonates, leaving a lasting impression of a woman who is not just making music but making history. Stream “Legendary” and join the journey of an artist who is truly legendary in every sense of the word.


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“LONG TIME AGO” exemplifies Greco’s artistic freedom, challenging conventions with his distinct hip-hop style.



"LONG TIME AGO" exemplifies Greco's artistic freedom, challenging conventions with his distinct hip-hop style.

Greco has made a space for himself as a distinctive character in the hip-hop scene, merging the realms of music and fashion from his home base in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Starting his journey on Soundcloud in 2017, this multi-faceted artist creates experiences rather than merely tracks, distinguishing himself with a unique blend of Italian re-sampling and polished 21st-century production skills. As a self-producing musician, Greco personifies the spirit of freedom, forging a new route for what it means to be an individual in the music industry. His music, an avant-garde combination that questions the established quo, distinguishes him as an embodiment of creativity in a field rife with rigidity. Greco’s approach to hip-hop is about leaving a legacy of artistic integrity and imaginative thinking. For those in search of something genuinely groundbreaking in the hip-hop scene, Greco’s latest works promise to redefine expectations and perhaps, turn him into your newest musical obsession.

His recently released single “LONG TIME AGO” serves as a vibrant testament to his mission of pushing boundaries and embodying the essence of creative freedom. With this track, Greco ventures into the exploration of themes that resonate with a global audience, specifically aiming to empower women through rhythmic beats and compelling lyrics. The song, which draws inspiration from the idea of giving women everywhere a reason to dance, combines the artist’s distinctive blend of sharp wit and a keen ear for sampling to create an anthem that is both a celebration of femininity and a call to freedom.

“LONG TIME AGO” unfolds through its lyrics, an array of struggle, liberation, and the quest for happiness, all framed by Greco’s diverse production prowess. This track captivates with its infectious beat and dynamic flow, encouraging listeners to engage deeply with the narratives woven throughout while finding solace and freedom in the rhythm. It’s a song that embraces complexity, providing a multi-layered listening experience that is both intellectually interesting and energizing.

Greco’s approach to this single—which combines cultural references, personal insights, and universal themes—demonstrates his ability to connect profoundly with his audience while remaining faithful to his inventive roots. “LONG TIME AGO” is a clear embodiment of Greco’s artistic ethos, encapsulating his dedication to sincerity, empowerment, and the transformational power of music. The music stands out in his discography as a symbol of his artistic development, demonstrating not only his technical prowess but also his ability to inspire and influence.

In Greco’s career, “LONG TIME AGO” represents a watershed event. It captures his path from SoundCloud musician to hip-hop genius, demonstrating that great artistry can thrive outside the limits of the conventional music industry. This single reaffirms Greco’s reputation as an artist who challenges listeners to rethink what hip-hop can be and, more importantly, what it can accomplish.

For both fans and newcomers, “LONG TIME AGO” is an enticing invitation to explore Greco’s musical environment. It serves as a reminder that, in a world where music is frequently formulaic, artists like Greco continue to dare to dream greater, push harder, and dance freely in the face of convention. As Greco continues to make his own path in the music industry, “LONG TIME AGO” will certainly be a watershed moment in his artistic career, a vibrant echo of his lasting legacy.

Follow the link below to add “LONG TIME AGO” to your playlist, and make sure you recommend it to your friends as well.


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Featured On The Joe Budden Podcast, Dallas-Based Phenomenon Jesse Is Heavyweight’s “Don’t Drop The Ball” Freestyle Is A Symphony Of Grit And Grace.



Featured On The Joe Budden Podcast, Dallas-Based Phenomenon Jesse Is Heavyweight’s “Don’t Drop The Ball” Freestyle Is A Symphony Of Grit And Grace.

For the multifaceted artist known as Jesse Is Heavyweight, music transcends the realm of mere passion—it’s the very essence of his being. In the intricate dance of life and rhythm, Jesse and his music move as one, indivisible, and complete. To attempt to separate the artist from his art would be akin to unraveling the very threads of his soul, leaving behind nothing but echoes of silence. His approach to rap is a reflection of life itself, drawing rich inspiration from personal experiences and the narratives of those within his circle. Jesse thrives in the spontaneity of creation, stepping into the booth to let his thoughts flow freely, and crafting rhymes that are both intellectually stimulating and strikingly impactful.

This Dallas, Texas native, recently spotlighted on The Joe Budden Podcast, has not only captured the attention of hip-hop aficionados worldwide but has also solidified his status as hip-hop royalty. With “Don’t Drop The Ball,” featuring Splash Wilder, Jesse plunges into the heart of the craft, displaying an unmatched pen game characterized by masterful, thought-provoking rhymes and sophisticated flows. His music strips away the excess, focusing on the wit, confidence, great storytelling, and charisma that form the foundation of true hip-hop.

Jesse Is Heavyweight’s track, “Don’t Drop The Ball,” is a declaration, a bold affirmation of his place in the hip-hop world. It’s a track that resonates with the energy of the streets of Dallas, yet carries a universal appeal, bridging the gap between local flavor and global sensibilities. Jesse’s lyrics are a tapestry of personal triumphs and trials, delivered with a rawness and authenticity that compel the listener to pay attention and dive deeper into the narrative he weaves with each line.

Jesse Is Heavyweight’s lyricism, particularly in lines like ‘I got up and left my state no body had to hold my hand’ and ‘Welcome to the industry where everything’s a sham,’ underscores themes of autonomy and the deceptive sheen of the music industry. The refrain “Don’t Drop The Ball” epitomizes his message of perseverance and authenticity amidst adversity. His sharp narrative skill blends personal journeys with broader insights, making his music a beacon for those navigating their paths.

Beyond his musical prowess, Jesse Is Heavyweight’s dedication to cultural and social impact, as showcased through his sponsorship of the Black History Month Essay Contest, adds layers to his artistry, making his work not only a testament to skill but also to substance. This initiative reflects Jesse’s commitment to giving back, to using his platform for more than just entertainment but as a means to inspire, educate, and uplift.

Jesse Is Heavyweight stands as a beacon of what it means to be a true artist in today’s hip-hop scene. In a genre often critiqued for its superficiality, he brings depth, introspection, and a genuine connection to the roots of hip-hop culture. His music is a reminder of hip-hop’s power to articulate the complexities of the human experience, to challenge, to celebrate, and to unify. As Jesse Is Heavyweight continues to chart his path in the industry, he does so not just as a musician but as a visionary, whose impact transcends the bounds of music to touch the lives of those both within and beyond the hip-hop community.

LINK TO THE PODCAST: Listen on The Joe Budden Podcast
LINK TO THE MUSIC: Hear “Don’t Drop The Ball”

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